Teachers are Gold – the Universal Medicine cult infiltrates schools

TeachersGoldlogoUniversal Medicine is extending it’s mass predatory grooming into schools with the help of cult psychologists, education consultants and exalted underachiever, Michael Benhayon. Teachers are Gold is a new initiative targeting school teachers, student teachers and other educators to recruit to Serge Benhayon’s commercial religion. Typical of cult fronts, publicity provides no disclosure of fees, charges or funding, and no hint of the Benhayons’ religious anti-intellectual and anti-education teachings, or the practices and beliefs that put children at risk.

Update May 2016 – Teachers are Gold Children are rubbish. Teachers are Gold ejected from education conference.

The Teachers are Gold site features a statement that they ‘support the College of Universal Medicine‘ – the bogus charity set up to give tax exemption to cult expansion and recruitment. The Teachers are Gold team consists mostly of CoUM ‘educators’ including unqualified Michael Benhayon as its spiritual leader. We’ve already covered the kind of hostile education the College of UM provides under the guidance of its founding messiah.

Here’s Serge Benhayon on universities:

If you pull a, uh, excuse the stereotyping, but any intellectual out of university and you start to talk about feeling energy, they, you know, they say, prove it, show me the research, show me the 30 year study. I don’t feel it. I understand energy and they can relate it to terms of physics and science, but they don’t really say I can feel it and experience it and know what it’s about, because if they did, they wouldn’t be at university because the energy there is awful. It’s full of mental energy. It’s actually quite cold, damp and heartless. That’s the energy of universities. So for them to be there, just to be there, that means they have to shut down enormously who they are. They have to be not aware of what they feel and place an enormous amount of importance of what they need to over ride what the energy is showing. So if you needed to get a degree and it takes three or four years with honours or something like that to get a degree, and you have to be there all that time under that cold energy that’s telling you that knowledge is everything, recall and memory is everything that you need to get your degree, but never once actually caring about you in any way shape or form. In other words if you pass it doesn’t matter how you live your life. If you are living unlovingly, if you are sleeping around, if you’re doing drugs, if you’re doing speed to get through university, if you’re doing coffee to get through it, if you’re doing alcohol and so forth and so forth, nobody says, well you’re going to fail because you’re not healthy. Nobody says you’re not passing this semester, you’re failing all your subjects because the quality of way in which you sit in this classroom is awful. And you’re affecting us all because of the reflection you’re bringing in. It should be like that, but it’s not. They want you to pass. And they want you to pass with distinction or higher distinction or so forth, because they want to be seen as good lecturers and so forth and get a result. And see, that coldness, that bluntness, that recklessness, that lovelessness that it is, exists there. Well the person is there for three or four years while they are under that energy, and if you’re doing medicine it could be longer, seven years under the auspices of the university, although you’re not always there, you’re working in hospitals. Whatever it is, PhDs, you’re under that energy. And that energy isn’t loving. That energy doesn’t care about you. That energy wants you to perform. So that you make the university look good, so you can show yet another person who has graduated. And it gets worse than that because what they really want is your fees as well.  Serge Benhayon, recording of Esoteric Medicine 11 lecture, July 26, 2012

From the man who’s built a multi-million dollar industry peddling his ‘truth’ scam, and charging for ‘charity‘.

The lecture, like all of Benhayon’s lectures, was preceded by a preparatory meditation/trance induction. It’s an uninterrupted monologue in front of a few hundred devotees who ask no questions. Cult members from around the world downloaded that lecture and scores more hours of such lectures as podcasts and listen to them up to 30 times. The same devotees say there’s no such thing as brainwashing.

‘Look into my eyes, university is heartless and cold and damp. University isn’t loving. It doesn’t care about you…’

I was saving this for the comments, but I’ll put it here: You don’t pay university fees to get healthy, or love. You don’t go to university to have your infantile needs met. The purpose of going to university is to get an education, gain knowledge and learn how to conduct research. Social or other benefits are what you make of it and come free of charge. Unlike UM, universities don’t sell ‘love’, health, ‘truth’, wisdom, ‘clair-sentience’, ‘feeling’, an initiation scale, reincarnation and a Way of Being® etc. Again, Benhayon’s anti-intellectual stance denigrates the same mental capacity that enables us to recognize and avoid con artists and scams. He undermines academic achievement to elevate his and his family of mediocrities’ lack of it. Ten bucks says he’s never set foot in a university.

