Daily Telegraph on the peril of Universal Medicine cult doctors

UniMed cult doctors portray their religious belief in Serge Benhayon’s occult nonsense as medical opinions, promote quackery, and financially and psychologically exploit patients by recruiting to his New Age scam. Today’s Daily Telegraph report on a patient harmed by one of the doctors also raises serious questions over their competence, and their participation in Benhayon’s glorification of death.

From Jane Hansen’s report:

Doctor sent woman for two years of new age healing in a galaxy far, far away for a cough — costing her $35,00

When a doctor referred Ira McClure for further treatment she had no idea the health facility was supportive of a controversial spiritual healing/new age group based in northern NSW.

During the course of her two-year treatment Ms McClure says she was sent to Universal Medicine for “esoteric” treatments…

In medical progress notes one of the people treating her wrote the No. 1 ­option for Ms McClure’s ­treatment was to “Fly Mrs McClure to Sirius (star 6.32 light years away)”.

When Ms McClure sought a second opinion from a physician, she was promptly ­diagnosed with bronchiectasis, given medication and is now well. “I feel really stupid now, but I was really sick at the time,” Ms McClure said.

The doctor hung up on The Sunday Telegraph when contacted for a response and did not return emails. (Daily Telegraph August 31, 2014)

Yes, another UMer whose taken lessons from Serge in Esoteric transparency. They never answer the questions. And recently, the more questions asked, the more they make gutter personal attacks on journalists and critics.

The article states Ms McClure has made a complaint to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.


The article didn’t elaborate on the remark about sending the patient to Sirius. According to Benhayon’s writings, Sirius refers to a transcendental realm one goes to after death. It’s not a place you want your surgeon to send you to.

It should be noted for the purpose of an awakening spirit that there should be no ill feeling if one should realise that they have been hoodwinked. If you understand the power of influence by the Four Lords of Form and the multitude of sold-out discarnate spirits at their power, over which they have full influential control, you will realise the magnitude of the force at play to keep you from realising that you are in all truth a ‘Soul’ and that your are not a man or a woman or a spirit, but all of these under the right impulse of the soul as the true Son of God on earth.

Out of Earth you will one day be none of all of these, instead returning to the full soulful state. Even here the soul knows that in one universal time on the star Sirius you will also lose that soulful state as it will merge with its Atmic and Buddhic Bodies and so ‘the Son’ will continue its way back to that original fiery spark it came from, the body of God. (Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006, p.17)

In the middle of the imbalance stand the two spiritually-evolved fallen sons from Venus and the two spiritually evolved fallen sons of Mars, who walked away from the portal into Sirius when those two planets evolved. United they stand and by a spiritually, no soulfully aware choice, they came to Earth as the most evolved first spirits to take charge over the destiny of all the spirits that did not make the vibrational ascension into Sirius from those two mother planets. We speak here of the Four Lords of Form. (Ibid, p.228)

Exposing the Universal Medicine cult doctors

For almost 2 years we’ve researched and blogged a litany of harmful and disturbing behaviours by UM. The health professionals selling Universal Medicine’s toxicity are especially appalling, and occupy the space at the top of the UM cartel Naming Names page. Without doctors and psychologists, the cult would have considerably less influence over vulnerable targets.

Patients have no choice but to trust a medical specialist’s recommendations. No one expects a medical specialist to refer them unqualified quacks or to be recruiting for a cult.

UM’s associated doctors especially have no excuses. They are a disgrace.

Questions for the Universal Medicine cult doctors asks the doctors specific questions about their conflicts of interest and their promotion of Benhayon’s quackery, sleaze, scams and lunatic doctrines.

Universal Medicine preys on cancer patients looks at Lismore GP Jane Barker’s role as an Esoteric Women’s Health presenter pushing Benhayon’s magical thinking to cancer patients and helping to harvest their bequests. Below, Dr Barker is pictured among the faithful encouraging followers to donate to the dodgy College of Universal Medicine’s Fiery Building Fund.

