Emails from a cult leader

SERGIOWRITESThe email exchange between Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon and News Ltd journalist, Jane Hansen around her Sunday Telegraph Report.

Spoiler alert: He doesn’t answer the questions.

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Hello Mr Benhanyon

I am currently compiling a story on Universal Medicine and the College of UM and have some questions I would like to put to you.

First of all, can you tell me what the charity’s aim is with regards to the College?

Is the aim to build a school to teach you (sic) esoteric teachings?

I see your courses cost anywhere from $100 to $1800 so these will be taught at the College?

Will you be making money out of that?

About UM..

What is esoteric breast massage and why is it needed?

You have claimed it can help treat women’s health problems such as endometriosis, what science do you base that on?

You have conducted ovarian readings on women…can you explain what an ovarian reading is?

I understand there are now esoteric uterine massages, can you explain how that works?

UM has been described as a cult, what is your response to that?

Its been said you earn up to $5 million a year through these this true?

Can you clarify the Leonado Da Vinci reincarnation you purport to be? How do you know?

It is alleged UM preys on vulnerable women with female health there any truth to that?

I am running this story on Sunday, so my deadline is Friday mid morning on the 20th of June

kind regards

Jane Hansen


Dear Ms Hansen

I trust this communiqué is understood and respected. And note that I have made effort to meet your intrusive demand.

Firstly, my surname is spelt Benhayon and not Benhanyon as you have it in your email to me.

My second point arises from the aforementioned intrusion. I have received your two direct emails and notice of your other emails to our office as well as the various phone calls. It appears that your ‘deadline’ is of utmost importance to you. I can respect your predicament however, have you considered your imposition into my current workload, that is, that I also may be on similar time restraints with regard to my work?

Is it your normal to intrude and demand a response by a deadline that suits you with little regard as to what it is or might be for another? Aside from the factor of common respect and decency, what type of journalism is that?

It would seem, from this push of yours to meet your timing demands, that you need a response to tick a legal box and at the same time have a response you can manipulate into whatever your already made up story needs. Is this right Ms Hansen? Correct me if I am wrong with a pure factual piece.

If you are going to pillory me, as have the other scurrilous journalists before you, [from ten separate media organizations] lies they chose to tell the public, why do you need me to comment? Token, legal, appear to be fair, show some decency and not give away too much the not-so-hidden agenda?

Am I right here Ms Hansen or am I utterly wrong and you are not anything like the complicit liars before you?

On the subject of your interests in me, my business and our charity, it is clear as to where the source of your information has come from.

Are you in any cohort with the discredited and exposed cyber-bully and communications device stalker Esther Rockett and her co cyber-bully and informant Lance Martin? See link for the facts on this cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking gang —

If the accusations made by Lance Martin and his various mouthpieces are true, then why place so much effort into anonymity and real character describing pseudonyms? Use link for the facts —

As for Ms Rockett, she is now re-badged as a ‘health care activist’. Be whatever name she seeks excuse in she cannot erase a 2-year digital cyber-bullying footprint, utter filth and vitriol she has penned against numerous individuals under the guise of Pranic Princess, Nobody’s bitch, and Darkly Venus. Imagining herself as ‘Esther Rockett, Health Care Activist’, will not make her lies and distortions true.

A lie is lie Ms Hansen, no matter how many times it is repeated, or dressed.

May I present the fact that we exposed the Lance Martin led cyber-bully and cyber-stalking gang from under the cloak and cowardice of anonymity. They did not come forward of their own volition. Unlike your stance on ‘pro-vaccination’, which I agree and support, there is no real conviction from these cyber trolls, just pure revenge. The latter, the ‘revenge’, is increasingly heating up as the numerous baseless complaints meet with their right destiny – dismissed by each government agency they waste time and resources.

Of these self-made detractors, we are also very aware of their various ‘press kits’ and the ridiculous accusations they make. Enticing, shocking and full of all that we do not want in society. It is not clever, it is just lying. In these ‘press kits’ and contact with MPs, media, employers etc, they use their real names. But interestingly, if you have any interest in truth, is that the only bases they can rely on are their own manufacture; their own fabricated lies dressed as public warning complaints.

