True Movement – the Universal Medicine cult’s occult exercise regime

In the past week or so, UM has publicized its push to infiltrate schools, causing outrage among our readers and the schools targeted. Esoteric student notes reveal the occult claptrap underpinning the innocuous looking exercise regime, True Movement, they are seeking to inflict on children.

Curtis Benhayon at work selling True Movement
Curtis Benhayon at work selling True Movement, Frome UK, 2013

The student notes date from August 2011, which appears to be the beginnings of Curtis Benhayon’s ‘True Movement’ business, registered as a business name precisely one year ago in August 2013. ABN: 22 394 828 220

Why Curtis Benhayon and not Serge or Universal Medicine? To avoid the need to register for GST, and for other tax benefits. Universal Medicine Pty Ltd is only one UM entity of a business that encompasses Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd, Glorious Music, Featherlight Productions, UniMed Publishing etc. registered to various Benhayons and Desiree Delaloye.

Esoteric Movement and deceptive conduct

The previous post asked for help from readers to keep UM out of schools, and showed that the True Movement website misleadingly listed schools that had participated. Some of those schools have stated emphatically to me that they are definitely not involved. At this stage, I can’t confirm if any of those listed have participated, but we can safely say none would have if the Benhayons had disclosed that they are a New Age religion, or if the targets were aware of the occult philosophy behind True Movement. Australian Consumer law calls such commercial behaviour misleading and deceptive conduct, and false advertising.

For some time now Serge has being talking about music. We use music to change our moods, get in the mood etc. We tend to let the energy in music into us and then it plays itself out over time. We need to be able to identify embedded spots of energy in our body and release it. That is why we have The Livingness 2 course and also why we now have the new Esoteric movement class. Both help to release energy in the body that is being held there. Serge asked Michael Benhayon to play the piano. Michael played his own music and it was a joy to watch him play. His body was relaxed and he felt amazing. When Serge asked him to play something that he had never played before you could feel how he just trusted his soul to come up with what was needed at the time. Serge pointed out that the Archangel Gabriel was with Michael as he played. Serge then asked Michael to play abit of classical music. You could see how it affected his body. His shoulders went hard and you could see him struggling with the energy that was coming in. Michael spoke after that and said that while he was playing the classical music he felt like he had no freedom, it made his body conform to it and drew him into it. It was imposing on him. Serge then explained that you couldn’t have full access to the soul if we have configured energy in the body. That is why we need to clear it. Once you have structures of energy in you i.e. classical music, being an accountant, the consciousness of sport etc etc you have to clear them before you can truly get soul-full. That is why we have to develop ourselves.

ESOTERIC MOVEMENT: Just before this EDG we had our first Esoteric Movement-the yoga of joy class. Serge, Natalie and Curtis have introduced this to us to help us to release pockets of prana that we have held in our bodies. It was awesome to experience. At the EDG Serge asked Natalie to do the movements that help release the sacrum and hips. Natalie did that to Michael’s music. She looked so beautiful doing it. Then she deliberately pulled in the music of salsa and moved to that and you could see how it changed her. Her movements became movements done to draw us in and it was asking us to see her as a “good dancer” and to see her as desirable. It felt quite awful and Natalie said it was actually physically hurting her. Natalie then went onto say that the moves were not hers, they were not impressed from her soul and so were harming her. The movements that Serge, Natalie and Curtis have come up with to help us release things in our bodies have being impressed from their soul and so they can pass them onto us. (Esoteric Development Group lecture notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, August 20, 2011)

True Movement & cult dress ups at Vietnam retreat 2014
True Movement & cult dress ups at Vietnam retreat 2014


Natalie then demonstrate a new esoteric movement to some salsa style music Michael wrote

She comments on how she does not take the music on
She then made the dance very astral by channeling prana and describes how this felt in her body

  • her body was moving but she could think of other things
  • she found that she was trying to lure the audience
  • the dance hurt her a lot even though it was to Michaelʼs music
  • she found that the movement itself took her away from herself

She was asked how she managed to channel – her answer – thought of salsa
Salsa pushes forward with the hip – the energy goes into the leg and cements itself

Nat spoke about dancing to choreographed dance when younger and said

  • that the moves werenʼt actually mine so canʼt do them anymor
  • the movements that she is introducing to us in the Joy Full Yoga come from the Soul

We have a lot to learn about energy entering us.

We can notice with Joy –full Movement the embedded spots of prana in our bodies

Serge found an embedded tennis consciousness his right hip while doing figure 8s with his hips very slowly

Serge illustrated on the whiteboard how until 1986 we existed on Earth in a sea of Emotional energy, the Astral plane all around us with the Mental plane above and Heaven/Shamballa above that (EDG lecture notes taken by Kathleen Baldwin, August 20, 2011)

Benhayon’s views on religion

Interestingly, the Benhayons targeted Christian schools to sell their rubbish/or to use their names to promote their recruitment drive. Kathleen Baldwin’s EDG notes give more insight into Universal Medicine’s attitudes to other faiths.

