Keep the Universal Medicine cult out of schools – updated August 23

TrueMovementlogoUniversal Medicine’s recruiters have been active in the education system for a while, but in the last week we’ve seen the cult publicize its push into schools, targeting children with ‘True Movement’ exercise classes and recruiting teachers through the ‘Teachers are Gold’ project. The revelations have caused outrage among our readers, so I’ve put together some resources anyone can send to schools and other stakeholders to make sure schools are not used for the cult’s mass predatory grooming.

TeachersGoldlogoUPDATE: It appears UM has listed schools on the True Movement website that have never participated in True Movement. It also appears they’ve used a photograph of a school group in Frome, UK that have not participated in it, and without authorisation from the school or parents. I will continue to update as more information comes to hand.

August 23 Update: All schools mentioned below were notified (bar one), and thank you to all parents and members of the community who spoke with their local schools. As a commenter below found, UM have now erased the True Movement site ‘due to hate blogging, for the protection and safety of its content and its employees.’

Protection and safety from facts and accountability. 

I took PDF copies of the pages in case anyone needs the evidence for legal complaints.  

If you believe a school not listed below is at risk from UM infiltration, please feel free to download the notification document and notify the school. 

Last week, UM publicized the ‘Teachers are Gold‘ project to recruit teachers, fill their heads with victimhood and self-loving narcissistic balderdash and deploy them in schools to recruit more true victims to UM’s commercial religion of secrecy, bullying, molestation and rip offs. This week, we were informed UM has inflicted its eccentric exercise ritual, ‘True Movement’ on schools local to Lismore and Byron Bay, Sydney, and in Frome, UK.

True Movement is headed by Curtis Benhayon, unqualified uterus massage specialist and son of cult leader, Serge Benhayon. Its website does not mention Universal Medicine or the occult philosophy behind ‘True Movement’, and that the cult denigrates all other forms of exercise and sport.

The schools involved so far listed on the site  [UPDATE schools that have confirmed to us they have no ties or have severed ties with UM’s initiatives have been removed. I’ll remove the others if they can confirm the same]:

  • Village Performing Arts High School, Sydney
  • Emmanuel Anglican College – Ballina
  • Byron Community Primary School – Byron Bay
  • Blue Hills College – Goonellabah (True Movement Website)

If these are schools in your local community, or your children attend any of these, please make a complaint to the school principal.

'True Movement' School Group, Frome, Somerset, UK
‘True Movement’ School Group, Frome, Somerset, UK

In the UK, this photo was taken at the Sound Training Center (Sound Foundation Charitable Trust building) at the Lighthouse property in Frome, Somerset. Does anyone local know which school those children are from? Please notify them or contact me and I will.

Further action – please help

Cults are predatory, aggressive, secretive and use intimidation and bullying to deter victims from coming forward and making complaints. They have no place in schools. This is not a religious issue, it’s an issue of keeping children away from a dangerous group.

Please help out and write to your local state member of parliament, your state education minister, and CC the email to federal education minister, Christopher Pyne and Senator Nick Xenophon. (Email addresses below) Ask for Universal Medicine and its recruiters to be prohibited from activity in schools.

Please also write to your local schools and ask them to be aware of Universal Medicine targeting schools to expand their religion and their commerce in abuse. Add your concerns and ask them to be aware of cult recruiters working with youth, children and in schools.

In the Lismore, Byron Bay and Gold Coast areas ask schools to be aware that these people are public promoters of the UM religion:

Anyone with the Benhayon surname. 