Truth is what is lived, there for all to see. It is not an assembly from one’s head or lack of where a mouthpiece is concerned.

My interests and my business is founded on the basis that we are not living as healthy as we naturally should, and our bodies are telling us so. The marvels of modern medicine, which I am a strong advocate of, are doing, as I term it, a marvelous job. But it is not enough, evidenced by the fact that just in one small part of the world alone, where I am currently – ‘49,936 women and 349 men in the UK were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2011’ – Cancer Research UK. Saving you here a further 900 pages of statistics and facts that will clearly depict the real state of modern man with regard to health and well being and a further 900 on our ill and or indecent behaviours, now trickling unfettered into the palms of our young children via their hand-held devices.

In 1999 I began presenting on the energetic fact that most of our malaise resulted from our lifestyle choices, and that it was important, as hard as it is, to deal with our hurts and not press on as we are usually told. Many clients have responded to these simple principles and are today enjoying the vibrancy and real joy and love in their lives. Please refer to–after.html Here you will see real life photos,the best proof of all. And inclusive of the amazing pictorial turnarounds is the real everyday living quality now enjoyed by many hundreds of people, worldwide. Not bad from an Australian based business pioneering factual and sustainable results that are going against the global ill-health trend.

Perhaps this is the real story not yet told Ms Hansen — the worldwide success of an Australian business in the field of true health, relationship and lifestyle choices.

Hence the question that bears no judgment but comes with my thus far experience of the wielded lies, distortions and corruptions from the small group of journalists I have to date encountered …

Are you going to tell your readers about the hundreds of people worldwide who have had extraordinary and miraculous health, lifestyle and relationship turnarounds in their life?

Are you going to tell your readers how the accusations of Lance Martin, Esther Rockett and their gang have yielded no results simply because they are baseless? This is a fact. It is not due to the lack of power of a Government department but because they look at the facts not the lies.

Or, I ask …

Are you like those journalists I have encountered who had no interest whatsoever in the actual facts or the truth with regards to myself, my business Universal Medicine, our charity or the very respectful Esoteric Breast Massage modality that is obviously an easy target when it is disparaged by mere words, not facts and not by real women testifying the new found self-connection or profoundness?

Are you simply fulfilling your predetermined agenda based on the lies of the aforementioned revengeful gang?

Of course, some find my presentations too challenging. Respectfully they have a right to walkaway. I unreservedly hold in trust and teach the fact that not a single person can be persuaded, coerced or ‘brainwashed’ against their own will. Science is on my side here. People are much smarter and wiser than some will like to accept. I hold and treat all to the fact that they do know and hence are capable of their own decisions. I don’t look down at anyone and especially not women.

I find the line of questioning you pose as rather revealing, revealing that they are the same cunning narrative as exercised by the revengeful detractors. Therefore, I trust that whatever you write will also tell the public that you have a cyber-bully gang as your source of information.

Finally, and I could say more, I am willing to answer your questions if you are willing to show real decency, though in-truth, the questions you ask are already well answered by the revengeful cyber-gang’s failure to get anywhere other than a few complicit stories in the media. In other words, and very clearly, their narrative and accusations are all false.

I am sure you will understand my position and hence the cordiality and respect I offer in asking you some questions also.

I very much look forward to your response. I will be publishing this email and other facts.

With love,

Serge Benhayon


Dear Mr Benhayon,

I’m sorry you find my questions intrusive. I respectfully contacted your office with the purpose of obtaining an interview with you. Ms Serryn O’Reagan promised an interview as a proxy for you on Wednesday but the next day she backed out of that and told me she was no longer available. I then spoke with your PA who asked me to send these questions to her, as requested by you, so the ‘intrusion’ as you term it was actually solicited.

Serious allegations have been raised that are now before the the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing and the Department of Fair Trading. I am a journalist, it is my duty to put these allegations to you for your response.

