Universal Medicine preys on cancer patients

Dr Jane Barker for Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd

Next month, Esoteric Women’s Health will run a ‘free’ one day retreat for breast cancer patients at Lismore City Hall. It will be conducted by GP and cancer survivor, Dr Jane Barker, nurse, Sharon Gavioli and two more innocuous looking cultists. As usual, the publicity for the event is a pink and flowery deception – with no hint of Serge Benhayon’s contribution of pseudoscience, sexism and toxic magical thinking.

EWH BCC-Flyer-Lismore July14

Beauty-full lies – by omission

Patients have every right to know what they’re signing up for when they attend an event run by adherents of Benhayon’s ‘One Unified Truth’. Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd is a Benhayon company and the breast cancer ‘care’ Dr Jane Barker and colleagues are selling is a promotion of Benhayon’s doctrines and the Universal Medicine cartel’s products and services.

The Universal Medicine cult women’s health recruitment process:

Patients are lured with flowers and love hearts, the promise of gentle hands on healing, and the reassuring presence of women doctors, breast cancer survivors, nurses and ‘healers’. During the presentation, patients are encouraged to share their personal histories with the group. The nice, interested and caring presenters hone in on difficult and sad experiences to sell the patients victimhood – packaged with soothing talk of self-care and gentle breath meditation.

Positive life experiences are disregarded in Benhayon’s bent theory of disease causation. Esoteric Women’s Health tells these patients their illness was caused by their choice to live ‘lovelessly’, and that illness, such as cancer, is a ‘cleansing’. Women are told that caring for their families has eroded their ‘femaleness’ and their ability to ‘self-nurture’. They are told their breast or gyne cancers have been caused by living in male energy, or men ‘imposing’ on them. They are told their bodies are dumping sites for disease causing energies, and that the breasts and reproductive organs are the main sites for accumulating ‘imposed ills’.

Fearful of their polluted, diseased bodies, those successfully targeted sign up for Esoteric healings to clear the hypothetical energy. They develop a habit when they’re led to believe there is more and more energy to clear and that they have to keep having treatments to ‘get there’. As they become more involved, they are told Esoteric healing is the only way to clear the ‘pranic’ loveless energy, and that pranic energy and supernatural entities have not only entered their bodies during this lifetime, but over thousands of years previous. They are told if they don’t clear the energy, they will be born into disease, disability and misfortune in future lifetimes. If they don’t obey the Way of the Livingness prohibitions, the damnation will spread to their offspring, and their children could be raped by evil entities.

They are told emotion is the cause of all disease. The condemnation of sex and male energy makes them increasingly uncomfortable with the men in their lives. Relationships fracture. They are told leaving money to loved ones who aren’t living Esoterically will harm the whole family line’s future incarnations. Divorce settlements and bequests are signed to Benhayon’s various fundraising ventures with the help of Universal Law solicitors.

Patients suffer out their illness believing their lives have been wasted on ‘illusion’ and they are being ‘cleansed’ for an improved standing on Benhayon’s patented initiation scale in their next lifetime.

And it all begins with love hearts and flowers.

Esoteric Womens Health – a doctrinal sampler

On Esoteric Breast Massage:
Lack of self-nurturing is now a significant global problem and in particular for women, as it is the energetic cause of breast cancer and its ill rise in our societies everywhere.
Our breasts hold imposts – these come from how we feel about our breasts as in: ‘I hate my breasts’, ‘they are too big’, ‘too small’, ‘I do not want to develop breasts as they attract the wrong sort of attention’ etc. In effect any one thing you think ill about yourself as a woman affects your breasts and ovaries. Then there are the external imposts from men, for example men who use breasts as their classification of attraction. And then there are those from society, i.e. ‘you did not breastfeed for long enough’, etc. So there are many imposts in the breasts. This is a huge issue. The EBM can help clear the imposed ills that come from ourselves and from those who impose on us.

This sacred esoteric technique assists to heal many issues such as painful periods, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, bloating/water retention, and pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

It is not surprising to see the amazing results, but most importantly, the deeply revealing discoveries that women are making about themselves through the release of what is insidiously held in their nurturing centres – their breasts. Archived Esoteric Breast Massage Site (was erased when media began asking questions)

If there is no nurturing energy in the breasts the baby suckling will receive the milk, but will not get the nurturing energy. All is energy, and if the breasts are not clear when the baby is feeding, the baby will also receive the ill-energy that is in the breasts. This aspect is revelatory and unique to this process. Put simply, we now have a true choice about the actual quality of our feeding milk. Archived  EBM Website Q&A page.

