Esoteric payback – Universal Medicine’s attack on my livelihood

No irony they used a photo from a News Ltd report on my experience of Benhayon’s sleazy ovarian reading

Two years of sustained harassment from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s propaganda Brides has not succeeded in halting my exposure of their harmful activities. Late 2014 they established yet another website with the express aim of destroying my livelihood. It’s the usual extreme and unbalanced dishonesty and distortions, branding my public questions about unethical behaviour as ‘cyber-bullying’ and ‘trolling’, but with the addition of invented nonsense attacking my professional practice.

UPDATES: 2015 News Ltd report – ‘Universal Medicine bullied me’

2016 UM cult candidates for Ballina and Byron Shire Councils outed in the Echo for trying to bully me out of Byron Bay.

The site and its 36 conscientious objectors purport to represent Byron Bay residents in making me unwelcome, however most of them don’t live or work there, and the site is registered to Benhayon’s business partner, Desiree Delaloye, who has lived in Goonellabah for years. 60 kilometres from Byron Bay.

Indiscriminate payback

We’ve seen UniMed incriminate themselves on their own websites with promotions of Benhayon’s inappropriate touching of young women and sexual abuse victims, astounding denials of the anatomical locations he is palpating, and admissions that adolescent and teen girls have not only stayed unaccompanied in Benhayon’s home ‘many times’ but have lived there as well. The dire picture is completed with photo testimonials from young girls claiming Benhayon isn’t a ‘paedophile’, and hundreds of comments from UM investors labelling me a cyber-bully and ‘criminal’ whose made ‘false accusations of sexual abuse’ for questioning that mess.

Those pages and the new site, with the misleading domain name are  retaliation for me naming Universal Medicine’s recruiters, promoters and Esoteric practitioners. They believe I’ve set out to maliciously ‘ruin their businesses’ where they sell money for nothing Esoteric healing and therapy dependency, so they try and ruin my practice of nineteen years now.

Except I practice a legitimate registered health profession and am accountable to the national regulator. Esoteric healers are accountable to no one but themselves. My activism is unrelated to my profession. It is not a product or a service. I don’t charge for it. I don’t advertise my business while engaging in activism, I never have.

Similarly, when my patients seek my professional services, they get exactly those. They are not sold my activism. I don’t ask them to join a meditation group or sell them a workshop habit, or religion or books or music or healing symbols. I don’t lay hands on people’s erogenous zones and pretend it’s ‘healing’. I don’t ask anyone to like me on Facebook or provide testimonials. I don’t ask anyone to read my blogs.

UM’s promoters have been named because they are recruiting to a harmful and predatory organization in their workplaces. Many are being paid from tax payer funds. I have made complaints and notifications to employers where there have been conflicts of interest or code breaches. I have not done that to have people sacked from their jobs, and I’m unaware of anyone being sacked due to my notifications. I’ve asked that they conduct themselves ethically and accountably, to protect vulnerable targets.

Rather than a working class acupuncturist somehow brainwashing employers and the public, any impact of our activism on UM practitioners or UM’s bottom line has been due to exposure of verifiable evidence.

Speaking for Byron Bay?

Residents of Byron Bay will be delighted to know that Universal Medicine represents the local population by publicly announcing I’m not welcome here – and by extension neither is free speech, activism or exposure of harmful organizations and protection of vulnerable members of the public – including kids.

I can see it now, hundreds, no, thousands of Byron Bay’s residents running me out of town with pitchforks.

Or not.

Only a handful of the 36 people who put their names to that page actually live here. Most live in Goonellabah, 60 km away.

The nine pages of the site don’t state it was a Universal Medicine initiative, or that those named are associated with UM. The claim I’m a divisive influence and have bought ‘hate’ to the area is disgraceful coming from the group that congratulates members on their marital break ups and refers to anyone who doesn’t pay up for Serge Benhayon’s occult philosophy as ‘Pranic’ and a member of the ‘Astral Cult‘. The same people rush to energetically ‘clear’ themselves after coming into contact with anyone who drinks coffee or alcohol or eats dairy or sugar, or finds them sexually attractive. The same people regard music as ‘poison’ and tattoos, charity and altruism as ‘evil’.

Backhanded promotions

The overkill of Esther bashing includes numerous promotions of UM products and services, with a nice write up of the upcoming Girl to Woman Project Festival.