Yes it is a legal requirement as much as it is a professional requirement. And yes, deadlines can be quite difficult to negotiate which is why I contacted your office as early as Tuesday.

Can you please answer the questions about the charity specifically?

Can you tell me what the charity’s aim is with regards to the College?

Is the aim to build a school to teach you esoteric teachings?

The college will be built on you land, does that not commercially benefit you?

I see your courses cost anywhere from $100 to $1800 so these will be taught at the College?

Will you be making money out of that?

Will the College be a commercial enterprise?


Jane Hansen


Dear Ms Hansen

Please read and refer to my email again.

I do not find your questions intrusive. I did not write that so why are you not able to at least have that fact/aspect accurate? The intrusion is you asking me to comply with your deadline with a subject that has been concocted by pure revenge. You have reported on and written articles that are motivated by truth and or a seeking of it. This one, if you go ahead, will not be one of those. I can assure you that what I wrote will be what is found to be true.

Again – you have been informed of allegations that will go nowhere. Yes, they look good for a journalist, dressed as if there is something wrong. But, like all before, it will be nothing more than trumped up allegations. A complaint to an authority does not make the complaint true Ms Hansen. And the tactic of a journalist riding a complaint is well known to me. Though I must say that at first, I was amazed at how low one would stoop to do their job and chase a possible award, but thanks to time, truth and its natural justice, I see that for some the sensation and the thrill is greater than truth and common decency. Is it a wonder why the public do not trust the media? No, it is not because they are not as stupid as they are held to be.

As an alternate possibility, you may want to write about an extraordinary Charity, where real philanthropy is its core design and as such will be its delivery. Now there is an unusual, don’t you agree?

Consider this Ms Hansen, unlike many, I have the resources to sue Mr Martin and Ms Rockett for defamation. But why haven’t I? It is an easy victory given that they have no proof because there are no facts to their allegations. And with no assets or funds to pay for their crimes. When you have nothing to lose one can be as recklessly unaccountable as they please. Concocted lies do not convert to truths. Thus, what better way than to welcome with full transparency any complaint or investigation. Two years of vile accusations with no results. I ask you to consider if there is more at play here than you have been led to believe.

Of interest, we do know of your twitter association with the discredited and exposed cyber-bully Esther Rockett. You are just another one of her gang’s strategies. Of course, you have the right to align to whatever you choose. And thus, I ask you this Ms Hansen, (asked with due and sincere respect with regard to much of your past work) — is it a case of you being used for the sake of their revenge campaign and you in turn using them for the sensation their lies can deliver, for the sake of some readership arousal? Or Ms Hansen, will you draw on your senses and consider different here?

Finally, I will give you a small glimpse of what will be found — with regard to the Charity and it being on my land and my building: there is no untoward personal gain whatsoever for me. In fact, there is personal loss for the sake of true Charity. Unusual yes. But then again so is much of what we have set new standards for over the last 15 years.

Ms Hansen, there is a great story here if the truth is told. Perhaps, it is too good to be told. I understand if the newspapers do not consider great Australian stories readership quality. But then again, it may be worth it.

I look forward to your reply to my questions

with love,

Serge Benhayon


Dear Ms Hansen

I have one more question for you — did you have the complaint or know about it before it was lodged?

with love,

Serge Benhayon


From: “Hansen, Jane”

Subject: RE: questions for Sunday Telegraph

Date: 20 June 2014 5:18:28 pm AEST

To: Serge UniMed

NO, it was sent to me by a politician.

Jane Hansen


Dear Ms Hansen

If you read my emails and understood them there can be no question of you being insulted in any way. On the contrary, I am questioning why would you be involved with a revengeful group when your past work carries the note of conviction. I mention this. Revenge and conviction are vastly different motives. I have read your personal story, it directly relates to my situation, almost exactly. Ergo, and to be honest, it does not make sense for you to be roped into this farce that is still held by lies with little true media expose of the sources making them. Hence my appeal for you to consider. Also, my thus far experience with journalists who are first informed of the lies as a basis for their questioning has not been what I would at least deem a fair treatment not to mention the refusal to hear the truth.