The causes of disease:

Women have achieved equality, in some measure, by ‘out-male-ing’ the man. Therefore, they too, are in the excessiveness of male energy. This why there are so many cases of ovarian cancer, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, breast cancer, etc. (Benhayon, 2011, p.519)

An emotion is never a true feeling. It is at best the true feeling of your reactions to what you originally felt. Know this energetic truth, for emotions are the root cause of all diseases. (Benhayon, 2011, p.80)

If you love your children with and from emotional love, you are just passing down to another generation a form of love that has not ever worked. (Benhayon, 2011, p.693)

We have been confusing love for a baby with the enormous need they have of us. Too many foster that need so that the dependency keeps them needed as the child grows. This is not love – it is a form of control that is used to cover up for the adult who was not shown true love when they were young. (Benhayon, 2011, p.693)

Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of anotherHave sympathy for the sick and you will take on the emotions of their sickness. (Benhayon, 2011, p.284)

Cancer as an ‘accurate marker for the truth they are’

The body is the marker of all truth…The truth of your life runs throughout your body. (Benhayon, 2011, p.569)

It’s the choices you make in life and about life that will bring you the good medicine or the bad. (Ibid. p.571)

Illness and disease are only markers. They are but mere reflections of our many choices. (Benhayon, 2011, p.586)

If everything is energy, then there is an energetic harm and an energetic true good. If we have disease, then there has to be an energy that caused that disease. So, what has occurred? What have I done? What have I been involved in, what emotions do I allow, how do I walk, sit speak and interact with everybody from an energetic point of view that allows some form of energy to enter that is not good for me to come into my body and create what we call a cancerous cell or a cancerous tumour? Is the world ready for this simple truth? (Benhayon, 2011, p.619)

If we wake up with a cancerous tumour, or diabetes, or with arthritis, or even just exhaustion, with a sneeze, a cough, a runny nose – then there has been a way that we have been living that has caused it. Because everything is energy, the way you have been living energetically has allowed your body to operate with an ill energy that then manifests the ills you physically, physiologically, emotionally and psychologically will have. Death is always a healing – and not part of the failure. (Benhayon, 2011, p.599)

Questions for Dr Barker:

Can you verify how a person’s choices on how they walk, sit or interact ‘energetically’ causes cancer or is that an assumption you make based on your religious adherence to The Way of the Livingness?

If emotions and the way a person has been living causes cancer, how do you isolate those causes from other causative factors that have nothing to do with emotion or lifestyle choices?

What evidence do you have that Esoteric healing assists symptoms?

What value does the medical establishment attribute to anecdotal evidence? Why is it so poorly regarded?

How does energy enter the body to create a cancerous tumour? How is that measured? Verified?

How do you explain the inconsistencies in who develops disease and who does not – taking into account their lifestyle choices? What does a child with leukaemia ‘choose’?

What is your financial relationship with Universal Medicine?

Is this why you and your colleagues falsely defamed me to AHPRA and now online? Because I question the abusive disgrace you are contributing to?

How do you sleep at night?

Pilot Program?

This rubbish will probably become part of the curriculum for the dodgey, tax exempt College of Universal Medicine – a charitable institution set up to promote Benhayon’s business – an enterprise based on his harmful doctrines on health. The development of the College program is assisted by a dozen or so cult struck health professionals who are benefiting financially and socially from their involvement with Universal Medicine.

Universal Medicine, including Esoteric Women’s health, is preying on cancer patients. By enlisting health professionals to push damaging practices they are abusing vulnerable patients and denying them the right to seek legitimate and trustworthy health care.

Cancer patients are more collateral damage in the expansion of the UM empire.

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

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13 thoughts on “Universal Medicine preys on cancer patients

  1. Several years ago I had the dubious pleasure of attending an ‘Esoteric Women’s Health’ organized by the UM recruiters. Along with the claims you have referenced above, Serge apparently fancies himself an expert in female anatomy, as several charts were displayed with female breasts sectioned into parts, each of which has an ‘esoteric’ function and/or which is allegedly affected by or stores ‘pranic’ energy. I’m going by memory, so perhaps some of the true believers could correct any misconceptions on my behalf or provide pictures of Serge’s breast charts for verification of his Ancient Wisdom by medical professionals not involved in his cult.

  2. Thanks for that Tibouchina. If anyone has those charts, please contact our blogs and send them in, thanks.

    Something I didn’t mention in this post is UM and Esoteric Womens Health enlisting cancer patients and survivors to promote the business with testimonials and blogs on Women In Lyingness etc. They are encouraged to talk about the benefits of Esoteric healing modalities.

