College of Universal Medicine Media Madness

Mona-Lisa-CoUM coverageWhile the Sunday Telegraph, the ABC and the Echo have now reported on the launch of an investigation into the College of Universal Medicine’s charitable fundraising authority, Serge Benhayon and his trusty UM *Facts* and defamation team have lunged into propaganda free fall – lashing out at critics and making laughable charades of innocence. It’s painting a compelling picture of the college’s ‘utmost integrity’ and Sergio’s commercial religion of ‘every day self-loving choices’.

Esoteric knee jerks

UM were quick to publish their reaction, a carbon copy of previous hysteria towards media scrutiny. This time News Ltd were accused of media bias and sensationalism, and that they’d missed the ‘real’ story, and the Brides of Serge busied themselves pasting that palaver on every available space on the internet – except my sites. Comments are open, ladies.

UM’s main site removed this comment from barrister Charles Wilson soon after I questioned it:

‘College board member and Brisbane barrister Charles Wilson contacted the manager of investigations at the Office of Liquor and Gaming, who told him when the complaint was made and said he “shouldn’t lose any sleep over it”.

It is understood to relate to allegations of funds being “dispensed inappropriately”.’

I’d already taken a screenshot, which has been sent to the manager and a few parliamentary offices.

The following day, Charlie changed his tune and released a statement saying:

‘The College has not received notification from OLGR about the matter and is unaware of the grounds of complaint.’

But that didn’t stop him hurling a few accusations against Lance, for making serial groundless, harassing complaints to regulators about Universal Medicine all which have been dismissed. 

We’re looking forward to seeing Charlie prove those statements.

Charles Wilson on ABC North Coast Radio

Charles also gave an interview this morning [unsure yet whether the recording will be posted online – stay tuned] repeating that nonsense and calling us cyber-bullies. The interviewer told him she’d seen the ‘facts’ site, which lists him as an author, and it looked like we were the ones being bullied, but Charles insists all of that false and defamatory rot is ‘the facts’.

He also said that the CoUM is a ‘student initiative’, nothing to do with profits for Serge, and that the College would charge for its courses.

“It’s there to benefit no-one but the purpose of the college.

“The profits of the college, when derived, will be used solely for the charitable purposes of the college.

“Conversely, businesses that conduct educational activities in a private context, in a full profit context, distribute their profits back to shareholders.”

That’ll boost public confidence in the CoUM.

Serge Benhayon: on taking legal action for defamation against Lance Martin and Esther Rockett

– was the heading on another UM site blog post.

It almost fooled me into thinking Serge was going to rise to the challenge and start a legal bluff.

With such a history of damaging lies in the press and online the reader and no doubt journalists would have asked themselves why hasn’t Serge Benhayon taken Esther Rockett and Lance Martin to court yet?

The answer to that question is a testament to the confidence that Serge Benhayon has in the integrity of his business and his private life.

“I could have resorted to legal action with regard to defamation. Instead, I decided to allow the Government inquires [sic] should they come forth…


And the only ones who believe that are Serge’s religious investors.

Deborah Benhayon doesn’t.

“After a dozen or so HCCC complaints, all vexatious and lacking any substance whatsoever other than lies, all were rightly dismissed.

“So too was the AHPRA complaint as was the ATO and Border Security. The latter two complaints were filled [sic] with the gang’s insistence that I avoid tax and or that I am involved in money laundering.” said Serge Benhayon.

Was there an ATO investigation that cleared him of wrongdoing? When did that happen? Do you have documentation for that, Serge?

As for Border Security – that wasn’t us. Wouldn’t we love to know which country that was…

Someone else must have their eye on him.

He continues:

“There is nothing like shutting down lies by allowing full transparency into one’s affairs. This I have done in every case and in every one of their accusations.

So why has so much publicity been removed from the UM websites the minute anyone asks questions? The whole Esoteric Breast Massage site erased, for example? What about the ‘full transparency’ of course structures and fee schedules for the phoney accreditation courses? How about some evidence of Serge’s ten years or whatever of philanthropy? Where’s the evidence of that?

Had I taken the legal route, an easy win on all counts, I would then be accused of using wealth to shut down my detractors. Hence, and instead, it has been wiser to welcome the investigations and actually assist them to go further.

As I knew would be the case, every investigation has revealed a completely transparent, highly ethical outfit, and we have ended up receiving very positive feedback from the Government agencies concerned.

There was no wrongdoing to be found, and hence the very existence of the complaints was to drum up sensationalist and scurrilous focus, a scatter-‐gun approach, launching any vile attack and accusation imaginable, in the hope that at least some of it would stick and succeed in destroying myself and my business.