Again, I will state that there will be no wrong doing found as have all investigated complaints met with our very high levels of integrity.

Please consider that there may be another story here.

with love,

Serge Benhayon


Mr Benhayon,

We have simply asked you to put your case forward as is our charter and we have given you ample opportunity to do so only to be met with insults to my journalistic integrity.

Jane Hansen


From: “Hansen, Jane”

Date: 22 June 2014 2:28:15 pm AEST

To: Serge UniMed

HI Serge

Best take this defamatory blog down about ridiculous inside jobs etc…since I am in possession of an email from Dr Andrew McDonald, Opposition Spokesman for Health who sent me copies of the complaints on June 12


ElectorateOffice MacquarieFields
Jun 12 (10 days ago)

to me


Do you know anything about this?

Is this a story?

Andrew McDonald

Attached complaints.

Jane Hansen


From the UM Fruity *Facts* Team:

It seems like an unusual co-incidence that Jane Hansen had been following Esther Rockett and Darkly Venus on Twitter since 5 June, and the complaints mysteriously came into her possession on the 12th on June. There is perhaps more to this than will ever meet the light of day.

No. There isn’t.

Hello daylight.

@DarklyVenus account
Twitter @DarklyVenus account notifications page
@EstherRockett account
Twitter @EstherRockett account notifications page


We have our own questions about these matters:

HOW INCISIVE! For a nano-second  I thought Alison might question Serge and the College Board about why they’re under investigation.

But no to that too.

  • How did Dr Andrew McDonald, Opposition Spokesman for Health come to be in possession of these complaints?

We CC select parliamentarians and senators on complaints.

  • How was it that he took such an interest in them – he is not the Minister involved in Fair Trading or the Office of Liquor and Gaming – thus the complaints did not come to him through that route? How was it he took an interest in complaints outside his purview? Was it a calling in of favours?

He’s the Shadow Minister for the OLGR office as well as Health. UM and the CoUM are health services.

Can you be specific about what kind of favour an opposition health spokesman might call in, Alison? From whom, and how that works?

  • How was it that the Office of Liquor and Gaming informed College of Universal Medicine Director, Charles Wilson, that the government offices had declined to speak to journalists and he should not be concerned, yet it issued a statement implying serious misconduct that had been referred to the police?

I’m sure Mr Barrister Pants, Charles, has asked them – with a few huffs and puffs.

We find it odd that you lot more concerned with the OLGR’s media policy than UM being investigated for misconduct.

  • Is the supply of the complaints by a politician an attempt to compromise the complaints processes of government departments?

How does that work Alison? Please be specific on how a politician supplying a complaint to a journalist influences a departmental investigation.

What is the relationship between Jane Hansen, Esther Rockett, Professsor [sic] John Dwyer and Dr Andrew Macdonald?

Lol. I dunno, we’ve all looked at the evidence and decided the public and the regulators need to know about Universal Medicine?

And the last time I looked, we weren’t the ones under investigation.

Universal Medicine in the Sunday Telegraph

Demented Hyperbole – UniMed’s reaction to bad press


20 thoughts on “Emails from a cult leader

  1. Yes, I lifted that exchange out of the fruity *facts* site and 6,000 words or so of incoherent bullshit it was mired in. Among the accusations was a bit of hilarity questioning why Jane Hansen was questioning Sergio:

    Indeed if Jane Hansen had undertaken appropriate investigation she would have found that the Serge Benhayon was not the person to contact about the College – he is not even a director.

    Not any more. He’s the College’s founder though, and as News Ltd reported in September 2012 had anointed himself Chairman in perpetuity so no one can ‘bastardise the work’. Seems he had a quick change of heart under media scrutiny…

    The Esoteric goon squad would like to ban complainants from showing evidence to journalists and politicians – as if it’s some sort of crime. They haven’t noticed how democracy works, yet, but clearly that’s not their interest. The UniMed cult refuses any kind of public dialogue or negotiation unless it’s on their terms, and seeks to intimidate and silence anyone who diverges from their message. Hello fascism.

