Leaving the Universal Medicine cult


Some significant members of Universal Medicine have left. Unsurprisingly, when Serge Benhayon’s litigious vendetta collapsed — he wheeled out the old capital R for responsibility and blamed everyone but himself for the failure. That was a turning point for some sufferers.

I won’t be naming anyone who has left the cult, or who wants to leave and I ask readers not to do so publicly, and to respect their privacy. Where possible, please support them to make a healthy re-entry into reality. For the record I’m only interested in exposing those who continue to attempt advance UM interests.

For those who have made the break or are considering it, and are not sure how to reconnect with friends and family, I can tell you that hundreds of your loved ones have contacted me over the years. All of you have people on the outside who miss you and dearly want you back.

There was one person in particular mentioned in court whose mother became sick at the loss of her daughter. Her mother will never stop missing her. I would like to remind that daughter that it is never too late to reconnect, no matter what.  

In terms of UM’s general population, there’s some issues with bridges that have been badly beaten up if not completely burned, so I might suggest that all of us can look at where we might have behaved sub-optimally and perhaps consider that a sincere apology can go a long way. As can a willingness to listen.

Please also bear in mind that some people are not free to express their opinions about UM while they have loved ones in the group and they may not be able to disclose that to anyone while there is a hope their loved one will find their way out. 

Many of Serge’s loyal students still cling to the hope that they’ll ‘get there’ — that is high enough on Serge’s snakes and ladders initiation scale to no longer feel human pain.

Followers remain devoted despite their Teacher regularly trashing his most faithful followers in front of their eyes; despite his bitterness, his hypocrisy, his greed and his lies. Does he ever congratulate or thank followers for the sacrifice of their time, money, health, reputations and relationships? For all they’ve done to make him and his family wealthy? If followers are able to think back on the the promise they initially fell for, they might question why Universal Medicine never delivered. They might ask themselves when they stopped questioning.

They might wonder why ‘the closest thing to God’ they thought they knew, who’d always talked up his amazing clairsentience, who encouraged them to make police complaints so confidently and sued so confidently, could be so ruinously wrong about so many things over and over again, and turn out to be so emotionally volatile.

They might look around them at those who remain aligned, and ask what is to be admired about them? Can they really not see how so many have become more aggressive, more neurotic and more conceited? Are they really any better than the rest of us? Are they going to continue to overlook that some are considerably worse — nasty, dishonest and backstabbing. UM students might ask whether, in twenty years of operation, Universal Medicine has really improved anyone’s quality of life.

I acknowledge it’s not simple to extract oneself from such a demanding environment (as the video below shows), and it will involve loss. A lot of followers have been involved for years, and they are not just tied to the Benhayons, but to their friends in the group – emotionally, spiritually and very often financially. A lot were encouraged to invest in properties together. Leaving cults is painful, and often it only happens when staying becomes moreso. It’s a common pattern that has played out in groups all over the world.

That’s why I’d like to encourage those who remain to cut your losses. No one regrets leaving. You have everything to gain.

In this video I talk a bit about peer pressure in UM.

Please keep any comments on this post to this topic only Рleaving cults and/or leaving UM. If you have comments on other UM topics please make them on the latest gossip post.

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