Chris James – musician – ‘Sounds Wonderful’

Jo Frare – former NSW Health psychologist – unregistered as of late 2017  Lismore

Aimee Jefferys – psychologist, Goonellabah

Caroline Raphael, psychologist, Goonellabah

Brendan Mooney, psychologist, Goonellabah

Dr Danielle Pirera, exercise physiologist, Goonellabah

Vicky Geary and Marcia Owen, youth training and education consultants, Connect Consultancy Group, Goonellabah

Kristy Wood, Kids in Connection, Education consultancy – teacher development, classroom workshops. Recently targeting adolescent girls

Tanya Curtis, Behavioural Specialist, FABIC Behaviour Specialists, Worongary/Gold Coast Qld

If you are aware of teachers involved in UM, please name them to their school. I will set up a Naming Names page to out cult teachers in future, but I would rather they are identified to their schools first and foremost.

Also please check the Naming Names page for UM recruiters in your area.

Our friend Dan has put up a petition on Avaaz, so please sign that too.

Notification Document

A detailed notification document is available to download. Please feel free to send it to school principals, or state and private school district or other administrations. Please add your personal concerns in your email. I’ve included an email address to me if anyone requires further information or needs assistance. I will notify schools on your behalf if you fear reprisals, but I’ll need the name of the school, the principal, their school admin email address if possible, and please name any UMers who might be recruiting at the school.

Download Universal Medicine – Schools Notification

Our concerns

To summarize, we have concerns about Serge Benhayon’s young female houseguests, seeing his current wife moved into his home at age 14. We are concerned about the harmful Esoteric diet, the practices of inappropriate touching, teachings that are psychologically damaging and anti-family, teachings on supernatural entities and exorcistic practices.

We’ve covered Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children, predatory grooming, and Natalie Benhayon’s sleazy youth groups.

The following is an additional set of lecture notes describing Natalie’s privacy invading amateur social work with groups of adolescents.

Natalie’s talk with teenagers

Talk local teenage girls

Natalie – how’s school?

Teenage Girls – School’s great!

N.- so they are not doing porn on the phone

G. – ( warming up ) most boys in school do porn every break.

   – ask any body in passing “will you give me a hand job?”

   – have to go to the toilet with people hooking up right in front of you. 

From the 1st year of high school, year 7 to the last year, year 12, girls dress in short skirts, low tops, piercing, all schools not just public schools- starting as young as 11 and 12. 2nd group a Sydney group of year 7 girls – a bit more naïve – horrified by the short skirts of the older girls at high school, say they would never do that themselves.

3rd talk -Sydney Group of 10 boys 6 aged- 15 and 4 aged 13

All sitting on top of each other

N.- How’s life?

B. It’ good. It’s alright.

N. How many of you drink every second weekend?

B. all of us

N. How many drink every weekend ?

B. Half admitted

N. How many drink both days of the weekend/

B. none.

N. Kept asking what happens

B. Takes me away from my problems

N. got them to list all the things that they can’t deal with and express

B. anger, frustration- we punch walls

Natalie basically met them and related to them at their level with energy that says – I understand what is going on even though I don’t agree with what you are doing.

Got to talk – speak honestly

B.- if I don’t use alcohol I don’t know what to do . Only alcohol helps

N.- (gave options ) Man up. At 15 you can consider yourself an adult. If you want your life to be something you have to do something about it.

B.(still a bit of blame). 

Natalie saw the parents next

P. Kids are out of control, we don’t know what to do…argue and drink, starting from 12 going right through

N. There is a way to be different…look into their eyes and see that they are not them. 

Both the boys and the girls are sexting – sexting is considered like flirting – girls spread their legs and take photos and send it to their boy friend who then sends it on to all their friends. Boys are doing it too. Girls are getting blackmailed into having sex – if you don’t see me again I will send it to your parents.

Kids are either entrapped and enjoin or react and shut down

Girls -at 12 get scared of being a woman and attracting attention to themselves.- Got to be a slut or a boy (in boy energy)

Boys doing porn at lunchtime. Boys going into hardness

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? ……………………SO THAT THE KIDS CAN FEEL- Hey, I don’t have to shut down, I don’t have to enjoin. I can choose something else.

There is a RESPONSIBILITY IN US to show a different way.

The parents are checked out.