That’s what the pre-emptive and unconvincing spray is really about. Silencing me, so they can get on with their predatory expansion. Universal Medicine and its many investors are terrified of my exposure of that sinister enterprise – an initiative targeting young girls, and forays into schools.

To date UM have run a massive password protected site whingeing about me, put up numerous blog posts on their bizarre false and defamatory *facts* site, plus thousands of nasty comments from the investors.They’ve attempted to have me deregistered from my profession and prosecuted for beat up charges of ‘harassment’.

Does anyone really believe I could bully a multi-million dollar organization, hundreds of religious investors and their team of lawyers?


I normally don’t respond to the defamatory lies, but not one of those people are qualified to evaluate my professional practice.

I have coeliac disease. I have not eaten gluten for years. Never.

I am lactose intolerant. I eat dairy products that are low in lactose, with zero problems.

I have never criticised anyone taking up a gluten or dairy free diet provided they have a genuine digestive intolerance. It’s healthy to cut out alcohol, sugar and caffeine, but all of those can be consumed moderately with no ill health effects.

I object to the Esoteric diet because it is based on occult demonization of nutritious foods, including legumes, all grains, root vegetables, miso and vinegar – because Serge SAYS SO. Serge also recommends only eating when hungry, which is disastrous for people with blood sugar or eating disorders. The diet encourages neurotic rituals around buying and preparing food, and there’s the potentially toxic dietary advice.

I have never criticized ‘Energetic Healing’, whatever that is. Acupuncture is a vast, 3000 year old tradition of practice backed by huge amounts of scholarly literature and a growing body of evidence based research. It stands alone and needs no defence. Professor Dwyer and Friends of Science in Medicine and I differ on that, but I agree they make many valid points about complementary medicines, particularly about ripping off and abusing patients. Disagreement is something that can be done amicably among grown ups, but UM hasn’t learned that yet.

There are lots of wild and wonderful modalities out there, and frankly, I don’t mind what people practice as long as it does what they say it does. Esoteric healing is a fraud. If it was genuine, Esoteric healers would be able to make a living. The only ones who do are relying on their positions in Serge’s hierarchy and his promotions among the flock.

My criticism of ‘pseudoscience’ applies to people making claims of scientific validation when there is none. For example, Benhayon claiming numerology is a ‘science’, as is reincarnation. And cult promoters like Sydney rheumatologist, Maxine Szramka talking about ‘miracle cures’ from Esoteric healing. Or Belfast NHS surgeon, Eunice Minford’s nonsense that ‘everything is energy‘, and the extrapolation that Esoteric Healing is effective based on highly questionable ‘scientific‘ validations. And her advocacy for exorcisms.

I will not be lectured on feminism by women who seek to silence sexual abuse victims, allow young girls to be exploited to publicly defend a predator, and to promote his perverse sexual alarmism, and take orders from that same misogynist predator on what sanitary products to use, and who prohibits sport, dance and the pursuit of equal gender rights.

Similarly, my objection to Universal Medicine is not religious. My concerns are numerous issues around their anti-social practices and behaviours – rorting; deceptive marketing; the psychological, physical, sexual and financial exploitation of the vulnerable; their aggressive recruitment techniques and their heavy handed attempts to silence questions and criticism. If they want to believe Arcturans are responsible for crop circles, they can go for it.

Byron Bay’s Esoteric lynch mob

In their defamation of me on that site, this group of 36 of Byron’s finest have proudly announced themselves as not anonymous (? Who is?)

Here’s the list with a legend of their interest in bullying me out of town. All, except Desiree Delaloye, Serge’s business partner, and Esoteric Breast Masssage trainer, Mary Louise Myers have spent copious amounts of money on UM courses. Many are making money out of their connection to UM. All are religious adherents to his Way of the Livingness, plagiarized from theosophy. Most live in Goonellabah and surrounds – 60 km from Byron Bay.


