Universal Medicine’s Girl to Woman Festival – predatory grooming goes commercial

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It’s on again, January 21, 2018 Lennox Head having flopped hideously in August 2017 in Tenterfield. No need to update on the content – it’s the same misogynistic condescension, predatory grooming and occult indoctrination festival targeting little girls that has been run for the past three years – by the Universal Medicine cult.

Last August they ran the thing in Tenterfield after the usual misleading advertising and warning locals they’d call the police if anyone complained. Unsurprisingly the event was a flop. I’ve posted on previous years’ failures as recruitment events – attended mostly by UM’s creepy camera wielding adults, a lot of them blokes. Marketers of Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric Women’s Health, get in early to target their future marks – deploying UM contractors and religious faithful to paint make-up on primary school girls, photograph them singing, dancing and posing, and use their images in the cult’s commercial publicity. Without disclosure.

How empowering. Excuse for blokes to attend was to make sure the love-lies didn’t break a nail.

In January, Universal Medicine front organizations, Esoteric Womens Health and Real Media Real Change hold the Girl to Woman Project Festival at Lennox Head – ‘a celebration of girls & women’ presented by the people responsible for sexual abuse apologism, the exploitation of teen girls and the bullying of whistleblowers in defence of their predatory religious leader, Serge Benhayon.

Girls will be taught how to be good consumers of damaging Esoteric Women’s Health products and services, how to pretty themselves up, and how to be model cult fodder. Esoteric Women’s Health – ‘inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon’, markets Benhayon’s abusive Esoteric Breast Massage and other occult services based on the teaching women develop breast and gynaecological disease from ‘male energy’.

Another run – same deceptive advertising

This is the fourth year running for the event. It’s mostly attended by adults. The UniMed cult boasted an attendance of 400, but photos from the day tell a different story – it was more like 150, and most of them were cult lifers, the ones who lurch compulsively from event to event and latch like zombies onto any fresh meat.

Ray Karam & Michael Benhayon – dubious experts on raising girls

According to local community radio stations and others, the event was also pitched deceptively – as a ‘child welfare initiative’, with no disclosure that it was a promotional event for UniMed cult products and services, and associated businesses.

Dodgy Esoteric Healing  – wasn’t mentioned in publicity

It was an unabashed recruitment drive, introducing girls to the expensive, oppressive and sexually manipulative occult therapy dependency that is Serge Benhayon’s commercial religion – The Way of the Livingness. Little girls were applied with cosmetics in an introduction to Benhayon’s ideals of ‘femaleness’ and ‘true beauty’.

UM Grooming Tent
All out grooming

SLAPP defamation action for advocating for kids

It may be no coincidence, that just as the promotions began for the 2015 Festival, I was served with a defamation action by Glorious cult leader, Serge Benhayon, for a blog I wrote a year ago on his congregation’s sexual abuse apologism and exploitation of young girls.

For those who aren’t aware, Benhayon has no qualifications, yet trains legions of Esoteric ‘healers’ to lay their hands on the ‘pubic chakras’ of sexual abuse survivors to ‘clear’ the ‘energy of rape’. He teaches that sexual assault is karma for being a sex offender in a past life, and that you’re ‘given your karma‘ at age 12 or 13. He teaches followers their children will be raped by evil spirits if they come into contact with someone whose had a glass of beer. The same bloke’s current wife first moved in with him at age 14 without her mother’s consent, and cult members boast of unquestioningly sending their juvenile daughters to stay in his home.

Helen’s daughter had sleep overs at Serge’s ‘at her own request’

The same people behind this sordid event are the same ones exploiting teen girls who have stayed in Benhayon’s household ‘many times’ and ‘lived there for a time’, publishing photo testimonials of them vouching he’s not a ‘paedophile’ or groomer.

I’ve been served with legal action for raising concerns about that.

Before that, free speech proponent, Helen Simkins, from the comment above, was among the Esoteric lovelies who tried to have me arrested for voicing my concerns.


As I’ve stated before, asking why cult members take their kids to presentations where he talks about sexual violence, or send their young daughters to stay in the home of someone who touches the genitals of sexual abuse victims and pretends it’s healing is not ‘trolling’ or an accusation of paedophilia. It’s asking a valid question.

