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Serge Benhayon, who insists he is a reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci, has raised more than half a million dollars using a charity licence granted to him by the NSW government in July of 2012 to build an educational facility.

But the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing said it had “completed an initial ­assessment and commenced an investigation” after receiving a complaint last week that the College of Universal Medicine had breached charitable fundraising laws.

“The complaint also contains serious allegations in ­regard to conduct beyond the scope of NSW charitable fundraising laws and will be referred to police for consideration,” a spokesman said.

Hi to new readers. The big picture of Universal Medicine’s harms can be found at our Mission page.

The article was one of three published today in the Sunday Telegraph:

Businessman Lance Martin, from Bangalow, on the state’s north coast, formally complained to the OLGR regarding the charitable licence and also to the Department of Fair Trading, claiming The College of Universal Medicine does not meet the definition of a charity.

“The College of Universal Medicine charitable activities are directed to benefiting the UM commercial business and propagating Serge Benhayon’s teachings and practices, and do not benefit the public,” the complaint said…

“It’s modern-day snake oil based on pseudoscience. They haven’t done any charity work, we’ve found no evidence of it,” Mr Martin said…

Mr Benhayon said his critics were liars and “cyber-bullies”.

Daily Telegraph: New Age esoteric breast and ovary massage healer under investigation over alleged charity law violations June 22, 2014

“Not a single person can be persuaded, coerced or brainwashed against their own will,” he said.

“Science is on my side here.

Would that be the ‘science of numerology’ Serge, or the ‘science of reincarnation’, or Christoph Schnell’s ‘religion that is a SCIENCE‘?

And people can be deceived to believe anything, including good is really evil, ‘evolution is not true’ and the healing symbols came from Arcturus.

Matt Sutherland talked about UM’s oppressive lifestyle restrictions:

“He calls himself the descended [sic] master and Serge (Benhayon) totally controlled every aspect of our lives, what we ate, who we saw, we were only allowed to listen to music produced by the glorious music label, he told us how to have sex, basically he controls what everyone does.

Daily Telegraph: UM’s Serge Benhayon controlled every aspect of our lives June 22, 2014

anti-UM-activist-sundayteleThere’s also a piece about the ovarian reading, one of Serge’s routines for prying around for dirt in women’s private lives:

IT began with a “healing ­session” for stress during a holiday in Byron.

But by the time the sessions stopped, Esther Rockett said things had turned “sleazy” and she felt as though she was being “groomed”.

Daily Telegraph : Universal Medicine client says her sessions felt sleazy and she was being groomed June 22, 2014

The articles didn’t cover the inappropriate touching and risks to children, however I imagine there will be more coverage to come.

Now, cue the Esoteric spam army with the usual complaints accusing 10 media organizations of ‘bias’, and how’d they’d missed the ‘real’ story about the ‘miracles’ of Esoteric healing, we’re cyber-bullies, trolls, loveless and in pain, and people with adverse experiences of UM don’t exist.

Of course they don’t exist when you shut your eyes and ears, refuse to allow feedback and bully them into silence.

2 thoughts on “Universal Medicine in the Sunday Telegraph

  1. They’re already spinning their usual tale of collusion over at the UM website. They have no idea so they are just making it up.

    Serge seems incapable of understanding that these problems are a result of his own doing, now and in 2012. Then it was the result of their unlawful packaging of a herbal product which resulted in media release and subsequent stories, and now because we’ve finally lodged complaints to the right offices after two years of bureaucratic bungling and inaction. Of course, Serge and his acolytes launching a seriously defamatory hate-blog designed to put myself and Esther out of business did light a fire under it. Go figure.

    And for avoidance of doubt, their blog IS defamatory, because it makes allegations that are completely untrue. Charles should look it up. After all, he’s put his name to the blog. Which will have a whole lot of consequences he probably isn’t expecting.

    Speaking of which -it seems these guys have no idea that their actions DO result in consequences. For years Serge has been leaving a trail of disaffected people and he wonders why he’s reaping the bitter fruit of those actions. The mystery is, why has it taken so long for anyone to act? And why does it have to be us?

    Serge/cult members- don’t assume you’ve done nothing wrong. I believe many of your probably don’t know it, yet, but you have; and you’ve become complicit by association. It’s all well and good to live in a fairy tale, but out here in the real world there are rules that we need to abide by. You can’t just make up your own and call it ‘integrity’

    And a heads up for Serge- lashing out and trying to cut people down who don’t do what you want, as you have done as far back as we have checked you out- is utterly irresponsible. Look at yourself- if you can. That is the real source of your problems. What do you think will happen if you continue that with us? That we will back down? Surely you can see that is not the case.

    Is there another way? Think about it.

    And members, some who know me and made false accusations about my character- based on nothing but your ‘feeling’ of being insulted that I don’t agree with you- do you really approve of those hate-blogs and the one-sided account my poor wife has been influenced into making?

    Even if you believe all the allegations would a movement of ‘love, self-care, and enlightenment’ stoop to picking unflattering shots, and making demeaning remarks about someone? Surely, as a group of “light-bringers”, you should take the higher road and take pity on us, the deluded? Surely ‘heavens voice on earth” would have a better approach than registering a domain designed only to (he thinks) destroy his critics.

    But no.

    We’re just the messengers. And a bloody thankless job it is too. We’ve got to bear your attacks because you don’t want to face reality.

    What might have happened if just one of you actually bothered to have a proper dialogue with us and others over our concerns? If you have checked out the information and thought it through?

    But it seems members prefer fluffy fantasy to the cold hard reality of facts. So much so, they call those ‘abuse’. Because Serge told them to.

    I’ve said it before, but don’t for one minute think we’re stupid. We’re not going to say anything unless it has a factual basis, and we’re not going to say anything we can’t back up.

    Think about it. I dare you. After all, after years of telling you that your thoughts aren’t your own, and that entities are doing the thinking for you, Serge just said “people are smarter and wiser than some will like to accept”

    Sounds like convenient double-talk to me, but maybe it is an invitation to think for yourself. I really hope so, because the time is now. Don’t just sit there blaming us and making up stories to justify yourselves….THINK!

  2. Lol. Serge & co have accused Jane Hansen of ‘aligning with cyberbullies’ (translation: she doesn’t censor the testimonies of individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by Serge’s misconduct). I thought this was the New Era, when the Heirrarchy were going to unfold their divine plan on Earth via Serge the self-accredited fifth level initiate and Ascended Master from Sham-balla?

    Serge claims the Hierarchy backed the Allied forces during World War 2, thus ensuring the defeat of The Axis powers, yet they can’t help him overcome the concerns of a few critics armed with nothing but facts? They were allegedly there to cheer him on when he was granted tax-exemption for his ‘charity’ so where are they now?

    The pranically-impulsed intellect of the lower-mind boggles.

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