$$ Named & profiting big time as hierarchy member

$ Named on the Naming Names page or not yet named promoter

♡ Related or married to someone on Naming Names page

⁇ Spent too much on UM, going along with mob or something

⁇ Alan Johnston

$ Alison Greig

$ ♡Andrew Baldwin

$ Anna Douglass

⁇ Brian Piper

⁇ Carola Woods

⁇ ♡Christina Caplice

⁇ Deb McBride

$$ Desiree Delaloye

$ Elizabeth Dolan

$ Francisco Clara

$ Gail Fuller

$ Gayle Cue

⁇ Hannah Flanagan

⁇ Helen Simkins

⁇ Jo Swinton

$ ♡Jonathan Baldwin

$ Karin Becker

⁇ ♡Kathleen Baldwin

$ Kelly Fenech

$ Kylie Connors

⁇ Liane Mandalis

$$♡Mary-Louise Myers

⁇ Merrilee Pettinato

$ Michael Woods

$$ ♡Nicole Serafin

$ Nicolette Hoyle

⁇ ♡Paul Moses

⁇ Rachel Evans

$$♡ Rebecca Baldwin

⁇ Samantha Westall

$ Shannon Everest

$ Simon Asquith

⁇ Tamara Flanagan

⁇ Victoria Picone

$ Yasmin Lang



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Esoteric legal action – UniMed’s censorship fail

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17 thoughts on “Esoteric payback – Universal Medicine’s attack on my livelihood

  1. These brainwashed UM zombies are using the cover of ‘religious freedom’ to promote predatory occult practices. Very slimy and deceptive!

    As has been discussed, ‘esoteric healing’ is an occult practice based on the writings of Nazi sympathisers. UMs own practices have been shown to be predatory.

    Almost all in Byron support religious freedom except for a few such as these self-named UM zombies.

    What the open-minded in Byron don’t like is UM style predatory behaviour based on the teachings of Nazis. Prove me wrong Byron?

  2. Byron Bay welcomes intelligent, independent thinkers such as ER who courageously challenge exploitative, questionable practices & teachings. Cowardly “shooting / discrediting the messengers” who seek accountability, justice & increased awareness is NOT (where’s the love?).

  3. Where’s my dedicated URL of hate?

    Let’s get a few “facts” straight. First, Universal Medicine does not preach belief tolerance. Do you forget Serge and unpaid minions we have recording and notes going back years? You’ve shat on every other guru with gusto. According to Serge, they are all “pranic and astral”.

    But now, Esther is insulting other religions/practices?

    Your criticism doesn’t stop there. Every complementary practitioner in the shire/world is wrong and evil. You rated the practices on a prana scale. Most of them were so pranic it would take 100 lifetimes to get over them. Especially if they happened to be a practitioner. You’ve even blacklisted a few local ones.

    Mainstream medicine didn’t escape your esoteric judgment either. Evil. Except evil doesn’t exist. Sort of, well maybe.Depends on who did it.

    And the reality is Universal Medicine is universally detested in the shire and beyond. It’s simple maths. For every member, there are 10 disaffected people. And for every recruit, there are 20 that went along -‘didn’t fall under Serge’s sway”- and went away with a negative impression. I am no pollster, but given I walk through Bangalow/Byron/Ballina and often get “good on ya” and “what a pack of bastards” and “how can they behave like that” from relatively random people, I’d have to guess that the support leans my (our) way. Of course, there’s the odd local who looks the other way or gives me a strained smile, but because I know the truth, my reaction- truth be told- is sympathy. You know why? Unlike you hateful bunch, I don’t hate anyone. Not even Serge, although I should. It’s pointless, small minded, and what ideologues do.

    The whole “we are not a cult” argument is tired. No normal organization puts up blogs denigrating people. No normal organization puts up dedicated URL’s trying to destroy people’s livelihoods. If you were “normal” you’d address criticism by contacting those people and trying to sort it out. You know- dialogue, discussion, examining the facts, looking at each others points of view…

    And don’t try to rationalize it as “you did it first”- if you think about it for 10 seconds you’d realize they are two different arguments.

    The best non-defence of UM as a cult was made by Serge himself: ” What if I can get 2000 people to tell you it is not?” No irony, no self awareness. And it has happened.

    It’s a cult. And it fits the bill on every point.

    Aligning with Friends of Science in Medicine is not a bad thing children. And you’ve misrepresented their goals. As you do everything else. You probably didn’t read them.

    And because you want to be in a cult, you shit on an organistion that has helped hundreds of people recover from abusive groups in the past. Are you saying that Heaven’s gate, the Moonies, JW, the children of god, etc were “all good”? You utter deplorable fools. Insulting the suffering of families and victims that have been traumatized by these groups. Just as you do with other abuse victims.