None of it has, as each agency in turn has dismissed every complaint lodged.” 

Emphasis mine.

What about the UK Charity Commission action against the Sound Foundation, UM’s UK ‘unit of service’, which found trustee conflicts of interest and issues of public benefit?

What about the TGA instigated changes to the marketing of his herbal products?

Investigations into controversial Lismore-based healthcare business Universal Medicine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration have resulted in the business removing claims about supplements it provides from its website. Echo Net Daily

Or this ‘positive feedback’ in a review decision letter from Health Care Complaints Commissioner, Kieran Pehm:

I want to reassure you that the decision by the Commission not to investigate your complaint has been made in accordance with the law under which it operates and this decision should not be viewed as an endorsement or any other support for Mr Benhayon or Universal Medicine.

Discredit the complainant

In response to scrutiny, the UM faulty *facts* team continued their false and defamatory offensive against us. We’re still cyber-bullies, internet trolls and liars, but the embellishments have grown more bizarre.

On the workshop manual images of inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims:

It appears Esther took this to mean making up false stories including using innocuous workshop manual photos to make cries of ‘inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims’ on her blogs and to authorities. All complaints in this regard have been dismissed since there was no case to answer.


For UM followers, touching the genitals of abuse survivors is ‘innocuous’, but a father of a child living among these people – asking why little girls stay in Serge’s home – is a pervert. That nonsense was hammered home by Alison Greig with thousands of words accusing the complainant of an unwholesome ‘sexual obsession’, which she decorated with cheesecake shots of Miranda Benhayon, who moved into Serge’s house at 14.

And Alison previously insisted only teenagers undergo exorcisms at UniMed events. Now she adds the disgraceful fiction that only teenage girls stay in the Benhayon home.

Putting aside the obvious fact that in most people’s minds there is nothing inappropriate about teenagers staying at the home of family friends, another pertinent fact that seems to be lost on Esther Rockett and Lance Martin is that the Benhayon household is full of young people with Serge’s two sons and their wives currently living there and it was not so long ago that Serge Benhayon’s sons and their girlfriends were teenagers themselves. 

I don’t have family friends that have teenage girls as houseguests when no other teenagers live in the household.

I would not send a teenager to stay with a family with such a warped sense of personal boundaries either, or where the father has lurid fixations on underaged sexual violence.

With respect to Lance Martin’s and Esther Rockett’s other allegations about ‘young girls’ staying at the Benhayon home; the truth is it is no secret that teenage girls from interstate and abroad stay at the Benhayon home from time to time, often to do work experience at the Universal Medicine Clinic or to attend courses. The fact is Serge has always shared his financial success with others… 

More recently Esther has begun referring to these girls as ‘little girls’ considering perhaps that the idea of ‘little girls’ staying in Serge’s home has more shock value than ‘teenage girls’. 

Teenage girls attending courses?

I’ve been to an Esoteric Healing workshop, and I would not recommend it to anyone – let alone a teenage girl.

As for the other, I posted a correction, but the ‘completely transparent and highly ethical outfit’ chose not to post it, as usual.


7 thoughts on “College of Universal Medicine Media Madness

  1. Bravo to the Echo Net Daily & Chris Dobson for reporting on the investigation knowing they’d be bombarded by the full force of Esoteric love and truth. The Echo is a small, independent news service operating local to UM. Good onya.

  2. In the ABC radio interview, Charles sidestepped questions about their hate-blogs, which are full of allegations for which there is NO evidence or proof, while promoting the College’s ‘cyber-bullying’ course. I am guessing part of the course is how to be a cyber-bully and write defamatory blogs, or perhaps how to do that while pretending to be a victim.

    Consistent they are.

    Unsurprisingly, they have no idea of what is really going on. While we have a veritable database of disaffected people, Charles stuck to the line it is ‘2 or 3’ unhappy people, led by me, and that I’ve lodged endless vexatious complaints. Well, no, and no. The complaints aren’t vexatious (unlike the AVOs wrought on the partners of members and dismissed by the courts), and they are only recent. In addition, the complaints are all active and some arise from the aforementioned hate-blog.

    There’s one coming for you too Charlie.

    Contrary to Serge’s boastful claims of winning awards while having all the complaints dismissed, he’s been censured on at least one occasion, and response letters to complainants have indicated consistently that the regulators inability to act should not be seen as endorsement of UM or Serge. I’ve recently had long chats with regulatory officers and know that they are hamstrung by arse-about legislation. There’s no prizes for Serge or UM there.