Dr Barker in red parka lends a hand with fundraising
Dr Barker in red parka lends a hand with fundraising

Esoteric Breast Massage Part 3 – looks at the doctors, including NHS health menace, Eunice Minford, and Dr Jane Barker promoting UM’s abusive women’s health practices.

Death Drive Part 2 – examines the doctors’ participation in Serge Benhayon’s worship of death and reincarnation. That includes Dr Samuel Kim gloating about assisting patients to die, and Eunice Minford allegedly opposing euthanasia by talking up reincarnation, the glory of end of life pain and suffering, and how ‘death is a healing’ and ‘death isn’t the ending, it’s a reuniting with God’.

Cult doctors – the official complaints process runs through the AHPRA code of conduct for medical professionals and how to lodge a complaint.

Blowing the whistle to deaf ears – who is protecting patients?

Every year thousands of health professionals each pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of being registered, under the auspices that such regulation protects members of the public.

From University of NSW Emeritus Professor John Dwyer:

“There is a lack of consumer protection for vulnerable people,” Professor Dwyer said.

“Registered health practitioners, if they are supporting this pseudo-science, should be ­reported to their boards for ­investigation.”  (Daily Telegraph August 31, 2014)

I’ve made complaints to the regulators about the doctors’ breaches of their professional codes of conduct. A shortened version of the latest to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission about the NSW doctors is available to view at this link. In spite of nominating numerous breaches of the code, the HCCC has not seen fit to forward the complaints to the doctors for so much as a response. In Qld, under the new regime, the Office of the Health Ombudsman at least sought a written response from Dr Samuel Kim and Dr Amelia Stephens. However, they then told me I’d provided no evidence of professional misconduct. They also told me they’d referred the matter to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority. Presumably for some dismissive double handling.

The HCCC told me my complaints did not contain information that would ‘provide the basis for further investigation or would be likely to lead to disciplinary action being taken’ against the doctors. I was told they would consider complaints if I could provide ‘patient names, dates and times relating to clinical treatment being provided’.

About Dr Jane Barker specifically, the Commission said:

there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that Dr Barker has provided any clinical management or care that is likely to affect an individual. Dr Barker is entitled to her professional opinion and to speak of her experience in dealing with breast cancer in the course of her role as a presenter. 

There is no evidence to suggest Dr Barker has attempted to persuade individuals from seeking or continuing treatment with a medical practitioner. 

Dr Barker is certainly entitled to her professional opinion. What she is not entitled to do is to mislead patients by portraying her religious belief as a professional opinion. There may be no evidence she dissuades patients from seeking medical treatment, but by endorsing unqualified quackery, she and her UM cult colleagues influence trusting patients to waste time and money on nonsense, which may prevent or delay them from receiving legitimate health care.

Reading between the lines, the response tells us our medical regulators will not act on financial or psychological exploitation of patients, and any grievous bodily harm that results from promoting quackery or delaying decent care. They are saying they won’t act on code breaches, and therefore won’t act on the warning signs that patients are at risk. They will only act once a patient has been physically harmed as a direct result of medical treatment by the doctors, and only if that patient has the guts, the energy and the wherewithal to make a complaint and then withstand an apathetic pretence at regulation.

Waiting for patients to be harmed or killed before disciplinary action is taken is not protecting patients – it’s protecting dangerous practitioners.

30 thoughts on “Daily Telegraph on the peril of Universal Medicine cult doctors

  1. Sunday Telegraph online Comment
    declan 1 hour ago
    The point here isn’t whether a person should have ‘known better’. The point is that consumers of medical and complementary health services should be able to have the confidence that the regulations will be sufficient that any exploitative or dangerous practitioners will be prevented from offering services to the public in the first place. People can be vulnerable to exploitation for a range of reasons, especially when their health is compromised, and may reach for hope that they mightn’t otherwise. For this reason, only proven, effective and fairly priced services should be available. It’s not right for charlatans to be able to set up a shingle, ply people with false hope and expensive pseudo-treatments, then say, “Well, that person should have known my crap wouldn’t work – it’s their fault.” No, these people shouldn’t be allowed to operate in the first place!