And if any of us behaved that way, Serge’s Esoteric lynch mob would be calling the police.

The defamation claim – a ‘strategic litigation against public participation’ (SLAPP), is another attempt to shut me down – part of a sustained campaign of harassment since I began blogging and making official complaints. (Please donate to my legal defence.).

A program of grooming and cult indoctrination


Sarah Davis (right), organizer of the Girl to Woman grooming festival

Sarah Davis (right), organizer of the Girl to Woman grooming festival

Role models: Top rung cult bullies are presented as role models. Sarah Davis, the organizer of the event, and presenter, Rebecca Asquith (formerly Rebecca Baldwin), are UM employees, and authors of the demented Universal Medicine Facts website, that made national news for its defamatory vilifications of whistleblowers, complainants and journalists. No joke, they’ll be there passing on their wisdom on cyber-bullying.

Their tips on social media use will include refusing to answer questions, banning dissenting comments and corrections, and instructing religious followers not to read critical sites – as a ‘self-loving choice’.

Girls will learn from UM’s religious role models, Serge Benhayon and Co. to dodge questions from journalists, lash out irrationally at criticism and hide behind a mob of payrolled attack artists and juvenile human shields. Other presenters, like Rachel Kane, Ray Karam, Sara Harris and Mary Louise Myers are Esoteric practitioners & small business owners profiting directly from endorsements from the bogan messiah. Others, like Simon Asquith work for the firm.

I notice a few of last year’s line up are absent, including true believer and GP Dr Jane Barker, who branched out from preying on cancer patients to young girls, disgracing the medical profession with her promotion of dangerous New Age fundamentalist garbage.

Kristy Wood of Kids in Connection
Kristy Wood

But education consultant, Kristy Wood, is back, having run programs targeting girls with sexist Esoteric claptrap. She’s one of the recruiters for the failed ‘Teachers are Gold‘ initiative for infiltrating schools.

She’s joined annually by behaviour consultant Tanya Curtis of Fabic Behaviour Management, that uses disability grant money to tell parents how autistic children are sensitive to evil spirits.

Kylie Connors

Self Confidence, Body Image & Sexual Health: Will be handled by various unqualified sycophants. Girls will be told if they question the religious teachings or ‘detract from the work’, they’ll be punished as Judases and riddled with disease and disability for many lifetimes. If they speak out publicly or make official complaints, they’ll be mobbed on the cult’s defamatory websites.

Girls will be told they can develop breast and gynaecological disease from men finding them physically attractive, or from intellectual pursuits, playing sport or seeking equal rights. They’ll be told by blokes what it’s like to have breasts and experience manstruation, and they’ll be given the opportunity to put their names to sexual and gynaecological exhibitionism to sell abusive women’s health practices on the Women in Livingness blog. Kylie Connors will show girls how to develop an eating disorder by telling them root vegetables, grains, dairy products, legumes and most fruits are full of evil pranic energy that blocks the ‘light of the soul’.

Girls will learn how to convert family and friends to the ‘one true religion’, and how to be self obsessed when they’re not obsessing about Serge and the group. Special tutoring is offered in how to call anyone who disagrees with their proselytizing an abuser and how to take out a vexatious AVO.

Ray Karam

‘Ask Dad’ is a discussion group with Ray Karam and Michael Benhayon on how women shouldn’t dance because it makes them desirable, or listen to non cult music, in case it ‘enters’ them. Michael will then sell his latest ‘Glorious Music‘ offering, before talking about how supernatural entities rape children if others in the household haven’t been adhering to his Dad’s commandments.

Girls will be given an opportunity for a sleepover at the Ascended Master’s home and to put their names and photo portraits on a website to assure the public he isn’t a ‘paedophile‘.

