Benhayon vs Rockett – Universal Medicine leader suing me for defamation

Serge Benhayon made a defamation claim against Esther in NSW Supreme Court Sydney in November 2015 and expanded the claim in September 2016. He is claiming Esther damaged his reputation with one blog post and 18 tweets. An amended defence was filed at the end of November 2016.

December 22 2016, two of Benhayon’s associates, UM psychologist Caroline Raphael and former Ballina Shire Council candidate, Ray Karam, filed a similar claim in Brisbane District Court.

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Esther will take full defences to trial. Visit the case updates blogs for the latest.

Esther is out of funds and defending the claims without a solicitor.  She is doing the work of a solicitor’s office on two very large defences of truth. Top defamation barristers are representing her in both states at no cost to her.  They will take their fees from any award of costs. Esther and her legal team are committed to making sure her defences get a fair hearing.

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Unpacking Serge Benhayon’s scam Esoteric Breast Massage

The bogus healing claims for Esoteric Breast Massage are headed for examination by the Supreme Court, and last month its inventor, Serge Benhayon, posted a video defence of the modality on Vimeo. Within 36 hours of me posting it here and critiquing it, it was removed, along with several other EBM promotionals. (They’ve since been restored […]

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The 2016 Girl to Woman Festival failure

CDs by Rachel Kane
CDs by Rachel Kane

In spite of the Universal Medicine cult’s publicity push, numbers were down at the second annual Girl to Woman grooming Festival at Lennox Head, likely due to the dishonest, aggressive and sleazy behaviour of its organisers, the Universal Medicine cult. But one child at thing was one too many. Images from the event reveal it to be as creepy and cultish as we all thought it would be.

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Universal Medicine’s cancer industry – glorifying disease & death for profit

Congrats-on-cancerIn the recent McIntyre inheritance case, cult leader, Serge Benhayon ingratiated himself to $1.3M of a dying cancer patient’s estate, at the expense of her children, grandchildren, and disabled dependents. The blog Congratulations! You have cancer, posted within days of the news coverage exemplifies Benhayon’s morbid but highly lucrative Livingness swindle.

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Undue influence – a Universal Medicine cult money spinner

Investing in your will with cult leader Serge Benhayon
Investing in your will with cult leader Serge Benhayon

Universal Medicine’s Serge Benhayon to inherit bulk of devotee’s million-dollar estate Sydney Morning Herald 28 December, 2015

Today’s news reports the devastation of a family robbed of their rightful inheritance by a multi-millionaire predatory charlatan.

In 2012, Serge Benhayon told Seven News his business turned over around $2M per annum. What no one thought to ask was how much he rakes in from donations and bequests.

Update 2: also reported in Australia’s Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail (Australia & UK) and New York Times.

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On the Universal Medicine cult business model

In this two part video series, Esther talks about the system of rewards and punishments that comprises Universal Medicine’s business model. In part one, she talks about profiting the deceptive bait and switch marketing, and how UM profits from generating fear and a therapy dependency. In part two, she talks about commitment and investment. Once financially embedded in UM, fear, peer pressure and the promise of spiritual and financial rewards and punishments make it difficult for doubters to leave.

Source: Universal Medicine Accountability vlogs – Esther talks about the UM business model

Universal Medicine’s Girl to Woman Festival 2017 – predatory grooming goes commercial


It’s on again, January 22, 2017 and now 27 August 2017 in Tenterfield. No need to update on the content – it’s the same misogynistic condescension, predatory grooming and indoctrination festival targeting little girls that has been held in Lennox Head for the past two Januarys. I also posted on the last two years’ failures as recruitment events – attended mostly by UM’s adults, a lot of them blokes. Marketers of Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric Women’s Health, get in early to target their future marks – deploying UM contractors and religious faithful to paint make-up on primary school girls, photograph them and use their images in the cult’s commercial publicity. Without disclosure.

How empowering. Excuse for blokes to attend was to make sure the love-lies didn’t break a nail.


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