The Way Of the Livingness is the way of the Soul – comes from a certain source – livingness is what we all do so it is meant for everyone on Earth The teaching is not just for you it is for everyone – so everyone that way needs a livingness

The Way of the Livingness is the only true religion on Earth Jesus called it A Way of Being

RELIGION – the true meaning of the word

Breaking the word up
RE = means to do something again

Ð asking us to do something we have already done again

Ð as in repeat – say it again and react – do it again LIG –= means to bind together

– rebind
The root of the word RELIGION comes from RELIGIO – which is latin which comes from
The true meaning of RELIGION is to come back to something we already know
The truth based on the truth of what it is
Is it possible that a Plan to bastardise this is in place so that we lose our way?

When we hear the word RELIGION what does it bring up –
Helping the poor
Iʼm right
Iʼm safe
Community etc. etc.
So you can see the word RELIGION has been bastardised just as if we started to call ʻwalkingʼ ʻrunningʼ
What comes first the action or the word running?
You could convert as many people as possible to call walking running and then you no longer have a reference of truth
In fact the next generation could align to those who call walking running.
Is it possible that the Astral Plan is to have it forgotten as to what truth is – so that there is no reference point
Most are at the mercy of the information that is out there
To bastardise the truth so that you donʼt have a reference point means that when someone comes along and presents the truth they are cut down and call evil
Thus the power of words is more powerful than nuclear weapons. (Ibid.)

At the end of the afternoon someone asked the question “how do you respond to people who say we are in a cult? Serge explained that they use the word ‘cult’ to get us to react. It is deliberately channeled. No one wants to be accused of being in a cult. From a legal point of view we are not in a cult. We have an open door for anyone to come and go. The whole world in fact lives in a cult under the astral plan. (Dolan notes, August 20, 2011)

Is Universal Medicine a cult?

Keep the Universal Medicine cult out of schools

Teachers are Gold – the Universal Medicine cult infiltrates schools 


16 thoughts on “True Movement – the Universal Medicine cult’s occult exercise regime

  1. Reasonable Hank @reasonable_hank
    Stay away from #Lismore, folks. The cult, Universal Medicine, just won the People’s Choice Award at the Lismore Chamber of Commerce

    You have got to be joking, ‘people’s choice’ the love bombers would have love bombed to get that.Remember people at UM ‘self praise is no recommendation’ didn’t Einstein say that!? lol

    I am waiting for Hamish Broome the cult journo from the Northern star to write about it. Just think about this they UMer’s who must have been there would have been amongst the astral cult at the awards these astalites who were no doubt drinking, alcohol and coffee and eating sugar and all those evil nibbles full of dairy and wheat.

    Such sickening hypocrisy and deceit. I do wonder how aware & involved Jenny Dowell is.

    I know who I include in this list except for helping the poor and a couple of etc’s.
    Helping the poor
    Iʼm right
    Iʼm safe
    Community etc. etc.

  2. No wonder Michael is in pain and goes all stiff when he tries to play classical music. He can’t play for shit! Nata-lie can’t dance for shit either.

    It’s pain-full to listen to that crud and even more pain-full to watch it.

  3. Oh I WISH so much that it was enough to say to The Benhayons that : THEIR ‘MUSIC(NESS)’ IS ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL(NESS). UNLISTEN-ABLE-NESS ALL THROUGH. But somehow I think they have an group iron exterior(ness) and cannot HEAR the TRUTH-NESS.

  4. ‘True Movement’ is actually a spherical reference to Sergio’s true revelatory bowel movement – the one that was so glorious he heard sweet and beautiful voices tell him the best way to make a fast buck after a sham bankruptcy is to start a cult, and clone one’s offspring to bring in the dosh.

  5. “True-movement” (true-charity, one-unified-truth, true-lies) is another control and conditioning mechanism used to subdue the members and to encourage compliance. By enforcing group participation in humiliating ‘dancing’ which involves cupping your hands and dancing like a drunk monkey, your declaring your allegiance to the group and abandoning your sense of ‘astral’ self-respect.

    Sergio Benhayter probably thought- spherically- if he could get the kids subjugating themselves to his mind-numbing rituals early he could push out another crop of befuddled doctors and psychologists out into the astral realm to promote his new world religion, starring him.

    What a wonderful family too. How many of us have our kids in their twenties doing just what dad says? Truly amazing.


  6. UMers seem to lack self awareness re their arrogance, assuming they know / feel the “truth” whilst shamelessly denigrating all else. UMers hypocritically express outrage at those who dare to question or point out contradictions / lies, portraying themselves as innocent victims of cyberbullying… UMers call those who care for & love their friends & families enough to express concern, “hate”- ful! 😦

  7. In the end this intransigence will be Benhayon’s downfall. The UMers operate within the very narrow parameters of Benhayon’s twisted little mind. In time the cult, like all cults, will dwindle and fade. If only they could recruit someone like Tom Cruise they could be in with a chance. Ha, wouldn’t that be fun for us.