Sarah DavisLOLSerge Benhayon isn’t advertised as a presenter, but if he makes an appearance he will tell the little girls about women’s hygiene:

Serge then joined Natalie on stage and commented that the energy of the tampon manufacturer was also inside us if we were using them. Esoteric Women’s Presentation, Somerset UK, notes taken by Linda Green, 22-6-12

Serge then came on stage and said that the energy of a tampon in our body is like having sex with the dirtiest guy you know all the way through your period. Esoteric Women’s Presentation, Somerset UK, notes taken by Fiona Pierce, 22-6-2012

Finally the market stalls will be open to make sure UM’s prime investors, like Lie Lie Lie Rebecca Asquith and Sarah Karam, can plug their businesses and milk every cent out of the faith-full. The Benhayon family burlesque will perform to sell their energetically correct, non invasive muzak, and Emmalee Benhayon will be flogging her Essencia perfumes.

Smells like the death of teen spirit…

Satellite programs

Ex Chinese Medicine practitioner turned scam chakra-puncture monger and Esoteric Women’s Health presenter, Sara Harris of Living Stillness Melbourne is hailed as the founder of the Girl to Woman grooming Project. She runs ‘Girl to Woman’ ‘health and mentoring’ programs for girls aged 11 to 18. Mentoring is a cult euphemism for indoctrination and gentle breath bullying. She’s also run a mother daughter program with cult singing teacher, Rachel Kane of Connected Voice, to make sure cult mothers thoroughly reinforce indoctrination of the new generation of Brides of Serge.

Because that’s what the Girl to Woman project is all about – softening up cult mothers to make their daughters available for every kind of exploitation, and encouraging girls to submit to the programming and start spending ASAP on Universal Medicine’s money for nothing products.


Local readers can inform their local school principals of the event and ask that it’s not promoted through schools. If you hear or read advertising for the event on local radio or in local papers, please make complaints directly to those. Universal Medicine is a dangerous and predatory organization that should not have access to any vulnerable individuals, least of all juvenile girls. Please spread the word.

See also – Serge Benhayon’s juvenile human shields on the 15 year old daughter of Benhayons business partners publicly defending Benhayon, and the cult’s efforts to infiltrate a government funded youth sexual health program in schools.

36 thoughts on “Universal Medicine’s Girl to Woman Festival – predatory grooming goes commercial

  1. Coming soon: The boy to man project brought to you by the Christian Brothers…

    One of our friends heard the name of this festival and said ‘it sounds like a red carpet for paedophiles’.

    Truly, how can we be assured it isn’t with the way these people carry on?


    1. The name is so suspect. To even think (sorry feel) that is appropriate illustrates a level of delusion off the scale.

  2. It’s an interesting train of thought isn’t it…

    (Serge said) “The death cycle prepares you to “pass-over” and then in your next life you are given the first 12 years to “juice up” your body before all your karma is given to you at the age of 12/13. If we understand this as parents we would consider more deeply about how we are as parents. Are we allowing our kids to start clear so that when they get to their teenage years they can deal with their karma or are we impregnating them with ideals and beliefs before they even have a chance to deal with their own karma? As a parent it is awful to hear this but we have to remember that Serge and the Hierarchy are now introducing things that will improve over the next 2,600 years. The soul cannot interfere with karma.

    Serge gave the example of a rapist. If he/she is jailed but does not learn that what they did was wrong and that it will affect the person they raped for the rest of their life then they will have to come back and experience rape in their next life. Then at the end of that life if they say, “I could never rape anyone” then the healing can begin. There is always a part of us that says to the soul “bring it on, I want to heal.”. We could never imagine ourselves agreeing to be raped in order to learn a lesson but we do agree.

    It takes 3 to rape – the man or women, the first spirit that enters the potential rapist and makes sure they lose themselves by triggering thoughts, emotions etc. and then the 2nd entity that leaves the imprint of rape in the person who is raped. An esoteric practitioner can clear this seed of rape. Otherwise it is left in the person who was raped until the person who raped them comes to their senses, see that they have harmed the person they raped and truly start their own healing. The soul assists with this.”

    It’s both a fantasy and a narrative. And demented.

    And it’s based on this guys thinking they are are conducting a “girl to woman” project.

    That’s alarming.

    1. Teenagers get their karma at puberty. Speaking of puberty, let me tell you about rape. Now your normal sense might tell you rape is bad, but karma, which no one can interfere with, means that a rapist- who by the way is not responsible because an entity got in them- is doing the victim a favour, so therefore, in-truth- rape is a rebalancing. Actually, the victim really wants to be raped..they even say “bring it on”. There’s no point jailing a rapist. It just perpetuates the energy, and the rapes will just continue. And it’s really an entity the whole time anyway. You can’t jail an entity. It’s not the rapist fault.

