Undue influence – a Universal Medicine cult money spinner

Investing in your will with cult leader Serge Benhayon
Investing in your will with cult leader Serge Benhayon

Universal Medicine’s Serge Benhayon to inherit bulk of devotee’s million-dollar estate Sydney Morning Herald 28 December, 2015

Today’s news reports the devastation of a family robbed of their rightful inheritance by a multi-millionaire predatory charlatan.

In 2012, Serge Benhayon told Seven News his business turned over around $2M per annum. What no one thought to ask was how much he rakes in from donations and bequests.

Update 2: also reported in Australia’s Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail (Australia & UK) and New York Times.

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On the Universal Medicine cult business model

In this two part video series, Esther talks about the system of rewards and punishments that comprises Universal Medicine’s business model. In part one, she talks about profiting the deceptive bait and switch marketing, and how UM profits from generating fear and a therapy dependency. In part two, she talks about commitment and investment. Once financially embedded in UM, fear, peer pressure and the promise of spiritual and financial rewards and punishments make it difficult for doubters to leave.

Source: Universal Medicine Accountability vlogs – Esther talks about the UM business model

Universal Medicine’s Girl to Woman Festival – predatory grooming goes commercial

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It’s on again, January 21, 2018 Lennox Head having flopped hideously in August 2017 in Tenterfield. No need to update on the content – it’s the same misogynistic condescension, predatory grooming and occult indoctrination festival targeting little girls that has been run for the past three years – by the Universal Medicine cult.

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UK’s protected paedophiles and the problem with Barbara Hewson

Ex UK Prime Minister accused of child sexual abuse
Ex UK Prime Minister accused of child sexual abuse

As survivors of paedophilia allegedly perpetrated by members of UK’s political elite come forward, it’s appalling to see them harassed and trolled on social media. Worse when one of the trolls is a high profile UK barrister, Barbara Hewson, famous for publicly calling for the age of consent to be lowered to 13.

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Cult parallels – Scientology and Universal Medicine

The HBO documentary, ‘Going Clear – Scientology and the prison of belief’, has fearlessly exposed the exploitation, bullying and abuses central to the Church of Scientology’s business model. The Australian based Universal Medicine cult is smaller in scale, yet has numerous parallels – a megalomaniacal leader, extra terrestrial mythology, a commercial scheme of graded spiritual advancement, and a sham therapeutic approach based on ‘clearing’ negative ‘energy’.

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Cultivating sexual abuse in religious communities

Catholic enabler in chief, former Pope Benedict
Catholic enabler in chief, Pope Benedict XVI

In the last weeks, a Royal Commission inquiry has been hearing details of widespread child sexual abuse in Ballarat by Catholic clergy and its devastating effect on the community – where suicides have been too common. The extent of the coverup and its parallels with abuses in other dioceses has led some observers to beg the question, could there be a culture within the Catholic Church that fosters abuse?

Experts in the Catholic clergy scandals point to a number of factors that can also be found in other faith communities where sexual exploitation and abuse has occurred.

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Serge Benhayon vs News Ltd – the sequel

Serge-never-tells-anyone-memeSerge Benhayon’s minders sensibly make sure he makes few public statements. However, last year, News Ltd’s Jane Hansen emailed him questions regarding an investigation into the charity he founded, and his propaganda team proudly published the incoherent blather he issued in response. In his diatribe on cyberbullies and stalkers he didn’t answer a single question. When Jane Hansen contacted him again early last month, he made more effort, continuing his tradition of addressing enquiries with exuberant fibs.

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