    The real comedy is that *facts* team propagandist, Alison Greig, reckons she used to lecture in trade practices law, prior to her distinguished career as a Weight Watchers counsellor.

    So Alison, show us where in the Australian Crimes Act showing complaints/evidence of misconduct to interested parties is regarded as unlawful.

    Your time might be better spent looking at charity law.

  2. I guess when Serge claimed “he would love to debate anyone on the planet” he really meant he isn’t willing to answer any questions that may be put to him, especially if the person asking the questions has also interviewed his critics and feels that there may be quite valid reasons for people to be criticizing him.

    Come on, Serge. You’re the World Teacher who knows all the mysteries of the Universe. Surely you can do better than this?

  3. For someone who feels that some perfectly normal questions that can be answered in 10 minutes are INTRUSIVE, Sergio surely took an awful lot of time and effort to waffle on about journalistic integrity and avoid answering any of those questions.

    Interesting though to see how he writes when he doesn’t spout his esoteric bullshit. “utmost” seems to be one of his favourite words. And manipulation through twisting of facts and circular arguments peppered with some esoteric non-sense seems to have become his (only) way communicating with people. Kudos, Jane, for not backing down. That is what I call UTMOST journalistic integrity.

    1. Precisely. He could have answered the questions in less time, and more succinctly than the first garbled, barely comprehensible barrage of issue avoidance he sent Jane in his initial response. This is a man who constantly claims he “will never back down from what he knows to be true.” Unless someone not involved in the cult questions him, it would seem.

  4. On the contrary Serge, it is pure conviction. Conviction that we know and are speaking the truth. Conviction that the lies are not from our side. “A lie is a lie, no matter how you ‘dress’ it” That is for sure. And they go way back.

    We’ve only asked questions, which like with Jane, you continually fail to answer. As do your minions, and your members. To quote you, that smells “fishy”.

    As Esther says, we’re not under investigation. You may have conflated a good story to convince yourself and each other about me and Esther on your hate-blogs, but they are not factual. Facts require evidence. A few ugly shots and a concocted story based on poor assumptions don’t make for investigations. Do they?

    And to the members. Surely you can’t read those incoherent hate-sprays from Serge and not know he’s not firing on all cylinders? What enlightened master- an exponent of cosmic love- is so hateful and vindictive based on what he assumes is going to be said?

    It’s one man’s worldview being protected at all cost.

    There’s is a lot of truth in Serge’s words; but not how he means them. Read them closely for as usual the author reveals himself.

    And Alison- take a break love. No one believes you, except perhaps other members. ( I say perhaps because I’d like to believe a few of them have a few brain cells remaining) Like Serge, you reveal more about yourself and your faulty perceptions than the people you think you are exposing.

    Look people, when you’ve got lots of pieces of paper that tell you things are not even remotely the same as has been claimed, and scores of people who have told you tales of woe about the man you base your lives on, it’s farcical to be called a liar. It really is. I can assure you, we walk tall. If anything, when I glimpse your mugs around the place, I feel pity for you. Truly.

    We know you choose not to believe it, for whatever reason. But truth eventually finds its way to the surface. Sometimes even when it matters. Revenge, no. Conviction- yes.

    And a conviction based on reality. Not “one-unified-truth”. Think about it.

  5. At least, I know now the man actually exist. Amazing, what 6,000 words (or so) can do for a person.

    For two years I felt like watching The Usual Suspects, with the mythical Keyser Soze, or something weird like that ….

    Awesome, exposing article!

    1. Yes it is revealing, and a change from the days when all the UM sites would post was carefully edited sweetness and light, while the puppet master hid behind his Brides.

      Two remarkable things: we in the bunker are truly impressed by the level of delusion – where they think their fucked up facts site with it’s comprehensive bullshit and defamation was a good idea AND they posted that exchange between Sergio and Jane Hansen. We are constantly asking each other, do they really think that makes them look good?

      Next, who dreams up the excuses? I predicted before the article was published they’d react the way they had to previous coverage – squealing media bias, all the trouble is down to a few disgruntled individuals and the media is missing the ‘real story’. So is Serge following the line of his propaganda team, or are they following him, or is it a group effort? Helped by some teleconferencing software? And the big question – do they really believe any of it?