      Did you know that rapist and murders clear karma quickly and become members of the hierarchy in the new era? Ponder that. I’m a member of the hierarchy.

      I have pubescent girls stay at my house. Let’s start a movement for girls entering puberty!

  3. Any group who thinks it’s their calling to mould any child to suit their doctrine needs to be viewed with suspicion. This UM group has an unhealthy focus and compulsion on intercepting children at a certain influential age. They invent new groups or projects periodically. In order to disguise their agenda to get their hands on them?

    As most know good parenting is what matters and exposing children to the rough and tumble of normal society is what makes a child wholesome.

  4. There’s an argument that UMers are so deluded, they truly can’t recognise that putting your hands on sexual abuse victims below the pubic bone and using photo testimonials from Serge’s underaged houseguests to publicly vouch he isn’t a paedophile is exploitative.

    They’re not deluded.

    They’re invested.

    Über Bully Sarah Davis has removed her name from the authors of the UM false and defamatory *facts* site. Which is fine. We always make screen shots.

    Sarah has been replaced by Isabella Benhayon and Ray Karam. All are making money out of their connection with UM, except perhaps Charles Wilson and Alison Greig who are defaming us out of Esoteric love of humanity.

    The Team:

    Alison Greig
    Jonathan Baldwin
    Desiree Delaloye – College of UM and UM Company director
    Charles Wilson – College of UM Charity Director
    Isabella Benhayon
    Raymond Karam
    Rebecca Baldwin

    Not a good look was it, Sarah, when you’re marketing yourself as an anti-cyberbullying champion and ‘role model’?

    Notice Eunice Minford and others aren’t stupid enough to make defamatory tweets about us – unlike Rachel Hall. And the staff of Esoteric Womens Health steer clear of the lynch mob balderdash in the comments. Why? Because it is a shot in the foot.

    Also, why would I want to stalk Natalie Benhayon? It’s common knowledge she moved into a bloody big house in Goonellabah. The cult needs to plug its leaks better. The threats aren’t working, obviously.

    And, when I talk about the cult’s practices of molestation, I’m talking about sticking your hands on parts of the anatomy none of your medical professionals are willing to identify, Alison Greig. And we still haven’t been given a good reason why so many little girls are sent to stay at Serge Benhayon’s house. We think it’s a good question. I can’t help it if you take it as an accusation of paedophilia.

    1. How come (Lismore cyberbully) Sarah Davis has, after all this time, suddenly had her name removed from UMs*facts* website?

      Is it perhaps because UM has recently been publishing warm and nice comments about their two favourite Councillors?

      And either Sarah doesn’t want the exploitative link between her and the pollies exposed or alternatively she doesn’t like and want to be associated with these two? Interesting timing never the less.

  5. Is there something new on their hate-blog? I can’t be bothered reading it least of all think about it.

    There just a pack of rat-bags all lying to each other. I bet $100 all of them would cross the road if they saw me walking towards them. None of them have had the courage to speak with us- to test our claims- or even our side of the story. Not that I could be bothered explaining it to those dunderheads.

    They think “open-minded” is believing the craziest thing they’ve been told and anyone with a fact is a spawn of the devil. Ray Karam, who was apparently a cop, has no issue calling people he doesn’t know, that have done nothing other than say something he doesn’t like the sound of, a criminal. What a genius.

    Put them together and their brain power wouldn’t blow the hat of your head. Johnny Baldwin is the intellect of the group by the way.

    As for Alison e-greig-ous, what can you say. She can’t think, she sure can’t string two words together, and she’s pathologically deluded. But you’ve got to give her 10/10 for effort. I’ll give you a gold star when I see you on the streets of Mullum, Alison.

    What’s Serge up to by the way? I am waiting for his name to be on the facts team too. No?

    Wonder why.

    1. Lance, Serge doesn’t have to put his name to the UM defamabully website. He is the registered owner of the URL domain so is already responsible for all content, along with his brainwashed contributors.