    There’s a lot of hot air on the cult blogs and echonet about me grinding axes, and speculation that it’s all because I’m unable to admit fault in my marriage breakdown. It’s tired. If our break up was normal- if I’d been allowed an opportunity to discuss our problems, there hadn’t been interference from the master, and knuckle heads weren’t banging up defamatory blogs when we were trying to settle things, we’d be getting on with it. Coaxing my wife (yes, she is still my wife) into writing crap on the internet to defend your guru and wacky ideas wasn’t the best move for you. Or Serge. And it has compromised my wife.

    My continuing motivation has become more obvious for all to see.

    You guys are not geniuses, that’s for sure. You don’t think, you can’t string two words together in a meaningful sentence, you put your names to defamatory blogs, you ignore and reject facts, you invent stories, and you twist truth like a windsock in a cyclone.

    When asked if UM is a cult, Charlie said they are just a ‘community of like minded people’. If UM is not a cult I don’t know what is. And you, Charles, have signed up for it. Big time.

  3. I absolutely agree with you, UM members do not think, they ignore and reject facts, and twist the truth.

    I have read the comments written by Universal Medicine demeaning Professor Dwyer.
    You both are in the company of someone who speaks commonsense. Refreshing indeed.

    What would Professor Dwyer have to say about those disgusting vile comments made by Serge stating his view/teachings about tampons. So sick.

    Complementary Medicine – I don’t think so.
    Truth and integrity – I don’t think so.

    1. Yes, and they had a go at Prof Dwyer in their false and misleading parliamentary inquiry submission – criticising him for not supporting complementary medicine, but they didn’t address his criticism – which was that UM claimed Esoteric Breast Massage could assist breast and gynaecological disorders.

      They studiously avoided that, just as they avoid addressing all criticism by complaining they’re being victimised and going thousands of words off topic and boring everyone into catatonia.

      Lance didn’t point out that Charles Wilson insisted UM are the victims of cyber-bullying. Charlie also reckons there are less than a handful of family breakups related to UM – he went back to the old ‘three disgruntled men’ line.

      What bullshit.

      Then again, what would he know? He sounds to be about as perceptive as Mr Magoo, and while we receive a lot of email, phone and personal contact from people reporting their relationships are breaking down because of UM – they don’t comment on our blogs and they don’t make complaints. Hundreds of hits on my sites every day, yet those affected don’t comment.

      We’d make a lot more progress if those affected showed support.

      Oh and hi Alison Greig. I should remind you I asked your brainless friend Anne Cummings about why it’s necessary for kids to stay at Serge’s house, and she said she knows all those kids and they are ‘fiine’, and besides, ‘they’re not kids anymore, they’re twelve.’

      How do you justify to your innermost soul-fullness all those blatant, putrid lies?

  4. People who say 12 year olds aren’t kids anymore worry me. Why would they say that, as an apology for what, exactly…?
    What ever reason can one come up with to deny 12 year olds their childhood.

    The dark ages are long time gone. Nevertheless people keep holding on to so called ancient wisdom like it is a good thing, while the average age was 35 to 40 before you died.

    My grandmother, who is an expert on Alice A. Bailey, has the respectable age of 101. Had an incredible tough life as a professional ballet dancer from the age of 14. Opened her own ballet school after her dancing career which she kept running til the age of 65, before she retired. Never had cancer in the complete century of her existence. She also was an Astrologer. Common sense however, was her basic belief system; remarkable woman…

    Unfortunately, these days we live in different countries: I would love to see the look on her face when I tell her about Serge :-).

    1. Anne Cummings is the same person who said Serge’s teachings that entities rape babies if they come into contact with someone who’s had a glass of wine have ‘helped’ her friends ‘clear the energy of sexual abuse’. When I asked if anyone in the nine years she’s been following Serge had been ‘cleared’ to the point they didn’t need anymore healings and workshops, she said no.

  5. I am asking why Serge Benhayon removed himself as a Director of COUM? To me it looks like it was just after the first Media interest.

    When will the UM followers realise that they are incorrect about the public reporting that they do regarding the results of lodged complaints?

    Why do they continually REFUSE to allow their responses to these complaints to be read by the complainants?

    Why do they continually refuse to answers questions?

    Why do they continually just shoot down those asking the questions?

    Why are they sidetracking with lots of hot air that never has any answers?

    I see now that their targets are have increased to Journalists, the Ministers of Government and to very respected Medical Men.

    All this above = much to hide. I see NO transparency.

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