      Also, Serge has said he’s come up smelling of roses every time there’s been an investigation – but apart from the UKCC action, let’s not forget the TGA made him clean up the marketing of the Eso Herbs.

      And what reason did OAMPS give the Esoteric Practitioners Association for withdrawing their professional indemnity insurance?


      Something to do with failing their duty of disclosure wasn’t it?

      1. – ” utter filth and vitriLOL says:July 7, 2014 at 6:18 pm Yes it is revealing, and a change from the days when all the UM sites would post was carefully edited sweetness and light, while the puppet master hid behind his Brides.

        Two remarkable things: we in the bunker are truly impressed by the level of delusion – where they think their fucked up facts site with it’s comprehensive bullshit and defamation was a good idea AND they posted that exchange between Sergio and Jane Hansen. We are constantly asking each other, do they really think that makes them look good? ” –

        I even started to doubt my own mind and stopped drinking alcohol, immediately.

        Serge, feels intruded by the deadline of a journalist, which is basically the same as saying you feel intruded by a barrister because he has to work within the law, – while her questions are a lot more intrusive then her deadline is; visibly becomes passive aggressive about it: and even comes up with his own manufactured press-kit on top of that…?!

        Students in the comments can’t stop admiring his love and ‘utmost’ integrity…

        Only a full blown narcissist can come up with this. In this respect: yeah, integrity it is.

  6. They really can’t put two and two together can they? And they probably still think I am you?

    I am fascinated to know what this true charity “in its delivery’ is that will amaze the socks off everyone, which according to Alison, people will be studying in years to come… I am sure they will. But not for the reasons they’re imagining.

    There really is a co-joining of Serge and his retinue of tuneless trumpeters isn’t there? If Serge is criticized, they are. If Serge has an angry outburst, they feel justified. If Serge is found out, they run to his protection. If a journalist dare ask a question, they are as outraged as he is. So much so, they contradict themselves in their analysis, mirroring Serge’s contradictory ramble about the specifics of his meaning on how he says he was intruded upon. Fascinating. And immensely stupid stuff.

    What is really stupid though is how Serge thinks putting these emails up proves his is right. The reality is, they do way more damage than what he thinks the critics have done. Amazing. And immensely stupid stuff.

  7. The email trail between Serge Benhanyon and Jane Hansen is so illustrative of any conversation with a member of Universal Medicine. A few simple questions are asked, and the reply is paragraph after paragraph of essentially nonsense. Nothing is said by Benhaynon of any consequence, no answers are given, and every attempt is made to confuse and muddy the issue. Behnanyon and his supporters are digging themselves in to a huge hole by publishing this material, and a quick look on Twitter and the reposting of this conversation by many people with large followings show what a massive own goal this is.

    Please do keep posting material like this and your other malicious posts, Ms Greig on your blog. There could be no better reinforcement of the true nature of Universal Medicine and those involved with it than the bile you are spewing forth.

  8. You have to love the audacity with which Serge claims to present nothing more than self-loving choices and the media seeks to sensationalize what is at the core of UM. Firstly, Serge has published seven books of absolutely ludicrous, near-plagiarized, Theosophical gibberish featuring outrageous supernatural claims too numerous to mention here, so it’s not really just about self-loving choices, is it Serge? So the person responsible for the sensationalism is you, isn’t it Serge? You just can’t handle being called on it, despite your claims to be willing to debate anyone on the planet as to the veracity of your statements.

  9. “Finally, I will give you a small glimpse of what will be found — with regard to the Charity and it being on my land and my building: there is no untoward personal gain whatsoever for me. In fact, there is personal loss for the sake of true Charity”

    In October 2012, one month after Josh Robertson’s article, Serge resigned as the director and installed Charles Wilson, Natalie Benhayon and Desiree Delaloye as directors. Serryn O’Regan became Chairman. Despite his ramblings, he’s smart enough to know that being the director of the charity, and owning the land where the primary object of fundraising is located, looks a little…suss.