Teachers are Gold programs

Standard UM marketing is a put down. Everyone who hasn’t felt UM’s love and light is miserable, sick and thwarted.

Many teachers are exhausted on many levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically. Their very core and inner essence is drained in life. This then has an impact on the wellbeing of our future generations as they are being raised and educated about life in a system that is operating from overwhelm, anxiety and a sense of given up-ness – ‘It’s all too much!’. Teachers are Gold website

The programs page advertises the same services as the College of Universal Medicine – Wellness Days and Self-Care workshops, plus a bunch of Universal Medicine money for nothing mind fuck services – online videos and podcasts, bi-monthly seminars and support groups – all aimed at teachers. They’re also threatening an ‘appreciating and sharing’ platform where cult members will offer testimonials about their favourite cult teachers and how ‘amazing’ and ‘awe-some’ they are.

We’re looking forward to it, because we’ll be taking volunteers to help name every teacher that signs up and notify every school, every local state member, every state education department and the private school administrators of UM’s risks to children – including their practices of inappropriate touching, Serge Benhayon’s young female houseguests; the dangerous, developmentally damaging Esoteric diet, Natalie Benhayon’s sleazy youth groups, and the cult’s prohibitions on normal childhood activity and expression.


An observant reader noticed the Teachers are Gold site was altered within hours of this post. The champions of transparency removed links to this GET INVOLVED! page which refers to these planned events:

Teacher Appreciation Day
BBQ, Appreciation talks/sharing, Live Music, all in honour and celebration of the teachers and all that they are and bring.
We will help you to create and organise a teacher appreciation day event.

I bet they will.

Become a signatory of the Official Teachers are Gold! Statement
A unifying statement about appreciation, responsibility and brotherhood amongst all teachers and educators.

And the piece de resistance:

Apply here to be a Golden School
We will create a web page for you as you submit writing, photos and updates on your school’s activities. We will monitor your progress and support you to keep building your own page.


The Teachers are Gold Team of Facilitators

Dad's mouthpiece, Michael Benhayon
Dad’s mouthpiece, Michael Benhayon

Michael Benhayon, looks and dresses like his father and talks like a slower recording of one of the old man’s lectures. He’s currently being marketed as another Benhayon sage, and the site is strewn with mind blowing platitudes, he’s alleged to have uttered:

“Teachers are living educators, and thus, are the carriers of living wisdom” 
~ Michael Benhayon

The rest of the team graduated from cold and loveless universities. And while they’re busy prostrating themselves for The One, I don’t see any of them rushing to give back their degrees and the qualifications they abuse to lure vulnerable targets.

Marcia Owen
Marcia Owen
Vicky Geary
Vicky Geary

Vicky Geary and Marcia Owen were former proprietors of Activ Living, an education and training service for youth, which almost rebranded as Connect Consultancy, but couldn’t withstand the exposure. Marcia Owen devised a Tune In program and book for brainwashing teenagers into cult conformity. Owen and Geary were recipients of some of the federal funding rorted by Benhayon through Goonellabah YWCA, which may have amounted to over $700,000.

Kristy Wood of Kids in Connection
Kristy Wood of Kids in Connection

Kristy Wood of Kids in Connection is an educational consultant in Goonellabah, and her latest project is targeting adolescent girls. I’d appreciate it if anyone could name the schools where she has and is working. The state school district told me they don’t use educational consultants. Can anyone verify that?

Cult psychologist, Jo Frare
Deregistered psychologist, Jo Frare
Cult psychologist, Aimee Jeffreys
Cult psychologist, Aimee Jeffreys

Welcome to the Naming Names page Jo Frare and Aimee Jefferys. (Joanne Margaret Frare is a former psychologist – deregistered late 2017). How do you reconcile counseling adolescents and teens, including abuse victims, with promoting a religious organisation whose followers send their daughters to stay in the Benhayon household? Do you tell your adolescent clients they can be raped by supernatural entities if their father comes home from the pub and gives them a hug? Why are you promoting someone who teaches that?

Propagandist Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis, who is now saying her cult PR business, Real Media Real Change, is a ‘non profit’ publishing outfit, is a cyber-bullying expert who sent me pseudolegal demands at 5 am on Christmas morning, and is such an expert on education and childhood wellbeing, she puts her own children in front of the camera to promote the religion of a bloke who says babies can be poisoned by breastmilk if it carries their mother’s emotions. The same bloke touches the genitals of sexual abuse survivors and calls it healing.