    Let me tell you this again kids. I have a file. In that file are documents with Serge’s background. It is a horror story. We have had over 100 people contact us since this debacle started with their own horror stories. We have people who have made horrifying allegations. I didn’t make it up, or forge the documents. Although I have been accused of that. Either with my pants on fire, or as a cunning liar.

    It’s real. Unlike the astral planes and the fiery plan. Remember, I never claimed to be a fifth level master, or the reincarnation of Jesus. I just said I had some facts you might want to look at.

    Pontificating about your greatness, glory, truth and “integrity” is pathetic when you won’t even try to look at the facts. I am aware you are all spell bound by the story that Serge has sold you. But in the end you will need to face up to reality. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week, or next year. But somewhere down the track when you realize the price of ‘glory’ was lies, hate, deceit, bullying, and venomous ideology. Or maybe you will just die ignorant.

    Just because you keep telling yourself lies doesn’t make it true.

    Just because you keep calling us liars, doesn’t make you right.

    It makes you exploited.

    We’re not intimidated by your actions. We’re emboldened as they tell the world what you are. Again.

    And let me point out children, that the name missing from the roll call of the exploited is the man himself. Using you as always, too gutless to put his name to his own madness. 2000 members telling the world “it is not a cult”.

    Now that’s exploitation.

  4. Correct. The setting up of a website with specifically worded domain name to harm a specific person is the ultimate in cyberbullying. As UM and their Byron brainwashed have done.

    But these UM nuts have no problem ‘calling the kettle black’. Actually it’s a too common sociopath trait to try to convince others and project their own evil doings onto people they disagree with and usually their victims.

    Esther and Lance are mostly seen as heros. UMs new cyberbully domain and site just shows how nuts and hypocritical UM is. People will note this.

  5. Surprise surprise, the site is registered to Desiree Delaloye – Serge’s business partner and Director of College of UM charity.

    So much for it being a group of like minded religious fundamentalists, or any representation of the Byron community. Desiree hasn’t lived there for years – if she ever did.

    No, it’s all about deflecting scrutiny and protecting Universal Medicine’s bottom line.

  6. Sorry to mention this Esther but I sense much sexual tension from Desiree Delaloye.

    She has the hots for you but knows she will never get busy with you. Thus is taking out this frustration by being nasty.

    There is no doubt her fascination and focus on you is 24/7.

    1. Ha ha, yes, I sense that fire of homoerotic lust as well, but it’s not just Desiree. They’re all deeply attracted to me. They hang on to my every utterance. They don’t even THINK about Serge anymore. They secretly stalk me – looking up my GST status, quizzing my childhood neighbours, having Phoenix Global run background checks. Alison Greig though is the one who can least control herself. 70,000 words now of devotional poetry about me. She tries so hard to impress me with her razor wit and humour, and polished literary prowess, but sorry to disappoint Alison, and Rebecca, and Sarah, and Desiree, and Rachel I & II – did I miss any? – sadly, none of you are my type.

      I feel for you though, when you get so emotional about the object of your lust, and you have to compete with so many other bitches, and you just can’t let go. Can you.

  7. What’s Serge’s (err the religions) position on love between women, or homosexuality in general. Is it abhorrent to him? Or he just doesn’t get it? I wonder.

    1. He encourages it – in a sense. There are a lot of lesbians in UM. Lesbian wowsers.

      Serge’s sexual manipulation is complex, and like all forms of manipulation loaded with inconsistencies and contradictions. One of these days I’ll write it up.

      He encourages a lot of physical bonding between women, touching each other incessantly and inappropriately, as we’ve seen, and fixation on breasts and reproductive organs, mirror gazing, selfies – all purported to sellabrate female beauty.

      However, the bonding is to be done without emotion, and without empathy. The focus on the body is all about purifying – so the female body is basically seen as a problem to be solved – a repository for invasive energy that needs a lot of ‘clearing’ via emotionless Esoteric touch. The male body is even more abhorrent as Benhayon encourages followers to rid themselves of ‘male energy’, and become ‘soft’ and ‘lovely’ and ‘gentle’. There is no sellabration of hairy testicles and hard penises.