The teachers are checked out. (Esoteric Development Group lecture notes, unidentified note taker, February 20, 2012)


NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli:

NSW State Member for Ballina, Don Page:

NSW State Member for Lismore, Thomas George:

Qld Education Minister, John-Paul Langbroek:

Victorian Education Minister, Martin Dixon:

Federal Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne:

Federal Senator Nick Xenophon acts against cults and poor regulation:

Read more about Prohibiting Serge Benhayon

28 thoughts on “Keep the Universal Medicine cult out of schools – updated August 23

  1. We should also mention Universal Medicine’s hostility towards Catholicism, and other forms of established religions.

    Serge often denigrates the established religions when promoting his. The members spend a lot of time writing about child abuse within the church, and how harmful those religions are generally. Repeating Serge word for word.

    Many of the schools listed are religious and Catholic schools. The “fiery plan” that Serge allegedly serves is to shape the world into his twisted view of it. Maybe Serge read some BF Skinner (But I doubt it) who said “Give Me a Child and I’ll Shape Him Into Anything”.

    More probably he simply observed the effects on his own kids and those around him he’s groomed successfully, and hypothesized that the best way to build a new world would be to get them early and get them doing what he thinks.

    What he thinks is he knows the right way to be. About everything. He’s got a well crafted carrot (enlightenment, good reincarnations, god) and stick (prana, dampness, evil, lords of form, bad incarnations) pitch that keeps the minds of his flock neatly incarcerated in a logic trap, trembling between fear and fantasy.

    He’s basically sending his minions forth to promulgate this hellish (aka fiery) vision. If you’ve got a child in these schools, spend some time checking out Universal Medicine. I suggest going to their sites and reading what they say first. Check out the love blogs of the mindless monotone followers. Maybe find one of Serge’s books. Independent of the group, most sane people’s alarm bells start ringing very quickly and very loudly.

    Then for the real story, spend some time looking through these blogs. You’ll be alarmed. Very alarmed.

    1. Or just read that notification document.

      I’ve also realised I’ve posted incorrect dates in the past for Natalie’s foray into youth work. I was recently given some new sets of student notes.

      I can just imagine some of the school principals in the area reading those notes. They will be freaking out.

    2. UM expresses self righteous indignation when their “religion” (or whatever it is this week) is questioned or criticized, yet are hypocritically scathing towards others (overgeneralising & harshly stereotyping) … Why does UM publicly conceal / white wash their dark, occult based teachings, practices & ramblings in Sergies books?

  2. Strange that they already have some 5 star reviews before they have even started up this nonsense:

    “Total rejuvenation by following your own truth . Watch your body develop as you shed all the particles that are not made up of you . Highly recommended for any age group.”

    WHAT? Sorry? Particles that are not made up of you????????? Any age group can listen to that kind of shite can it? Uh, No. Please protect minors from this bonkers talk and this underhand cult recruiting method. The school is Oakfield Academy, Frome, a middle school for ages 9-13 years with approx 600 pupils. I doubt the children in the photo or their parents realise they are on now shown on the True Movement website. I THINK they were a group of non-swimmers that Simone offered to teach to swim. Goodness knows how she arranged that, or if she took money, but you can bet it is part of the mission creep and she milked it locally for her own PR reasons. Anyway, learning to swim is NOTHING to do with True Movement, and so these kids image should not be used for publicity.

  3. Esther many many thanks for the Schools Notification document that you prepared.
    Well done! Phew and what a time consuming feat, may we all put it to good use.

    1. Thanks, I’ll change it.

      I also need to add Dr Danielle Pirera, exercise physiologist who works out of Serge Central at Goonellabah. She also teaches True Movement and should be added to the alert list.

  4. I love how they are all following their “own truth” which is a carbon copy of Serge’s. And the member next to them. They are also all expressing “what they feel” without thinking. Which is the problem.

    It’s highly deceptive marketing isn’t it? They get a bucket load of false testimonials together from their over invested members and then deceive the public. If they get a comment they don’t like, they delete it. If it’s on trip advisor, they lie about it. Jane.

