‘Addressing cyber-bullying’ with the embattled College of Universal Medicine

CoUM Cyber-bullying ForumIn 2012, a concerned husband of a Universal Medicine follower began a discussion thread on the Rick Ross Cult Education site. He and other concerned parties began posting questions and comments UM does not allow on its blogs and refuses to discuss publicly. Since then, UM’s propaganda team have portrayed the multi-million dollar business, its religious subscribers and its lawyers as victims of cyber-bullying. On July 24, tax exempt charity, the College of Universal Medicine will hold the ‘Addressing cyber-bullying’ community forum in Lismore. The pretence at charitable activity will showcase UM’s exemplary methods of handling their poor public image – via intimidation and defamation of complainants and critics.

Addressing Criticism

Universal Medicine’s first response to online criticism was to hassle Google to have blogs removed from the internet without a court order. When that wasn’t successful, they tried false copyright and trademark infringement claims. When that didn’t work, they sought to intimidate me via AHPRA, claiming I’m not fit to practice my profession, and the ACCC, for lord only knows what, and when those failed, the Esoteric lovers of humanity set up a defamatory website labelling Lance and I cyber-bullies and psychopaths, among other things.

RMRC2012ConferenceThe cyber-bullying claim wasn’t new. In December 2012, Sarah Davis, proprietor of UM’s public relations front, Real Media Real Change, organized a cyber-bullying conference at Southern Cross University. However, eight out of ten of the ‘world class speakers’ withdrew when informed the event was backed by a cult that was trying to silence critics and victims.

Following the conference flop, Sarah Davis pitched in with the ACCC complaints flop, and then shifted to the bent and defamatory UM Facts site which lists her as author.

She is now the contact person for the College of UM’s ‘Addressing Cyber-Bullying‘ charitable debacle, and after all that embarrassment she hasn’t learned that UM might serve the public better by honestly addressing criticism.

Transparency is an ‘astral cult‘ thing

UM makes itself a target for criticism by ignoring questions and persisting with deceptive marketing. For example, the cult’s publicity never mentions the occult philosophy upon which UM’s commercial health service and religion is founded. There’s no mention of the supernatural Four Lords of Form or entity possession, or that gynaecological disease is caused by male energy.

Similarly, the cyber-bullying forum advertises entry is ‘free’, and that the tax exempt College will offer a four week course in ‘Addressing Cyberbullying’. They don’t disclose the fee. The flyer states the forum will be facilitated by a panel of youth workers, mental health, education and legal professionals, but doesn’t mention who they are, or that all of them are adherents to Serge Benhayon’s religion, and financially benefiting from their association with UM Pty Ltd.

No prize for guessing the four week paid course will be facilitated by cyber-bullying expert, Sarah Davis.

Bullying and abuse according to Universal Medicine

Anyone who is trying to maintain a relationship with a UM follower knows that expressing misgivings about UM and its pathological lifestyle is portrayed as abuse. Asking a UMer to negotiate or co-operate in a reasonable discussion is portrayed as ‘manipulation’ or bullying.

Similarly, the UM enterprise characterizes negative press as media bias and bad journalism. They accuse journalists and publications of publishing ‘lies’ but never specify what they are.

Online questions or criticisms are cyber-bullying. Satire is hate, or psychosis. Sending the Mystic Dentist and a couple of doctors an email asking them to stop promoting a sexual predator is cyber-stalking. Cyber-stalking is also what they call viewing material they’ve posted publicly online. Attempting to comment or suggest corrections on UM sites is trolling, as is posting comments on the Rick Ross or Skeptics forums.

Mystic dentist, Rachel Hall, exemplifies the cult’s attitudes to us questioning pseudoscience, intransparency, harmful practices and Benhayon’s penchant for young female houseguests, or notifying employers and reporting to regulators an array of misconduct, such as inappropriate touching of sexual abuse survivors, health professionals referring Medicare patients for sham Esoteric healing or writing it up to the public purse, and the rest of UM’s predatory behaviour, rorting of public money, and abuse of tax exempt charitable status.


What Dr Hall doesn’t mention is that a lot of readers have made up their minds, but the site won’t post their comments or answer their questions either.

She didn’t mention the regulatory investigations underway and that some matters have been referred to police.

I was tempted to post a correction, listing our questions and concerns again, and asking about her anti-fluoridation ‘science’ to make a nice screenshot, but Dr Hall would try to have me charged with stalking.


Addressing Cyber-bullying Universal Medicine style

The community forum professes to address the impacts of cyber-bullying and what steps can be taken to address it.