Gold is the colour one might associate with piss-takes, by the way.

Keep the Universal Medicine cult out of schools – how you can help

Prohibiting Serge Benhayon: How you can help – has email addresses of some local members and state education ministers

33 thoughts on “Teachers are Gold – the Universal Medicine cult infiltrates schools

    1. Teachers Are Gold Project
      August 3
      Our Gold Logos (5 photos)
      All Logos designed by Emmalee Benhayon

  1. Natalie Benhayon- director of “Women’s health” whatever- a retinue of ‘professionals’ in tow.
    Michael Benhayon “director” of ‘teachers are gold” (not registered, available business name if you fancy it- site registered just 3 weeks back 27th July 2014 by Mikey Serge B)- a retinue of ‘professional’ in tow.
    Simone Benyahon- director of UM UK- reincarnation of Winston Churchill- a retinue of ‘professionals’ in tow.
    Curtis Benhayon- TBA.
    Deborah Benhayon- Certificate 4 bookkeeper. Money “expert” ( & handy with a good dodged up P&L, complete with ruler lines and some fancy maths) Parenting expert. Really?
    Miranda Benhayon- Singer. Sort of. Retinue of sorry looking suck ups in tow.

    Education. Very little. Qualifications. None. World Experience. Serge.

    How many fronts can a cult have? All funneling into Sergey’s occult cult where fee’s abound. Many multiples more expensive than a uni course, never ending, and 100 times less useful. Fake accreditation from the EPA, ‘hierarchy’ and Serge guaranteed. After multiple payments. Cash. To Debbie. Thanks. No receipt.

    The mind, now fatigued from the never ending crap from this shitty cult, boggles at how so- called ‘professionals’, who Serge re-lies on to add legitimacy to his two bit bogan cult, can accept his denigration of how they gained knowledge and the knowledge they (should) have, support his every whim like overly-eager yapping lap dogs- in the Roman sense?

    I’ve actually wasted many minutes staring at their pictures trying to figure out how they can be so stupid.

    The answer is not forthcoming. The only thing I can think of is the happy pill is so powerful that the side-effect is utter stupidity. moral turpitude, and shared glazed look they call amazing.

    Meanwhile, follow the money. How does Serge think he can benefit from this? I already know.

  2. “a sense of given up-ness” You have got to be joking.
    This is NOT a word!
    MB and his cohorts are going to help teachers!? lol
    UMer’s lack of command of the English language is well – ‘It’s all too much!’ as MB said.
    What a CON! Yet another one.

    1. LOL! We have got to stop helping UM all the typos are fixed and the ‘given up-ness word’ has been changed. So at least someone at UM is reading this site.

  3. A standard recruiting pattern / strategy? Target the vulnerable / young/ sick / exhausted / overworked / under appreciated (teachers): flatter, butter up, love bomb… Denigrate all else (esp. institutions which support critical analysis). Build trust through mushy feelings, attractive partial truths, community, lots of nice, sincere followers … until eventually all is uncritically accepted.Then reinforce each others’ distortions & delusions… .

    (I found uni to be a warm, fun, intellectually, socially, politically & spiritually stimulating place… stereotypes were challenged & some of my best health / spiritual choices / friends were made).

    1. Yes, this is their shtick. And they’ve found a rich vein. Who doesn’t feel tired, overworked, under-appreciated and un-loved at times? It’s a big leap from that to Arcturus, but there are many that can make it.

      I think it beats the Scientologists auditing hands down. And it’s way more sneaky than a street preacher or giving out food in orange robes with shaved head and a stupid grin.

      What’s more, it really is a happy pill once swallowed and fully ingested. The side effects are massive loss of critical thinking, small mindedness, empathy elimination, and an endless capacity to accept copious amounts of bullshit without gagging. But what the hey? You get to lead your life is a sweet rose coloured dream world thinking you’re special with a bunch of other great people who agree with you. And those that don’t? Love-less liars.

      I predict Teachers are Gold won’t go the distance. It’s probably why they didn’t register a company, and are just using young Mikeys ABN. But if it did, there’d be nice juicy government grants to tap, and the added benefit of legitimacy and recruitment. I think there will be a few alerts flowing out to schools this week.