    1. I totally agree with your assessment, that the sick person seeks out treatment, not knowing that it is part of a cult that universal medicine are.. Myself and other people I know are not aware of this UM and the dangerous treatment that is given. The more people that are aware of this and patients complaining to the Health Care Commission Complaints office, would make a remarkable difference, to shutting down this unbelievable practise.I am a registered nurse, living in the Northern Rivers and was not aware of this UM, until I read the article yesterday in the Sunday telegraph. Then I goggled and got mote information on this cult taking place in my own area. Shocking, let’s hope more people stand up and be counted and united, as the more the better.

  2. Jane Hansen, full credit for your journalistic talents. What a story.
    UM’s little hidden traps are everywhere.
    Jane and Esther your courage is respected as is the woman’s in this article. I hope that there are more articles. The more exposure of UM and affiliates the better Feline says.

  3. PS: This is such good news. Commonsense.

    Professor John Dwyer from the Friends of Science in Medicine said he will be bringing Universal Medicine up at this Wednesday’s parliamentary hearing into the effectiveness of the Health Care Complaints Commission.
    “There is a lack of consumer protection for vulnerable people,” Professor Dwyer said.

    “Registered health practitioners, if they are supporting this pseudo-science, should be ­reported to their boards for ­investigation.”

    1. Thank God, for Professor Dwyer, taking up the case of the unprofessional and negligent Universal Medicine, that seem to be by passing the Health Care Commission Complaint office , as the saying goes “it only takes one man, to stand up to keep other people honest.” The integrity of the HCCC is at stake here.

  4. Another person harmed by the universal medicine scam… Thankfully The Telegraph is exposing this.

  5. The cult flogs the line that there there is no one who objects to universal medicine and no victims, and that all the attention has come about from myself and Esther. This brave lady has stood up and said what many people fear saying. And she’s put her face to it.

    This against a group that thinks nothing of making up lies about those who dare ask them questions or have a contrary position. We know there are many more that are fearful of speaking up, over a range of issues. While we understand why they don’t, it fuels the groups insistence that it is all a beat up.

    Ira, we thank you for being brave enough to stand up against these ugly bullies.

    UM propagandists; the vile wenches Alison Grieg and Sara Williams, often add 1 and 1 and come up with 8 and half. The stories they conflate make for bizarre and often unintelligible fiction, but it pointedly reveals their inability see the truth, their deep fundamentalism, their hatred of those not conforming to their cherished ideology, and their infinite capacity to lash out at people in the most egregious manner without consideration for the effects on those people and others around them. Including children.

    Even if they believe the same is being done to them- and it has never at the personal level they collectively stoop to- you would expect people involved with a ‘love and light’ movement to behave a little more gracefully.

    Contrary to the triumphant claim of the group, the disgust at UM has not diminished. Their hate activity has shown the community what they really stand for. Now there’s a phalanx of people working in their own way to bring UM to account.

    We might be the people you recognize when you walk down the street, but I can assure you, there are many, many more that harbor the same views and desire the same outcomes. You just can’t recognize them. Some of them are right under your noses.

    1. You are so right – it really is hate activity they have sunk to. The attack on Jane Hansen and her personal tragedy by Alison Grieg on her Universal Medicine fiction site is just vile. And the commentators on the article, some of them choosing to do so 2 or 3 times are no better. A lynch mob if ever I saw one. At least through the darkness of their attacks they have further exposed exactly what they all stand for.

  6. Thanks for the update, Esther. Hopefully the offending medical ‘professionals’ involved will be disciplined accordingly.

    1. There should be a full investigation into both the misdiagnosis of this patient and any others in responsible the doctors’ care

  7. Yes, well done Ira for coming forward. It’s an incredibly courageous thing to do in the light of the way UM behaves in response to criticism. We’re also glad to see that your health is much better for having received responsible medical care.

  8. Ira, you have the heart of a lion. No mean thing to risk the bile of the UM thought police. A huge thank you to Esther, lance and Jane. Perhaps others who have been damaged by Benhayon’s perverse teachings will be inspired to tell their stories, in the certain knowledge that they will have the total and unconditional support of a small but growing band of warriors who are dedicated to truth. Bless you all, my heart soars at the possibilities that lie ahead. We should never lose sight of our duty to expose these charlatans at every available opportunity.