Following the Forum a 4 week course will be offered exploring a practical model to respond to cyber-bullying. College of Universal Medicine site

I’m not sure it will take four weeks to learn how to set up a blog defaming so called cyber-bullies.

Or to show cult members how to doctor critical comments to make them appear threatening…

And I’m not sure the writers of the UM fruity ‘facts’ site are good role models for conflict resolution. Particularly, when two of them, Desiree Delaloye and Charles Wilson, are directors of the College of UM charity, currently under investigation for breaches of its charitable fundraising authority.

An example of public benefit from the Esoteric ‘facts’ site:


But it seems a number of cult members have already followed Charles Wilson and Desiree Delaloye’s lead – ‘addressing’ cyber-bullying with online hysterics, threats and false and defamatory accusations they can’t and won’t substantiate.


For the record, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have never sent us a legal notice. Cultiertweets


Neil Gamble -bully threat-redacted


Through connecting with each other, we form a new way of addressing cyber-bullying and the deeper issues within society that it raises.

Who is it for?

Local Students, Parents, Business and Council representatives and general community members are all welcome. College of Universal Medicine Website

If this is the ‘love’ and ‘truth’ the Universal Medicine cult uses to  ‘address’ cyber-bullying, what hope do they have of addressing their steadily deteriorating public image?

22 thoughts on “‘Addressing cyber-bullying’ with the embattled College of Universal Medicine

  1. I am considering attending on the day to hand out leaflets to would be customers to highlight the hypocrisy of Sarah Davis and her gang to anyone stupid enough (not in the cult) that attends this ‘free’ course. Least of all pay for it.

    Rachel Hall. We’re not complaining of harassment. We’re stating that the site Serge has cleverly registered in his name, and Sarah, Charlie, Rebecca, Johnny and co. have claimed authorship of is defamatory. Let me explain it to you as you seem to be a little slow on the uptake. Nothing in it is true, there is no evidence, they are false allegations. My wife has written a one sided and wholly untrue account of our marriage, which but which could have been written by any number of members.

    Furthermore, the account of my business is laughable and shows none of you understand how business operates. No evidence is provided, just baseless allegations and a story you’ve made up to make yourselves feel better. Meanwhile the real con is still going on right under your noses.

    I’m not insulted, just bemused at your collective stupidity. It is akin to having a five year old call you a name, except it will be dealt with accordingly by grown ups, in due time.

    On the other hand, Rachel,as I have offered over and over, the evidence we have collected is available for anyone seeking the truth about Serge (and others) to view, in good faith, at any time. I have offered this to my wife, Sarah Baldwin and even Sarah Davis on the Echonet. No one has taken up the offer. It’s a wall of steadfast self inflicted ignorance.

    I’ll give a special mention here too to Hamish Broome, Northern Star junior journalist and spouse of aforementioned cyber-bullying expert, who interviewed me under the false pretext of doing a story and passed the information to the cult. I offered the same to him at the time. But no. Compromised by ideology.

    So as it stands, the only ones who have the facts are myself, Esther, some close supporters, Serge, Deborah Benhayon, possibly Miranda, a few journalists, the police and a bunch of government departments. I reckon Serge might have expunged a few things from his brain though to make room for his new vision of himself.

    For the rest of you gormless fools, let me say this. We’ve never accused anyone of anything. We could, because we have the EVIDENCE. We’ve only asked questions based on our evidence. On the other hand, “men” such as Neil Gamble, and boys such as Johnny Baldwin have made threats and comments I know they wouldn’t to my face.

    What is actually ‘criminal’ is that Serge hosts a website to glorify himself, that encourages hate mongering, and involved my wife without any consideration for the welfare of our child. Love-ly stuff.

    So, “in-truth” the cyber-bullies are you guys because you persist in publishing false and defamatory blogs about myself, Esther, Robert and now Jane Hansen, and you encourage hateful, false and defamatory comments. You don’t allow rebuttals when that’s always been allowed to you, and our remarks were never ad-hominem. What you call bullying is questions you don’t like or care to answer.

    Payback I hear you say? What ever happened to that enlightened love and light you keep harping on about. Hypocrites.

    When you’re hypocrites and liars, there’s no better idea than to run a course on how to be one I guess. For four weeks.

    Makes perfect esoteric sense.

    1. Let me try to enlighten Neil Gamble and the cult members regarding the media and David Leser.

      Unlike you guys, the media actually investigate before they report. They interview people, look at documents, and consider a range of opinions. They don’t work on hearsay or how they feel about something (with the obvious exception of Hamish Broome of course).

      I am quite sure what David Leser knew and what he wrote was very balanced. I know because I and others supplied him with shocking and provable information which he left alone for the sake of a ‘fair’ story.