      1. Hi, yes readers, please email you local school principle about Teachers are Gold and UM and to ask that your school keeps UM out. This is critical in the Northern Rivers region, but we expect them to go further afield and target schools throughout Australia and abroad – most likely local to UM meditation groups and practitioners as listed on the Naming Names pages.

        If anyone hears of schools hosting UM promoters, please use our Contact forms to name the schools or put it in the comments. When I contact school admins they want names, so please supply them – it makes it much easier to get action taken.

      2. This is a CoUM project hence why no real need for a new ABN I would say, what do you think?

        I feel the ‘Teacher’s are Gold’ webpage etc was put together in a hurry because you should see the typos and bad grammar and double ups! So uneducated.
        It is shameful in everyway.

        We must all get behind having this stopped, great suggestions have been put forward.
        Thank you.

  4. Thank you to the reader who realised the cult had tinkered with the Golden Teachers site – good call. I hadn’t noticed that page, and have updated the post accordingly.

    And thank you to Feline for suggesting we write to our local state members and the state education ministers about this rubbish. If anyone has any contacts within the private school sector, we’d very much appreciate it if you could notify the appropriate people.

    Please don’t leave this to a handful of us. It’s dispiriting to hear so many people complaining and upset about UM, but unwilling to take action. Please write to the politicians. They take notice when there are a lot of letters and when you can provide evidence, so please explain what annoys you about UM and feel free to quote any of Serge’s rubbish from our blogs. Mention that UM is responsible for Esoteric Breast Massage and is the subject of reports by more than 10 media organisations. We need you to do this wherever you are in Australia, because there are pockets of UM throughout the country – notably, Byron Bay, Lismore/Goonellabah, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – and this lot travel to spread the Gospel of Serge.

    Our friend Dan has started a petition to send to Chris Pyne, so please sign that too, and cc him and Nick Xenophon in your emails. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Education_minister_Christopher_Pyne_To_not_allow_teachers_are_gold_project_in_our_schools/?wdumPbb

    I’m not so sure about petitions because so few of you appear to be willing to speak up.

    Oh and when you email politicians, they are more likely to read if you provide your address and phone number. Some offices filter out any emails that don’t provide those.

  5. Teachers are “gold”!?

    Because teachers will lure in more silly silly mothers to spend $$$ on UM and offer their kids as prey to that pack of perverts. Gold for Serge’s business.

    There’s some pretty stupid teachers around who will fall for the “love bombing”.

    1. Yeah, that’s right. LOL. Serge always gives himself away doesn’t he. “Gold” as in, there’s gold in government grants, “gold” in retirement villages, “gold” in having a religious charity.

      Curtis Benhayon has probably been charged with setting up a front “old people are gold” to visit old folks and “support” them- with Universal Law or the other cult lawyers to help out with changing their wills.

    2. Teachers are gold, but the real gold is the doctors and lawyers and cancer patients.

      Sick stuff.

  6. This is very clever and must be nipped in the bud. WTF you are absolutely correct in my view. The possibility of these morons infiltrating schools like the maggots they are sends shivers down my spine. It is a monstrous insult to all the teachers who manage to do exceptionally fine work without the input of these fraudulent halfwits.

  7. “If I’m just a liar and troll why does Universal Medicine cult scramble to doctor their websites when I blog exposure?”

    Feline says you are so right Esther.

    About The Project – Teacher Are Gold! Project
    “Teachers are Gold! is a project to truly support and encourage all teachers in all areas of education to be strong, capable, be themselves, to have true inner and …

    404 – Page Not Found
    Sorry, the page you are looking for does not exist
    Please check the URL. Otherwise, click here to be redirected to the homepage.

    New Page!
    Teacher Are Gold! Project – Home
    Teachers are GOLD! Project. “A teacher must be CELEBRATED and HONOURED in everything they are and in everything they bring, EACH AND EVERY DAY!

  8. Everyone, I’m preparing a notification document that can be sent to schools, politicians, education departments etc. I will make it available to download in the next few days.

    Astral Tiger, Vanessa McHardy is a child psychotherapist in London who reckons she works with schools. Also it might be worth notifying the school district around Frome. Or if any of our UK friends would like to volunteer to notify UK schools at risk of cult infiltration.

  9. I signed Dan’s petition and shared it on facebook. One of my freinds noted that the petition itself doesn’t have much info on UM and doesn’t really explain what the risk is and I think it’s a fair point.