      Some of you might have noticed that the Brides went into a conniption because our mate Robert used the word erotic in the email address (he’s had for years and years) and they interpreted that as sexual harassment.

      Erotic isn’t a dirty word, Alison and Eunice. Unless you’ve had your mind done in by Serge.

      He claims to support love making, but it’s highly restricted – women on top, no vigour, no passion, no emotion, no oral sex. No orgasms. Or if they can manage one they then feel guilty.

      So no wonder Desiree and the other Brides are a hot mess. And desperate to project all that repressed emotion and lust.

      1. The main aim is to interfere with and control the intimacy of his members. This is essential as it breaks down loyalties and affections, breaks bonds and reduces empathy, shifting focus to the group and the leader. It probably gives a sense of power too. We know that Serge works extensively on this. The members of course deny it.

        It’s cult 101.

        Not a cult?

  8. This is too much. UM cult members issuing a warning to Byron Bay residents about an outspoken acupuncturist, LOL. FFS.

    These people reckon tattoos are evil and pranic, a glass of wine is evil and pranic, sport is evil and pranic, sex is evil and pranic, and ban all music and dance except for hymns $old by the Benhayon schmucks.

    Lecturing to Byron Bay?

    And our intelligence (or what’s left of it) tells us most of those dills who put their name to that trash don’t live there. Mark them up Venus. Start with the Baldwins, Desiree, Elizabeth Dolan, Anna Douglass – none of them live in Byron Bay…it’s too evil and pranic.

    Goonellabah is 50 km away.

  9. UM Truths = Lies.

    UM publicly tells it’s brainwashed: “Not one of these organisations, nor members of parliament have considered there to be any truth in Ms Rockett’s claims”.

    This untrue statement ignored the following politicians; Tanya Plibersek MP, Senator Nick Xenophon, Don Page MP, Leslie Williams MP, Rosa Sage MP, Andrew Rohan MP, Andrew McDonald MP, Catherine Cusack MLC, Natasha Maclaren-Jones MLC, Paul Green MLC and Helen Westwood MLC etc.

    The UM b*llshit keeps on flowing.

  10. Extreme mobbing = Safety concerns.

    Considering UM members have previously been prepared to stalk and threaten people, (i.e. Editor of Northern Star for one) this latest website specifically targeting Esther Rockett may also ‘mob’ the crowd and threaten her safety. Especially considering it is intended to mislead and rev up the emotions of all Byron residents.

    In the past local extreme online mobbing like this has caused the target to be physically assaulted by some brainwashed puppet. The people who have put their name to the acupuncurebyronbay website are dangerous people.

    Mobbing and Suppression: Footprints of Their Relationships
    “Common targets
    Those perceived as different or a threat to the vested interests of groups with formal or informal power within organizations are more likely to be suppressed or mobbed. Likely targets include:
    – Whistleblowers: people – usually employees or former employees – who speak out in the public interest, for example about corruption or hazards to the public (Glazer and Glazer, 1989)
    – Dissenters from strong paradigms, accepted truths, or organizational dynamics
    – Those who try to promote change
    – Outsiders: those who stand out from cultural norms, expected roles (for example, in gender or sexual preference), social group, or competence (Osborne, 2009).
    It seems that those who do not observe the un-written canon of orthodoxies and prohibitions, which is socially, culturally and symbolically enforced, are at greater risk of being suppressed, mobbed or both.”
    (Social Medicine,, Volume 6, Number 4, May 2012, p220)

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your concern. My loved ones also fear for my safety.

      Having said that, UM are no more dangerous than they’ve ever been – they are now just exhibiting it publicly, and it was my intention from the outset to expose them for exactly what they are.

      They are not just dangerous to whistleblowers but to everyone they encounter. The public must be made aware of that. I will not be bullied or made to live in fear.

      1. I understand you might not be concerned but this is a group of people who actively keep themselves in a disassociative state, who believe they are part of a divine plan and show double standards with regard to abuse and bullying. They also believe that murder is not the murderes fault as long as they realise their error and they demonstrably portray psychological violence as loving-ness.
        You’re probably safe from the majority of them but it only takes one mentally unstable person and groups like this do tend to attract a few mentally unstable people.
        Not being in NSW I’m not sure how AVOs work but at least here in Victoria you would have strong grounds for an order and if I were you I would get something in place.

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