      I know that Josh Robertson did the same (such as Serge flatly denying ever been bankrupt until confronted with the documents).

      As have others. Jane Hansen’s story is line by line factual. She doesn’t say anything that is not known, claimed, or hasn’t happened. You might have a different opinion and find the details offensive, but that does not mean it is not fact.

      So far, every media article about Serge and UM is exactly like that. Again, I challenge anyone to point out one line that is not substantially correct.

      There is no “enormous wrong orchestrated” by anyone. All we are doing is asking questions and stating verifiable facts.

      Neil, you’re a man that presumably does due diligence when doing your business deals. It perplexes me that you would not check out the man you think has all the answers to life. Download a few documents and do a little bit of thinking. It won’t take you long to figure out the deceptions. And if you can find them that easily, what else is not being told to you? Why would you accept something at face-value when others are asking so many questions? Surely as a man of intelligence you can figure out that the questions wouldn’t persist if there was no a basis in fact?

      Surely you don’t buy the pathetic argument of “jealousy” and astral rage?

      I remain perplexed at the thinking of many members. Some I understand because of their investment in Serge’s worldview and overt lack of intelligence. Others I don’t. You’re one of them Neil. And your call to violence based on non-specific one sided fiction by my wife (and her friends) is very concerning for a man of your apparent reputation.

      For your information, the police took your remark very seriously, and you were a hair’s-breadth away from an AVO. Not a good look for a man in your position.

      Perhaps it’s time to do a little more thinking and little less accusing.

      And that goes for all of you.

      1. Give up.

        They’re not reading. They’re told not to. Due diligence is astral.

        A couple of samples from bulletins sent out to the faith-full.

        We ask you to avoid entering Esther Rockett’s sites as we obviously don’t want to give her any unnecessary traffic. Take care to read the taglines under the search results as these taglines make it obvious which sites are Esther Rockett’ sites – Universal Medicine Accountability and The Facts About Universal Medicine.

        And from a while back:

        …it is highly advised not to go onto the current detractor sites and read the vile material that is written on there about UM. In particular it is not a good idea to engage with those responsible. You have to remember you are dealing with the worst of the Astral Plane and what comes through them is very disturbing and evil and will be designed to get to you…hence allowing the energy to enter you. It only inflames and will not stop her/them.

        We are doing an enormous amount to eventually bring those responsible to account, with the amazing backing of an incredible legal team amongst many others. One day it will all be exposed for what it is and much is being done towards this day.

        The UniMed cult and their INCREDIBLE legal team love to advertise they never tell anyone what to do.

        ‘One day it will all be exposed for what it is’ indeed.

        1. This is absolutely CULT LOGIC, no doubt about it. You see if you UM cult members were to look outside with a healthy mind you may question, and as we have seen time and time and time again Serge Benhayon does not ‘do’ questions. Only the CULT Police can read these sites not the followers!!!

          CULT! CULT! CULT!

          “…it is highly advised not to go onto the current detractor sites and read the vile material that is written on there about UM. In particular it is not a good idea to engage with those responsible. You have to remember you are dealing with the worst of the Astral Plane and what comes through them is very disturbing and evil and will be designed to get to you…hence allowing the energy to enter you.”

    2. “What is actually ‘criminal’ is that Serge hosts a website to glorify himself, that encourages hate mongering, and involved my wife without any consideration for the welfare of our child. Love-ly stuff.”

      Lance our hearts really go out to you and your little girl.
      It is just commonsense and decency that the children are to be protected. This is really evil stuff. The Family Law courts would give those involved at UM the severest of reprimands for this.
      This is a time of pain and sadness and readjustment, these times should never be brought into the public arena. It is a private matter. How dare they stick their cult noses in.

      On this alone it sums up what they truly are. The exact opposite of what they mouth.

  2. A cyber-bullying conference? Never a truer case of the pot calling the kettle black. The level of arrogance and ignorance is quite astounding. And all the while the followers nod their heads in unison with dead eyes.

    Yes. We. Are. Being. Bullied. Yes. We. Are. Being Bullied.

    (repeat a thousand times until you ‘know’ it’s the truth)

  3. Imagine the uproar if any of us ‘astral cult members’ suggested Alison Greig or Eunice Minford urgently needed a colonic irrigation.

    They’d call the cops.

    Rod Harvey. To call him a half wit would be generous.

  4. I think it was Rod Harvey who also suggested poor old Richard deserves an esoteric slap in the fucking face too.

    Yes, he is a real ‘gentleman’ ain’t he.

    He’s not a just half wit, he’s an emasculated knuckle-head.