      1. Thanks Anony. That was the first thing I checked and screen grabbed when the blog went up in May. It’s sort of my point. He’s persuaded his followers to put themselves in the firing line again, while he pulls the strings from behind. He’s aware I know. And he’d also be well aware that while there are patently false allegations about myself and Esther, the questions we raise have evidence behind them. Moreover, there’s real people out there with real stories to tell, if only they had the courage to voice them and wouldn’t be shouted down by a vicious gang of flower waving over zealous cult members. Which is exactly what Serge wants.

        I’m not looking at their pages, but I’m having them screen grabbed and saved. But in the final analysis, their ‘facts’ sites demonstrate the very thing we have been voicing our concerns over from the very start. Lack of critical thinking, myopic beliefs, Serge-adulation, egregious self interest, self-righteous judgmentalism, lack of care, love, loyalty, fairness, kindness, values, decency…humanity.

        They tell the world better than we ever could what they are. And I know their sites do just that.

  6. Twenty odd years ago Serge told me ,during a tennis coaching session, that he would have had a great tennis career himself if he hadn’t been totally distracted “chasing” young girls.
    Has he now created a different avenue for the same pursuit.?
    I see Miranda never escaped, so sad.
    I am very alarmed at his very public recruitment and followers blindly shielding the very suspicious world of UM.
    Intriguing that the questionable practices of UM are made so visible so as to somehow automatically assume acceptability.
    Its not a question as to “where there is smoke, there’s usually fire” but rather we, the unbrainwashed, are staring at a bonfire screaming WARNING, CULT, and the followers of UM see only a dry harmless pile of twigs.

    1. That’s a tale we’ve heard many times Anonymous going way back. He’s just come up with new ways of pursuing his passion while blindsiding his followers, and getting them to participate in his hobbies.

  7. In today’s Courier Mail, p19, is an article under the heading NO SANCTUARY, about children who were abused by a self nominated swami who hid behind an idyllic facade in his Ashram and had captivated their parents.
    The whole sordid mess is now being sorted in court via the child sex abuse royal commission.
    The commission is chasing compensation on behalf of the then children, now adults, whose lives have been all but ruined.
    I wonder how the parents of those children feel now?
    The Ashram, now under new management since the death of the spiritual guru, sent out an electronic appology to the abused women as part of their 40th anniversary this year. Seriously.
    I wonder if a certain self appointed Goonellabah Guru has set up a fund just in case future complaints go on to sue.

    1. Thank you. I’ve been following the Mangrove Ashram case on this blog and tweeting news updates.

      The Royal Commission hearings are harrowing. 30 to 40 years ago those children were abused by their adult guardians who had a duty to protect them. They were violently beaten and brutalised, and threatened with violence if they told anyone.

      Even this year, the Ashram attempted to silence the victims from speaking up and only began to take the matter seriously when the Royal Commission began its inquiry.

      UM’s extreme reaction to our questions on disturbing behaviour only increases our suspicions that harm has been and is still being done. My fear is that victims are suffering in fear and silence, and that it may take years or decades for them to come forward – increasing the potential for UM to harm more victims.

  8. Just reading in the Courier mail today of the horrific abuse experienced by the handmaiden of the Swami.
    She had to drink his urine, was raped with a shotgun, and had her vagina sliced with a penknife.
    This woman did not leave and did not intervene even when witnessing these atrocities happening to others.
    My point here is that this is the perfect example of the power of brainwashing.
    She stated that “she believed it was all for our enlightenment and our highest good”

    1. Yes, and when victims and ashram members began speaking up about an entire culture of violent abuse and exploitation, they were disbelieved and ostracised. Even this year the current ashram hit one of the victims with legal threats for publicly raising verifiable facts. As you say, one of the problems is that those enlightened people believe they are incapable of wrong and their system is beyond reproach. I think belief could be classed as brainwashing when it does not allow for the acknowledgement of questions or facts.

  9. Absolutely.
    The followers who blindly vouch for Serge need to know, that they only know the more recent self appointed persona Serge has created for himself and he is acting this out beautifully as it is definitely working out financially for him so far. There is a lot of dubious history prior to his enlightened toilet moment and followers should do themselves an intellectual favour and investigate before you devote yourselves, even those with a vested interest.

