Universal apologies: Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine FACTS team apologise to Esther Rockett

Serge's Ageless Wisdom-on-apology-page.png
Benhayon’s Ageless Wisdom following his litigation failure. At bottom of same page is a retraction of false allegations he published about me, with an unreserved apology.

From May 2014, Serge Benhayon and his Universal Medicine associates published profuse false and defamatory allegations about me on social media. In response to legal complaints from me, the defamatory articles published on UM websites have been removed, and Benhayon and seven colleagues who published the majority of those have published apologies.

According to the UM websites the apologies and retractions are in response to legal letters from my lawyers. I find that quaint. I received scores of legal letters from Serge’s lawyers over the course of three years of litigation Benhayon, Caroline Raphael and Ray Karam instigated against me. I didn’t remove anything I published. Rather, I proved in court that I had legal justifications for publishing, with a very significant win on my defence of truth.

So, I think it’s reasonable to surmise that publishers Serge Benhayon, Isabella Benhayon, Simon Asquith, Jonathan Baldwin, Desiree Delaloye, Alison Greig, Dr Rachel Hall and Ray Karam did not remove the material and published retractions and apologies because because they were blessed with some legal letters. They removed the stuff because they’d published false and defamatory allegations about me, that were proven to be untrue at the trial of Benhayon v Rockett. It was retract and apologise or risk letting the court decide whether or not doing so was defensible.

Over 100 blog articles defaming me were published on websites registered to Benhayon, his firm and his employees. Some of those articles attracted over 1000 assenting comments each, and were shared hundreds of times on social media. If anyone critical of the cult posted corrections or questions in the comments sections of those articles, the comments were removed before they could be published. At no point did UM attempt any reasonable dialogue with us.

You can read the apologies on the websites. Scroll down for Serge’s. I guess he had to put it at the bottom of the page because it didn’t accord with his Ageless Wisdom sales pitch at the top.

Life is all about expressing love not just about outcomes, success or results.
~ Serge Benhayon


I wouldn’t call the sustained publication of defamatory falsehoods, ‘expressing love’ Serge. SLAPP litigation and trying to have me prosecuted are not exactly expressions of endearment either.

Anyway, the Universal Medicine FACTS Team have removed, retracted and apologised for all of universalmedicinefacts.com’s esoteric FACTS.

Universal-Medicine-Facts-Team-apology-to-Esther-Rockett.pngAsquith and Hall have theirs in a sidebar of the ‘”Truth” about Serge Benhayon’ website.


Happily, the Northern Star reported this development under the headline ‘Cult leader issues unreserved apology to blogger‘. It’s behind a paywall, but from the article:

Ms Rockett said when she “exposed material about Universal Medicine, criticised their behaviours and posed questions to UM’s promoters” the group responded by attacking her character and the character of others who criticised them.

“In my opinion UM did not satisfactorily address any of the concerns we raised about their operations and behaviours,” Ms Rockett said.

“The retraction of the allegations made against me may be the closest thing we get to UM making any public acknowledgement of the court’s findings of fact.” Northern Star 17 September 2019

Serge and Universal Medicine’s use of the words ‘Truth’ and ‘FACTS’ never did have much credibility. Now it’s even less since such a critical chunk of the cult’s ‘truth’ has been unreservedly withdrawn. Yet Serge’s devotees still cling to their idol, with no public acknowledgement from them of the 6th degree initiate’s monumental stuff-up. Which makes me wonder whether he’s admitted his errors to the faith-full, and if not, how is UM’s endless list of gaffes being spun?

2 thoughts on “Universal apologies: Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine FACTS team apologise to Esther Rockett

  1. Right. Gaffes like

    – setting an age restriction for UM events after YEARS of criticism. No public apology.
    – forced to retract charity status from certain UM branches. No public apology.
    – forced apologies to Esther Rockett. Any other defamed person critical of UM? No public apology.
    – bankrupted. Out of job. No public apology.

    etcetera perge perge

  2. Simon & Becca seem to be residing in Richmond Hill these days, with their flash new VW wagon.

    Apparently there is good energy there.

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