    Here’s the facts- The group has called Lance and Esther criminals, cyber bullies, deviants, narcissists, liars, shonky- with any basis in fact- and then encouraged members to call for violence implicitly and explicitly without editorial comment.

    It’s one set of rules for the cult members, and another for us astral folk.

    Rod Harvey is a particularity repugnant apologist for the cult however. if you made that comment about his wife, he’d be writing letters to Campbell Newman (again) and asking for a parliamentary inquiry.

    And then gloat about it on the cult blogs.

    Rod Harvey – Poster boy for cult hypocrisy and gonad free stupidity.

  5. Sarah Michon: middle aged woman carrying on like a pre-schooler. “I’m not a troll, you are.”

    Grow up UMers.

  6. UM is stooping to new lows: trying to portray Esther Rockett & Lance Martin as mentally unhinged & abusive. Doctoring “quotes” (snippets out of context) to sound violent. Severe intimidation through esoteric character assassination, etc… UM seems unaware that they’re desperate attempt to silence / discredit questioners casts further doubt upon their integrity & love-ly -ness. UMers are discouraged from reading ER’s blogs, ostensibly to reduce her prominence on google, but more likely to prevent those pesky seeds of doubt from sprouting to a full gown oak tree!

    1. My thoughts exactly ‘Just saying’….. to $top $eed$ of doubt from $prouting.

      Truth must be able to stand the test of questioning.

      UM’s actions to date have not come anywhere near a standard of integrity (this word is cult speak, many cults use it)

  7. Sometime ago I was speaking with an ex UM member, this person was terrified about their identity being given to UMer’s because of what SB/UM would do to this person and their business.
    It is criminal that people must live in fear. No love, no integrity, just $ick control.
    Among the many many other things we spoke about, how about this?
    This person asked questions that was a bad bad move apparently – you are to accept without question. I have never doubted this person but my oh my how time has proved everything that was expressed to be so so true.

    The direct comment (above) from E.R’s reply says volumes about them all, why would UM say this if they had nothing to hide?
    “We ask you to avoid entering Esther Rockett’s sites as we obviously don’t want to give her any unnecessary traffic”
    In every way this whole UM setup smells unhealthy.

  8. Taken from the eponymous Serge and Western medicine site, comments policy:

    “Please note we also reserve the right to decline the publication of comments that are purely self-promotional or which are designed to advance a predefined agenda or dogma, we find that comments of this nature are not conducive to open two-way conversation. This means no Scripture-spam please.”

    As far was we know, no comments are allowed unless it totally agrees with the “scripture” of the site. In fact, that site, along with the many others they promote, is totally self-promotional and there is no two conversation allowed. At all.

    I’m never sure if they are taking the piss or they are just that infuriatingly stupid.

    1. Do as we and Serge says and not as we do

      Think and act as we tell you to think and act

      Eat what we tell you to eat

      Read what we tell you to read and read nothing else

      Listen to the music we tell you to listen to and nothing else

      Learn the cult language, all words must end with ‘- ness’ easy really

      Learn the UM new meaning of truth and integrity (not the dictionary meaning)

      Listen and learn and totally accept all you are taught about breasts and more breasts

      Learn the UM meaning and criteria of sexual relations. ‘Handshakes in daylight hours only’ lol well it might as well be.

      NEVER answers questions – questions are evil, never no never no never.

      Attend cour$e$, even the same cour$e$ over and over again and learn the new meaning of FREE (not the dictionary meaning)

      Remember UM is the best in the world UM said so.

      Remember we at UM are a Business, a Religion, a Charity and we are a Healthcare service. Serge says so.

      UM members have the best before and after shots, taken by cult photographers. Best before and after
      shots in the world. Second to none!

      We who are not UM ‘culties’ have glamour shots as well and they are better than the UM photos/selfies actually? And we have no issue at all with our breasts.

      UM have the best legal team! You get the best advice apparently.
      An example of this is UM family law advice.
      UM will coerce members to put all their private matters in a very twisted fashion on the internet.
      Who cares what it does to the children involved.
      REAL UM integrity – poor taste. No judge or court will look upon this as integrity.

      I must not miss the BIG event on the 24 July to help me keep abreast, and to see the hypocrites in action again.

      1. Totally right.

        It’ll fall on deaf ears with members, but the reality is, while we and the media are called liars, not once has the group pointed out an actual lie, or managed to prove it was one when they have dared to name it. (Like when the group says Serge did not do ovary readings. We know this is not right as we have other people from the same period confirming it- and worse.)