  8. “You could convert as many people as possible to call walking running and then you no longer have a reference of truth
    In fact the next generation could align to those who call walking running.
    Is it possible that the Astral Plan is to have it forgotten as to what truth is – so that there is no reference point
    Most are at the mercy of the information that is out there
    To bastardise the truth so that you donʼt have a reference point means that when someone comes along and presents the truth they are cut down and call evil”

    That is bastardisation. He does a head job on them doesn’t he? And I don’t mean in the good sense. My friends daughter has fallen into this group and she doesn’t know up from down now. Reading this crap I know why. Serge changes the meaning of everything to suit himself. Good on you trying to do something about this pest.

    1. Wow, so well said. I have observed a tight little group of children who are fully immersed in this shambles. It is awful, and usually they have been led into it by one stupid parent who has been sucked in. Must be so frightening if your child independently joins as they will surely practically disappear.

  9. In our relativistic society, much can be made to sound appealing, plausible & “true”, then passed on down the generations… Sadly those living in a love less, moral & spiritual vacuum are susceptible to the lure of alcohol, drugs, promiscuous sex, rebellious values & lies… Partial truths (such as excellent self care principles) presented by nice, humble leaders with tender shoulders (surely all those love-ly, sincere people can’t be wrong!?), can lull the vulnerable & trusting into believing all sorts of dark, delusional, occult based deceptions … “Churches” struggling to express pure love & truth in a contemporary relevant way, might be contributing to this … UM claims a self
    aggrandising “truth” (based on feelings), dismissing, distorting & judging & others’ truths. Love is called hate, hate is called love, white is called black, black is called white, good is called evil & evil is called good … Are UM members free to express their own “truths”, esp if they contradict the leaders?? (How conditional is the “love”?). Hopefully all open mindedly take responsibility to research & evaluate “truth”, before committing to an initially light filled, love -ly, attractive path which seems to lead down a dark, slippery, joy-less, fear based road 😦

    1. Just saying,,, true.

      One thing you keep hearing the members saying (repeating Serge…doh!) that there is no such thing a ‘brainwashing’. It’s because they have a simplified, pejorative take on it just like the word ‘cult’. The fact is, anyone can be persuaded to a different world view given the right circumstances. It clearly happens all the time, and has happened many times in recent history on mass scales. We are patently the product of our environment and times, and heavily influenced by our peers and social groups. Good people do bad stuff all the time as a result.

      I’ve said it before- if the members of UM had never encountered Serge and his twisted occult clap-trap, there is no way they would have self-generated those thoughts and beliefs. That’s all you need to say about it. After that, if they believe it fervently, then it is evidently the end result of some form of persuasion, group dynamic and subtle coercion- otherwise known as ‘thought reform’. Not because they know it to be true. How can they know it to be true? All they can do is believe. And belief is the product of their newly formed thinking.

      In his cup and ball game, Serge has further ensnared the members minds with the simple trick of replacing thought (critical thinking) with feeling. Since ‘feeling’ is clearly a result of thinking and interaction with your environment, it leaves members reliant on someone else to tell them what they should feel. Hence you have ‘brainwashed’ members dependent on the group and Serge, who is really nothing more than another human being, albeit with an unwavering belief in his own delusions and a wholesale lack of real empathy.

      There is no open mindedness, evaluation or responsibility. It’s classic cult stuff. Complete with attacks on their enemies and those who don’t follow their truth.

      1. UMers are forbidden exposure to alternative challenging views (such as ER sites), so the chances of piercing the mass delusions are slim.They only read & reinforce each others cloned ideas, perpetuating distortions, enabling denial & further losing touch with reality. Holy heck!

  10. “…that when someone comes along and presents the truth they are cut down and call evil’

    The “truth” according to Serge Benhayon. All out of his one and half kilo’s of faulty grey matter.

    If his esoteric truth is as reliable as his real world truth, then you know it’s a croc. Over on the cult pages they are having the usual feeding frenzy over the lies and corruption of journalists, and this time complainants. Christoph Schnell has tried his hand at humour again.

    Fact is the cult ‘press release’ is a pure fabrication. Everything is contrary to the verifiable truth. And Serge knows it too. He’s been presented with information to support the story and the fact Jane Hansen made contact for a reply.

    If ever there is a small doubt at how evil Serge really is, the ongoing flagrant lying soon extinguishes it. There is nothing he or the group will not lie about.

    The members either willfully stay ignorant or have their heads in such a mess from his tinkering of ‘reference points’ they buy any thing he or the inner group says. He has them running when they mean to walk.

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