    1. So true. Thank Ira. And very glad to hear of your returning health.

      I hope the publicity your story has raised spreads far and wide, and the HCCC finally acts accordingly.

  9. I think we can expect some follow up coverage of this story. It’s been syndicated by News Ltd and is now appearing on international sites.

    And today the Medical Observer published an article mentioning this report. From the article:

    Health watchdog needs more teeth: Friends of Science in Medicine

    THE Friends of Science in Medicine will press for the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission to have powers to go after doctors who support practitioners of non-science-based medicine, at a parliamentary hearing this week.

    The president of the group, Professor John Dwyer, told MO that frauds and cranks could prey on sick people without redress, as the HCCC either was not empowered to shut them down or did not use powers it had.

    “Our concerns are about the lack of protection for consumers,” he said.

    Registered health practitioners who support self-proclaimed healers providing health services and advice that is not science-based should be reported to their national boards, he said.

    The HCCC needed “more teeth” to advance consumers’ complaints about practitioners of “pseudo science” and doctors who referred patients to them.

    Professor Dwyer said he was aware of serious complaints made to the HCCC about doctors in the Lismore area who had allegedly referred patients to Universal Medicine, a purported New Age healing and spiritual group in northern NSW.

    He said he was “appalled” to learn the HCCC told the complainant in that instance that the matter was outside its jurisdiction.

    The University of NSW emeritus professor medicine said he would call for expanded powers for the HCCC at Wednesday’s hearing of a NSW parliamentary inquiry into the promotion of false or misleading health-related information or practices.

    Professor Dwyer said Universal Medicine was just one of the issues he would raise in giving evidence before the HCCC…

    Go the Prof! Some of you reading may remember the cult having an unconvincing go at the Professor in their false and misleading inquiry submissions – basically saying he’s not entitled to criticise complementary health practitioners deceiving, harming, molesting, scamming, exploiting and bullying patients because complementary medicine really really works.

  10. That lady was brave enough to come forward, photo as well in the Telegraph.Good on her.

    We all know UM stops at nothing to shut anyone up who dares to question or disagree with them or reveal who they truly are.

    UM have labeled this lady a liar amongst others things.


    I have done a PDF copy of their insulting cruel comments to this lady and Jane Hansen.

    If you are reading this site Ira I suggest that you do as well. As a patient you easily have more rights than the rest of us whistle blowers.

    Did UM read this ladies medical records, without her permission? If so isn’t that a breach? They seem to be such an authority on it all. How come?

    You know the most crackpot thing is you can tell that they are all told what to say and what to write.
    They never check the facts for themselves. Brain fry.
    They even said it was on TV @ Channel Nine…lol it was not. It was on the news feed online.

    HELLO! UM Cult Doctors advertise for UM do they not? I’ve done PDF’s of them as well.

    Oh and while I am at it I wonder what Lismore Councillor Smith and Mayor Jenny Dowell have to say about what this poor woman went through at the hands of UM, I am sure she went through far more than we know at this time. Oh they are probably unaware!

    1. Good on you Flower Power, and that’s a good idea about the PDF. Bunker staff have done same – screenshots. It’s one thing to for UM to carry on about us and journalists – but this time they are attacking a patient who was very ill under a Universal Medicine clinic doctor’s self-loving care.

      Hello Desiree and your unthinking compadres. The report says that patient was put on chemotherapy for two years. Think about it.

      You are harassing a person who was seriously ill – in the name of UM Pty Ltd. Use your fucking brains. News Ltd is lawyered to the max – they check every story for veracity – via hard evidence. You see even our readers are collecting evidence against you.

      Patients harmed by UM and its staff needn’t go to the HCCC. They can file a damages claim and the evidence will be tried in court. The HCCC is not a court and has major problems with its investigative capacity.

