Stranded Aussies and insular Australia’s makeshift pandemic safety¬†

Left out in the cold – James Cater has been stranded in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic.

Although Australia is viewed as one of the most successful nations at dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, its methods are nothing to envy. When it came to international border control it opted for callous and short-sighted political schemes over humane solutions. It’s symptomatic of an inward focused political culture and society that readily engages in othering for political expedience, and has failed to keep up with the times.

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Videos: Defamation in Australia with Esther Rockett

In part one of these two videos I talk through some of the technical points of defamation law in Australia. In part two I look at how the law has played out in six cases.

I am not a lawyer. None of this content is a substitute for advice from a qualified legal professional.

I am, however, a successful defamation defendant. I won a defamation case brought by Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon. I represented myself for over a year without a solicitor due to lack of funds.

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