  10. Let me get this right with regards what UMers believe and eventually will teach these girls at their conversion festival.

    1. At the age of 12 or 13 +/- most or all (?) girls are raped by “entities”? (or something like this).
    2. Only treatment as blessed by Serge will clear these girls of these evil entities? (great marketing ploy).
    3. If a man rapes a person he is not fully to blame, it is the entity that is mostly to blame???

    I may have got my basic understanding of this slightly wrong… if I’m sort of on track this is very bizzaro spiritual theory.

    1. You have it right. The neck scarves UMers wear, and some of their rituals like avoiding people who drink alcohol, going to bed between 9 pm and 3am etc. are to avoid being ‘entered’ by entities.

      Several loved ones of followers have independently told me about Serge’s rot that if a child comes into contact with someone whose drunk a glass of beer or wine, that children and babies can be raped by entities – as the ‘energy’ of alcohol makes an opening for the entity to enter. That was verified to me in a conversation with long term investor, Anne Cummings. David Millikan also quoted some notes to me of Serge talking about how a man who drinks a beer before going home from work and then hugs his child is as bad as a paedophile.

      And yes, only Esoteric healers have the ‘integrity’ to clear pranic energy and entities, or the ‘energy’ of sexual abuse, via genital palpation.

      None of that will be included in the publicity for the Girl to Woman Festival though.

  11. Thanks. No wonder they are out to suffocate you and Lance as you hold too much info they want covered up.

    So to conclude they consider the vast majority of people are infected by entities that are evil. And just one example is the many people that have consumed alcohol within the vicinity of a child who are therefore “as bad as a paedophile”.

    They really like to play down the textbook serious definition of actual “paedophilia” by comparing it to trivial common actions. That’s concerning and begs the question why?

    Anyway they see the majority of the rest of us as infected, dangerous and evil. Either worthy of conversion or destroying. And without any prompting they like misquoting the actual definition of a paedophile for some strange reason.

    Dangerous sociopaths they are!

  12. Serge hasnt updated his thinking just his methods. He was duping people 25 years ago in Sydney. If in doubt just go and ask around the norther beaches. Back then he didnt have a group to defend him though but he was a smooth talker. He has always blamed others when things go wrong. You guys are just his next victims. Your braver than a lot of other people he has crossed, I can tell you.

    1. 25 years ago those unfortunate enough to cross his path didn’t have social media to document and expose his transgressions. It’s only a matter of time before he brings himself unstuck, if he hasn’t already. Our job is to keep the spotlight on him and his enablers, and make sure those names keep coming up in offices of regulators and public representatives. As long as he continues the way he is, that is guaranteed to happen.

      He’s always had the option of trying something new – going straight.

  13. Isn’t it funny how a bunch of teenage tennis kids were smart enough years ago to see that the miracle tennis grip dust Serge was peddling was simply a packet of finely ground clay and a scam.
    Makes me wonder about the neuron power of his current followers as he liberally sprinkles magic verbal air dust which they accept without question when it is what it is, just verbal nonsense

  14. According to UM any of us who question UM are the “devils disciples”. One lunatic on the UM cyberbully hate site states the following in reference to us: “Mike Stevenson says: December 17, 2014 at 6:23 am – Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, and the Universal students stand shoulder to shoulder, and the devils disciples will not pass through it, no matter how hard they try.”

    Mike Stevenson, extreme UM devotee sounds like the type of guy who would strap a bomb to himself, take a cafe full of hostages or whatever it takes “In the name of Serge”. This country has no more tolerance for self appointed occult extremists like Mike and many of those at UM.

    Mike and Serge, for the sake and safety of our community, you and your unhinged belief system need to be ‘outed’. So shut the f*ck up and let us and freedom of speech do our job!

    1. Pass through what exactly? Their shoulder to shoulder denial and cognitive dissonance? Their fortress of hostility and lies?

      I’m not interested in getting through – only on shining a light – and they’re doing a beauty-full job of exhibiting to the public the dangerous fools they ‘truly are’.