    And I wondered about that image too. Bet you it’ll be gone soon.

  5. “Expressing” their “own unique” self centred “truth”, evading responsibility re impact on others … Moulded into psychopaths with minimal or no social conscience, empathy or compassion (to justify exploiting or ignoring the vulnerable).

  6. Feline the cat has turned into a cow. Shame it is not a ca$h cow!

    I have a new name for Universal Medicine. “Mutual Admiration $ociety.”

    You take a $elfie and put it on facie and all the other $elfie face$ full of every made up ‘ne$$’
    word imaginable love bomb you. This is the behaviour of teenager girls.

    If you are really really full of ordinarine$$ and gorgeousne$$ and amazingne$$ and every other made up ne$$ word the one and only $erge Benhayon will blog next to your mug$hot, oops $elfie. You must never suffer givenup ne$$ with your $elfie and love bombing$ on facie.

    Yes this is very sick and sad but you know what it is true.
    Definitely not grown up ness.

  7. ‘to justify exploiting or ignoring the vulnerable’
    Those Doctors do this with their vulnerable patients don’t they.
    They have those $ergieness books in their waiting rooms as well don’t they.

    I see on the FABIC Behaviour Specialist website the ‘Shop’ has alot of UM stuff
    including the late$t $ergie ne$$ book.
    An Open Letter to Humanity by Serge Benhayon
    Feline is very full of offendedness there is a book entitled:”All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome.”
    Fancy teaching children that. “Keep them all out of our schools.”

  8. A quick update. A concerned parent in the UK has also pointed out that Simone Benhayon via Creative Aquatic has targeted the Leigh on Mendip school in Somerset.

    And feedback from the notifications I’ve made so far indicates that schools are outraged to be used in UM’s publicity and want nothing to do with them. Watch this space and watch the True Movement website. I’m still in the process of making notifications.

    Also don’t kid yourself for minute that the Benhayons are gunning to reap money out of this rubbish, and are happy to use schools to publicise their crap – without their authorisation. We imagine part of the money raking offensive is to try and get some government grants as they did through the YWCA to the tune of $700K.

    True Movement is registered as a business to Curtis Benhayon:

    And Teachers are Gold is registered to Michael:

    Both initiatives avoid mention of Serge – whose name is dirt. True Movement doesn’t mention Universal Medicine at all.

    Misleading much?

    Oh and, who is the education minister in the UK? Do any of you have education dept contacts there? Who should I notify in government? I can look it all up, but your help saves time.

  9. Also interestingly current in the news here in the UK is an apparent plot by Islamic extremists to infiltrate schools in Birmingham, UK. The cases were labelled a Trojan Horse ploy meaning that individuals with extreme views attempted to gain influence within the schools and spread their beliefs that way.

    1. Not long ago, Scientology was outed for trying to infiltrate schools in NSW.

      A LEAFLET advertising the Athena School in Newtown has been referred to the state’s consumer watchdog for allegedly obscuring the school’s link to Scientology.

      The NSW Greens yesterday lodged a complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, claiming the leaflet represented false advertising and a potential breach of the Trade Practices Act.

      Newly compiled figures show the federal and state governments will give a Scientologist-linked private school in Sydney more than $1 million…

      New South Wales Greens MP John Kaye told Parliament last week that recognising Scientology as a religion granted legitimacy to a cult that bullies, intimidates and exploits.

      He says governments should not be funding the Athena School.

  10. There are quite a lot of teachers in the UM bunch because there is a disproportionate amount of young and middle aged women in the group. Seemingly harmless and caring women, but with heads so messed with it is staggering. I have seen and heard such twaddle, and such disconnected thinking. I cannot imagine how anyone hooked up to Serge’s way of thinking can relate properly to anyone outside that group, let alone relate to our individual, varied and amazingly open-minded young children. Ugh, I bet it comes more naturally to try to influence their way of thinking than accept their differences.