    I shared some links with the petition to pertinant pages from the various blogs and the SMH weekend, but I’m wondering whether or not the petiton can be amended to include more information that could educate people who might not be aware of UM and what they stand for. Otherwise people who might otherwise sign but only find out about them just from clicking the petition link just won’t get it.


  10. From the “Our Programs” page:


    Yep. Teachers is gold. English teachers is especially gold.

  11. PS:


    Select your school from the list below for Access
    Richmond Christian College – Ballina
    St Carthages Primary School – LismoreSt Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – Alstonville
    Summerland Christian College – Goonellabah
    Holy Family Catholic Primary School – Ballina
    Emmanuel Anglican College – Ballina
    Byron Community Primary School – Byron Bay
    Blue Hills College – Goonellabah

    – ENGLAND –

  12. Thanks for this Susie. Hello parents of kids attending those schools – please make a complaint to the school principal.

  13. Have I got this right?
    UM and CoUM were altogether as one with a charity status.
    When the media attention came suddenly Serge changed the structure?
    Am I right that now only CoUM is a charity?(well name only?)
    So therefore to get or to keep Charity status for UM they must now call it a religion?
    If I am right how downright sneaky and immoral.
    So it is a business, a charity, a Medicine HQ and now a Religion.
    AND we thought Scientology was evil.
    What ever way UM like to dish it up.

    I am a Student of the Way of the Livingness
    August 19, 2014 — 10 Comments

    With love and appreciation to Serge Benhayon, the leading light in soul-full living for the new era and founder of the Way of the Livingness: a Religion with no exclusivity or barrier to entry save the will to re-connect to your own inner-heart and the natural sacredness inside us all equally.

    And in equal appreciation of all the Students of the Way of the Livingness and ALL people generally. Inside each of us is the same spark that serves as a constant reminder to know that spark and to express it in full.

    By Rebecca Baldwin, 33 yrs, Goonellabah, NSW

    1. Hi Truthseeker.

      Not quite. CoUM was conceived by Serge and co. He made himself the chairman in perpetuity. However, as soon as News ltd came asking pesky questions, he quit and threw one of his minions into the job. Realizing that there could be a few questions, they took photos of him spruiking for donations off their website which was raising money to improve the shed on his property at Wollengbar. They now claim that UM and CoUM have nothing to do with each other. CoUM is about the ‘way of the livingness’ which remarkably, is what UM propagates. So the real answer is yes, it is the same. The technical answer is, it’s a different entity. But it does end up improving Serge’s assets, and it hasn’t done any charity work. It’ll only do “true” charity, which is a bit like esoteric love; aka hate.

      Rebecca’s pandering to Serge sort of sums up the headspace of the members. They really believe Serge is something other than a conman and groomer. They’ve gone from reviling religion to being in one, and accepted all manner of lies and contradictions in order to stay in their shared fantasy world of ‘the new era’. Unfortunately, their new religion is divisive, judgmental, and hateful. Expressing in full means to be as self-centred as you can without consideration of others.

      Stopping it spreading is our mission. We can’t wake the members. They’re truth and facts proof. But we’ve got to do our best to stop the virus infecting other unsuspecting members of the public- especially children.

    1. Sorry, unfortunate wording. Doctors is used as a verb. The cult changed the website – removed a page after we exposed them.




    Let’s support Teachers are Gold…an initiative for true change

    Christopher Pyne –Education Minister: We support the ‘Teachers are Gold!’ project
    Led by a team of professionals with extensive experience in working in schools,…

    1. Hi everyone, that petition on avaaz violates avaaz terms and conditions. If you visit the page please click the ‘report as inappropriate’ link below their blurb to report it as commercial spam. Thx.

  15. LOL I just had a peep and Michael B set this page up and the site has been filling fast with lovebombedness as expected. The faithful must do as they are told.
    It is so funny the lovebombers are from all over the world, Spain, Germany Won’t Christopher Pyne think that weird?
    I suppose Serge has his eye on the Abbots government Chaplain plan$ for $chool$
    What do you all think?

      1. All the usual suspects spamming the cult petition, probably because Serge sent a group email and asked them to sign it “if they felt to”. The Education heads are already well aware that Universal Medicine is a cult, so it the petition won’t cut it, even if they were interested in the pleadings of a commercial operation headed by the unqualified offspring off an unequally unqualified, and now infamous pseudo-guru.. But it will be a nice database of members and their emails.

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