    The charity then recently transformed into a “student initiative” according to Charles Wilson on ABC radio. Despite us having notes going back where Serge is spruiking the charity, and working with Vic Lister to set it up “according to Lord Maitreya’s plan (not Serge, Lord Maitreya!!) and doing his usual “it’s not about me” number on the members.

    Then there was a bit of a brain-storming session where the penny dropped that Serge has, in-truth, been doing “philanthropic” work for years. You know, when he has kids come and stay at his house and do “work experience” at the clinic. Presumably for free. Donor of the year award, right there.

    Or maybe they thought letting people stay at the house across the road here and there for “free” was charity? Or the no-interest loans on so people could to his courses…and pay him later?


    There’s probably a pop up office for the charity being thrown together right now just to make it look like its not a part of UM proper. Maybe in a corner room or at someone’s house…

    The agreed story then goes: Serge is “donating” the land for the charity. Now, he is not quite ready to hand over the deeds, but he’s paying the interest (on the part he had to pay for that wasn’t covered by anon donations) and he had to do some D.A work…When the building is done, then the charity can purchase it off him for cost price, plus out of pockets. Or say they’ll say. Philanthropic work on a level never heard of before!

    Bemusingly, none of them will think that there is anything amiss, because they all SEE the grand plan. Us astrally impulsed prana-sacks just can’t perceive the brilliance and true-ness of it all.

    I’d like to dissect the bucket loads of false dilemmas, flawed arguments and hints of grandiosity in his ramblings. But I can’t be bothered. Needless to say, it sucks. But at least he’s put himself out there for once. It’s the first time we’ve heard his voice since the start of the new-era (or before)

    And now we’ve heard it, we know why he shuts up.

    “True” charity. Right.

  10. Righto trolls and abusers, I’ve put the ASIC Change of Company details document up in the cloud showing the dates Sergio resigned from the College board, and installed his faith-full stooges.!166&authkey=!AGnlSrfz6ynGK1A&ithint=file%2c.pdf

    (Viewing and posting public documents online is what the cult calls cyberstalking® and cyber-bullying®, by the way…)

    Does anyone know what the TRA abbreviation means?

    His holiness who has nothing to hide and nothing to gain from the charity ditched his directorship pretty quickly when the questions started.

    Lets see how the fraudulent *facts* site tries to paper over that bit of integrity.

    And a reminder to Sergio’s wowser army, comments are always open here – to all comers. Bring your ‘love’ and ‘truth’ and let’s make it an open discussion.

      1. Correction on above.

        Serge was interviewed by Josh Robinson 6th September 2012.
        The change of directors was accepted by ASIC on the 7th September 2012.
        The courier mail story came out the 8th September 2012.

        Coincidence what?

        1. From the website of the new College Chairman, who happens to be a lawyer:

          All of Serryn O’Regan’s work is inspired by and because of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

          Looks like on September 6, 2012 that equation reversed and Sergio chucked his One Unified bollocks and listened to his lawyer.

          Too late, though.

  11. If Mr Benhayon made the time to write the above epistle – why did he refuse to meet with Ms Hansen?
    It wasn’t to do with SB being so busy was it? Ms Hansen requests were kindly and professional.

    Maybe Ms Hansen is grateful that Mr Benhayon refused her kindly requests. The above ‘holy writing’ is frustrating enough to read and doesn’t make sense, imagine dealing with that in person. OMG! It was so predictable that Ms Hansen would receive that kind of reception from UM.

    From the above ‘Holy writings’ this is what struck me:
    “Finally, I will give you a small glimpse of what will be found — with regard to the Charity and it being on my land and my building: there is no untoward personal gain whatsoever for me. In fact, there is personal loss for the sake of true Charity”

    “No UNTOWARD personal gain??” Means what? You either have personal gain or you don’t.

    AND yes we remember this:”He’s the College’s founder though, and as News Ltd reported in September 2012 had anointed himself Chairman in perpetuity so no one can ‘bastardise the work’.”

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