Benhayon vs Rockett – Universal Medicine leader suing me for defamation

Serge Benhayon made a defamation claim against Esther in NSW Supreme Court Sydney in November 2015 and expanded the claim in September 2016. He is claiming Esther damaged his reputation with one blog post and 18 tweets.

The trial of Benhayon v Rockett is set down for three weeks from 3 September 2018.

December 22 2016, two of Benhayon’s associates, UM psychologist Caroline Raphael and former Ballina Shire Council candidate, Ray Karam, filed a similar claim in Brisbane District Court, Queensland.

December 11 2017, Esther filed for bankruptcy. She is no longer able to accept donations to her legal defence. They are classified as assets and confiscated by the bankruptcy trustee. You can however pay her for her work as an investigative publisher.

Esther is working full time investigating UM and upholding these important defences.

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Top defamation barristers are representing Esther in both states. She will take full defences of truth to trial.  Counsel are not billing until the conclusion of proceedings and will only take their fees contingent on an award of costs. Esther and her legal team are committed to making sure her defences get a fair hearing.

Esther now has a solicitor representing her in the NSW proceedings but otherwise is doing the work of a solicitor and paralegal on the two cases herself. Her independent investigation and reporting on Universal Medicine continues. Her legal defences are not possible if she does not do this work.

The work required to investigate UM and protect her publications means that Esther has no other income 

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