    2. Mike Stevenson is one thought away from strapping a bomb to himself. He’s bought Serge’s black and white views on the world and given up critical thinking. He’s prepared to defend his errant beliefs at any expense. By characterizing those who don’t buy Serge’s childish rot as ‘devils’ he’s started down the path that every fundamentalist finds themselves on when the positive belief in things without evidence becomes more important the facts and real world experience- that is, “good vs evil”

      There’s no point trying to get through to these guys. We’ve shown them Serge is a shonk. They’re not interested. They’re on a path to salvation and we’re standing in their way. All we can do is keep a light on UM until something gives.

    1. Thank you for your comment. For readers who aren’t aware, Featherstone is a Gold Coast private investigator and head of Phoenix Global. Serge Benhayon has been paying him to manage his internet reputation, and other things.

  15. This blog is an update of last year’s. The 2016 event will be held at Lennox Head Community Centre on January 9.

  16. To be clear about who the GirlToWoman(.com.au) girl & teen event is theologically DEVOTED to. To quote from that site:

    “Esoteric Women’s Health is inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and The Way of the Livingness

    The Girl to Woman Festival is proudly supported and brought together by the Girl to Woman Project, Esoteric Women’s Health & Real Media Real Change.
    © Copyright Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd ACN 159 402 507”

    1. They’re about the only ones. I was at the Byron Community Centre today, where the Brides of Serge had posted flyers etc. No trace of any publicity for the G2W Festival. People in the shire have told me they took down any flyer they saw and spoke with their local schools.

      It’s guaranteed to flop.

  17. Growing Breasts – The Reflection of my Life in my Breasts, 2015. From devotees and followers on the ‘Women In Livingness’ webpage:

    “A woman that is connected to her body, to every detail of her female body, including breast, ovaries, uterus and cervix, brings such a power. She is a goddess offering the world the reflection of divinity, love, fragility and stillness. And yet there are very few women celebrating the connection with their body and this starts in our childhood/puberty. We need parents and a society that allows little girls to grow into the delicate and powerful women they are. The girl to woman festival in Lennox Head, Australia, held in January 2015 and also coming January 2016, is a great example and support.

    “I am redevelopping this connection with my breast and when I feel them its just beauty-full…

    “It has taken me years to develop a relationship with my breasts rather than pretty much ignore them, but now I can see that so much of what we can learn from our bodies is held there…

    “how much does that abuse hurt us as women, and then we hold so much of the hurt in our breasts, our ovaries, cervix and uterus.

    “you have clearly found the Esoteric Breast Massage invaluable in healing the abuse (embarrassment) experienced around your breasts.

    “developing breasts and becoming a woman is a tender time for a young girl and something to be supported, honoured, nurtured celebrated and embraced

    “Gorgeous description of our breast: “Our breasts are bountiful, blooming love holders.”

    “It was interesting to read how your breast were sore with lumps most of your life as there was so much negative energy drawn towards them.

    “I have just begun to give myself Esoteric Breast Massages… This has allowed me to connect to my breasts in ways I hadn’t imagined previously. It is amazing to feel that there is no end to the beauty we can bring to our relationship with our breasts.

    “remembering the excitement of my breasts growing and getting my first bra, the innocence of feeling how beautiful they were and then the shame that followed as I picked up on the skewed and abusive world beliefs around sexuality and womens breasts. At some point I took this on and my breasts became something for me to be embarrassed about

    1. Women (or men) with a paranoid public neurosis of breasts, cervix’ and ovaries need a psychologist to help in the deprogramming. Running a Girl To Woman festival and discussing their neurosis’ publicly and with little girls will do little to help in resolve their neurosis and boundary transgressions.

      “The symptoms of neurosis, according to Freud, “are essentially substitute gratifications for unfulfilled sexual wishes.”
      “Neurosis, according to Freud, comes about from the frustration of basic instincts, either because of external obstacles or because of internal mental imbalance. Another mental misadaption which Freud describes is repression with the most decisive repressions occurring in earlier childhood, usually of a sexual nature.

  18. Sums up how off the whole UM enterprise is doesn’t it? Imagine if there were pages and pages about men connecting to their testicles and feeling how amazing they were?

    Sergio did try and run a Esoteric men’s group when they started to get attention and their preoccupation with woman was highlighted, but that’s all forgotten now.

    It’s back to women’s sexuality and teenage girls. Nothing suss at all.

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