    Serge knows that, as when the bullied become bullies, these reprogrammed twits are the perfect mouthpieces for spreading the nonsense to anyone who will listen. How many young women do teachers come into contact with, outside the school gates, in bunches, day in day out, with not many men on the scene? And often you so WANT to be on the side of your child’s teacher as they can be such a key person in their early years. Often adored and looked up to, it is quite easy to go along with the teachers authority and views, even as adults. A Benhayon business plan is all it is, Teacher’s Are Gold has another meaning to them. Kerrrrching.

    1. Oh okay. ‘Hate blogging’ is obviously referring to them erecting a website and making a false association with schools to promote their business. Or are they referring to their false advertising of their business to schools without mentioning they are an anti-education ‘religion’ that is hostile to other faiths? Pfft.

      So is hate blogging really false advertising or are they referring to me. Because exposing facts is ‘hate’.

      They’re not doing themselves any favours.

      1. Their definition of hate-blogging needs some tweaking. I think they mean cyber-bullying. By Tan Curtis’ definition we are ‘bullying’ as we are ‘trying’ to change their behaviour. In the real world, we wouldn’t even qualify.

        That flash-site is a good example of the dynamics of the the relationship we’re having with them ( and the members). They lie and exaggerate, we expose it, they complain we’re bullying them. What just happened was quite serious. Claiming associations that don’t exist is illegal, as were the false testimonials used on the site to hoodwink would be customers into using their ‘services’. Big companies have been fined hundreds of thousands for less

        It’s not just a mistake, it demonstrates their flagrant disregard for the rules everyone else has to follow. But I bet the ever-sympathetic members will be gathering to pat poor Curtis on the back today because we ‘hate-blogged’ his enterprise out of existence.

        Here’s the bad news enablers, we’ll keep calling you to account and we’re watching your every move. Theirs an army of UM detractors out there (let’s call them the rest of the community) ready to pounce.

      1. It’s the same modus operandi over and over again. They attempt to infiltrate through a soft target, in this case schools, start a website which in no way mentions the origins of the group, and are then aghast when good people start asking questions. This, from the poor little multi-million dollar enterprise that is Universal Medicine, who continually claiming bias from every media organization that examines them, attempt to smear anyone who dares to speak about them in public, and never, never discusses the corrupting occult beliefs at their core in public. The only people they are kidding with their “we are being bullied” vitriol are those who are paid up and invested in maintaining the status quo. To everyone else, it’s abundantly clear what’s going on.

  11. UPDATE: It appears UM has listed schools on the True Movement website that have never participated in True Movement. It also appears they’ve used a photograph of a school group in Frome, UK that have not participated in it, and without authorisation from the school or parents.

    This shouldn’t have shocked me, but it did. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    1. And of course it’s considered ‘hate blogging’ to question the unauthorised use of images of children to promote a commercial enterprise.

  12. “Hate” is a strong word… If UM interprets challenging them to be transparent & honest as “hate”, it reveals more about their un-loving attitude & hostile projections.

  13. The schools notified were not impressed. I don’t think anything we’ve exposed so far has attracted the response this has. UM have made a big mistake targeting schools and children.

    I imagine Curtis Benhayon heard from some very annoyed people, and possibly their legal representatives judging by the feedback I received.

    ‘Hate’ is a strong word they’ve been throwing around.

    Not for a minute do they consider the contempt with which they’ve treated those schools, and their contempt for the general public, let alone those of us who are speaking out.

    I don’t know for now if any of those schools have patronized True Movement, but I do know they wouldn’t have touched it if they’d known UM is a New Age religion, let alone a molesting, bullying, rorting cult.

    For example, why would a Christian school bring in a bunch of people who think they are amazing reincarnates of Cathars or whatnot.

  14. Did you notice in the photo of the children at Frome that the Benhayon fella is in the photo?
    Must have been put in after then do you reckon?

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