    However, there isn’t a single benefit they’ve gotten from UM that they couldn’t have gotten elsewhere – practically anywhere else, except that UM comes with the added benefits of a comprehensive indoctrination in self recrimination, heavy investment in the habit forming practices, the warnings to keep the controversial stuff quiet, plus the opportunity to donate the dodgy building fund Sergio calls a ‘College’.

    Endorsed by doctors.

    To the cancer patients reading, I had very strong objections to the affect of UM’s indoctrination on some cancer patients and I wrote about it on the Accountability blog. http://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/cancer-is-clearing-death-is-a-healing/

  3. If I had cancer & / or was dying, I’d not want anyone near me without compassion & genuine heartfelt love, esp if they’re laying a guilt trip re lousy life choices. Just saying!

  4. This piece (see link below) about the psychologisation of illness helped me to internally combat some of the ‘you brought your illness upon yourself’ attitude that many of us have to deal with. That attitude serves as an incredibly effective way for the heartless to distance themselves from their own (and others’) grain-of-sand mortality. This self righteous, self serving deflective measure leads to cruel judgement and ostracism of the potentially very vulnerable. It’s sadistic and punitive; a bizarre viewpoint adhered to by the emotionally disconnected and acolytes of certain groups/sects where true compassion is seen as a weakness or some form of ‘enabling’.


    1. Great article – covers all the reasons why magical thinking is faulty and causes more problems than it helps.

      Sontag concludes that “such preposterous and dangerous views manage to put the onus of the disease on the patient… The view of cancer as a disease of the failure of expressiveness condemns the cancer patient; expresses pity but also conveys contempt.” To that might be added that the emphasis on the spiritual flaws of the sick and disabled will make many patients feel guilty, thus further increasing their distress.

      So who gains from this approach? Outsiders might be tempted to play down the influence of factors such as viruses and pollution – over which mankind has relatively little control – to enhance their ‘sense of mastery’ over their lives (79). By attributing them to personal flaws (which one doesn’t share), one reduces one’s own perceived risk of being struck down by a feared disease.

      A variation on this theme is the suggestion by Lerner and Simmons (78) that ‘blaming the victim’ helps people to maintain their belief in a ‘just world’, where people get what they deserve and deserve what they get. According to this hypothesis, individuals can avoid adversity through their own activities but this also implies that those struck by misfortune are deemed to have somehow merited their fate.

      I was just looking back at UM’s letter to the Echo, where they described us as a ‘hate group’.

      So how does one describe blaming cancer patients for their disease?


      Esoteric apartheid.

      1. If UM really believes this about the sick, traumatised & dying, why target them? (I’d be suspicious if I were rich). If empathy leads to contamination, all those in the caring professions would be dead by 30. Just saying.

        1. Serge teaches ‘non pandering’, as in he reckons his clone brides are able to express compassion without emotion. The real outcome is that once they’ve repressed their emotions, they think they’re on the path to ‘soul-fullness’ and everyone else should take on their diseased mindset. They feel entitled to impose Serge’s crap on vulnerable people under the misguided belief they are doing them good. (Even though Serge says good is evil, lol)

          In other words, once you think you’re one of Serge’s unisex Brotherhood, all you care about is promoting the cause. Cancer patients are prime targets because many will try anything – believe any promise to help themselves and spare no expense if they think it could help them.

          Having a doctor sell this deception is highly valuable for Serge.

          And a disgrace to the medical profession.

        2. Maybe it’s just me: I’d not want to open to up to someone emotionally aloof, pretending to care, at the same time fearful they’ll catch my pranic cancer (yes the suppression may lead to psychological harm in the longterm)… It would also be terrifying to be “on the brink of eternity” & told I’m about to reap the karma from my past & possibly return a flea (unless I commit to a 12 week UM cleansing program & make UM the sole beneficiary of my will). If I didn’t suffer from anxiety & depression beforehand, I probably would after. Cruel, fear & guilt inducing principles.

  5. A lot of questions have been asked of the Universal Medicine Student body and to my knowledge not one question has been answered.
    There is alot of hot air about truth and integrity being expressed, well if this is true just answer the questions. Simple.
    Stop shooting the messenger/s. Stop discrediting these people, answer the questions with proof
    and let us decide.
    I would suggest that you all be very very careful UM Student body what you say about the replies Complainants received back from the HCCC and such like government bodies, I think you have omitted some information, and you are not by law to harass Complainants.
    If these people here on this site have done you wrong – why do you not answers questions you only seek to discredit.
    The rest of us looking on want answers.

  6. That’s right. They burn books, egg cars, threaten ex-member and critics with physical assault but we’re a hate group. Can you feel the love and integrity?

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