        On the other hand we’ve pointed out so many ‘mishandlings’ of truths by the man himself and the group, all backed up with evidence, that the group blithely deny anyway.

        Ex partners of members (and their numbers and solidarity continues to grow) have been accused very non-specifically of being liars, bullies, manipulators and abusers. Interesting, in every case no actual incidents have been demonstrated by the former loves of our lives. We’re just those things…because they (and the group, and ultimately Serge in about 400 pages of his books) say so.

        On the other hand, we’ve pointed out a tissue of lies coming from the guru from his past, his finances, his fanciful claims of past re-incarnations to his contradictory statements to the media and members, other non-sense, and outright bullshit.

        All documented on these pages and with plenty of statements and evidence to back it up.

        It’s case of see no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth.

        No doubt they do feel like they are being bullied, because the truth is a blunt club to them. It hurts to hear it, and is just as painful to keep denying it.

        Imagine contemplating the fact that you may have fruitlessly spent years and a small fortune following the edicts of a little man from Goonellabah, who fled Sydney to avoid his creditors and then decided he was a guru on the toilet not long after coming out of bankruptcy?

        Imagine toying with the idea that he might be just like you and me (if he’s lucky) but with an oversized ego and bank account swollen by bequests, over-priced and over-sold cash courses, and anonymous donations. The ones that you gave…

        It’s unthinkable. They are all absorbed in the contagious idea that he is fifth level master (whatever that is) from Sham-ballah (the only true hyphen) and they are beacons of glory.

        If what we are saying is true, then they are just kidding themselves and all their investments and sacrifices were for naught.


        Problem is, it is ALL true. But just a little worse than they can imagine.

        Because what they can imagine clearly isn’t much.

  9. It’s in human nature to eventually rebel against unreasonable control or to at least to be curious … Prob all UMers will eventually sneak a peak (bracing themselves for shock & horror) @ Esther Rocketts sites… They’ll be surprised to find ER’s bloggs to be generally informative, balanced, systematically referenced & analysed. (That is, if they are self honest & open to all truth). The challenge would be to hold onto love & health, but step away from (or with) genuine good people / friends, especially if there is fear of repercussions.

    1. UMer’s know both sides?? How can they they have been forbidden from reading what is written here and commenting. They do not allow comments from here on there sites. They must do as they are told to prove their blind loyalty, they have seen the shunning that others who have left have received. They are all way to fragile and need each other way too much.

      How can they possibly hold a Conference/lecture on Cyber bullying? Hypocrites! Oh and a 4 week course all that is for is marketing, drumming up more business for UM.

      If what is written on this site is incorrect there are Courts to go to. Their reason for not doing so
      is nothing short of utter nonsense.
      If they decided to go to the Courts now the case would really reveal yet another dimension to the real depth of what they are really about.
      An example of this is the coercing of and the allowing a wife/mother to write about the break up of her marriage for the love and defense of Serge. What about the love of her child.
      Where did the UM legal team get their qualifications? Same place as the UM affiliated Doctors?

      UM are a group of people who have had damaged self esteems (they openly have said so) and have never dealt with it.They praise themselves and each other everyday to make each other feel good.
      Adulating Serge Benhayon and paying a lot of money for the privilege gives them a sense of self worth and belonging.

  10. I haven’t done this before but here goes.

    I once belonged to Universal Medicine, EDG’s at Byron, early womens group, sessions with Serge. A Cyberbullying Conference being held in Lismore by some of the worst bullies I have ever come into contact with, what a joke.

    I heard the Northern Star can’t or won’t write anything about Universal Medicine because they are sick of the court actions against them and also the editor being ambushed in the carpark, by the angry, violent and abusive women from Universal Medicine.

    My personal experience for daring to question Serge or imply that some of the women acted in cultish ways was to be shunned, belittled, lied about and publicly humiliated.

    By the way, those women don’t look like the ‘after’ photos in real life!…

    1. Thanks for your comment, Cassandra. I hope you came out of that experience okay.

      And I imagine you’re right about papers being reluctant to write about UM having being subject to bullying legal threats and spam emailing by cult members.

  11. Hi it’s been 9 months since my wife last went to a meeting with um normality is coming back into the home . I want to say thanks Esther for the support and for getting the truth out there the world needs more people like you . Universal medicines is a parasite that is hard to get rid of .cleaning up the house yesterday I found a symbol card what pleasure it was to put it in the bin . 7 years I have put up with this crap . I find it difficult when she visits her friend who got her into um because she is so brain washed. I hope for the sake of the people caught up in the um that they can truly free them selves of serge the parasite

    1. Thanks, Dan. I’m so glad to hear that. I hope you all stay free of UM from here on!

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