      Any and all patients harmed by UM doctors are entitled to claim damages from that doctor, and if UM continues to harass that patient the way they are, she’ll have a very big case against them as well – and from the way they’re carrying on, she’ll be entitled to damages from breaches to the Privacy Act too.

      I’ll say it again – the only way UM could honestly deny that patient’s account is if the doctor unlawfully released her medical records to the UM *Facts* team – in breach of the Australian Privacy Act.

      But UM doesn’t do anything honestly. If you asked Alison Greig if the sky was blue, she’d say it was yellow.

  11. UM’s are thicker and more brainwashed they I ever thought.
    Do they really think that Jane Hansen and Ira McLure would concoct such a story.
    Whatever Serge says hey, no checking for oneself.
    Dumber than Dumber

  12. Yet another vile display of love-ly esoteric integrity. When it comes to defending the fantasy bubble they exist in apparently they’ll sink to any depths. If there were no truth to this or any of these stories, where is the legal response from UM? Serge won’t even make a public statement. Come on Sergio, put these astral cultists in their organic places! Let’s weigh it up. Serge is the most spiritually advanced, knowledgable human being ever who has lived before as countless figures of historic note, and who happens to be the unfortunate victim of a conspiracy now involving a handful of disgruntled men, the media and people pretending to be victims for the fun of it, or Serge is a sleazy, deceptive, manipulative con-man who has cultivated a cult following of gullible twits who will resort to all manner of deceptive conduct to maintain the illusion, and flush their own families and reputations down the gurgler for his benefit. Anyone with a few functioning brain cells can see what the truth is.

  13. BTW, I don’t think we should give the UM hate blogs any air. Not because of what’s in them- as everyone I know that has seen them knows exactly what the group is and what the people writing them have become- but because it would dignify their stupidity.

    However, I think it’s fair to draw attention to the bloggers and their hateful and hypocritical behaviour so they suffer the consequences they think they are creating for others.

    That will leave them to lodge complaints and get indignant about journalists not seeking their side of the story, while concocting stories about people, and blocking comments from anyone that fails to agree with them. “Spherical Truth”, or as the muddle headed members call it, ” AWESOME integrity”.

    1. What I have noticed LOF correct me if I am wrong, is that one person at least over at UM is reading these sites, and at times I think we give them to much assistance, by the logical helpful things we say.
      Let them reap the consequences of their actions from the authorities.

  14. Take a look around, your priorities are extremely obscured. I dare you to focus on what’s TRUTHFULLY happening in the world at the moment, this website disgusts me with it’s lack of integrity and utter ignorance. Grow up. There are men and women half your age risking their lives for YOU RIGHT NOW and this is how you spend your time? Shame on you all.

    1. Are you talking to me?

      Look in the mirror. Look at the UM Facts site that is denigrating people harmed by UM and the people trying to expose that harm. Yes?

      Look at Serge teaching that becoming emotionally involved in the plight of other human beings is ‘pandering’, cancer causing and not ‘self-loving’. Are you telling me you actually care about the victims of terrorism here and in the Middle East? But you don’t give a stuff about the people harmed by UM? People being bullied and silenced in their own homes – hit with baseless AVOs and false accusations. People who’ve been ripped off and molested that you and your friends are trying to silence. People who are not allowed to express an opinion or an emotion without being oppressed by the Esoteric thought police.

      Shame on you for not recognising the havoc and despair wrought by the people in your immediate vicinity that you are financially supporting.

      Fighting terrorism starts at home darling, and I mean fighting extremist bullies, perverts and fascists in our streets and suburbs, like the UM cult.

      Attend your own lectures.

      1. The “lack of integrity” comment is a dead give away for another muddled member of UM. As always they try and use a very real word issue to draw attention away from their own misdoings. We’ve seen it with cyber bulling, violence against women etc etc.

        Anon, pelase note, their are many problems in the world that deserve our attention. You shouting loud about one of them does not diminish the pain and hurt caused by all the others. Nor does it invalidate the very clear and present danger of groups like Universal Medicine.

        Thank you to those that do spend their time exposing the truth. Your efforts are much appreciated.

  15. “this website disgusts me with it’s lack of integrity and utter ignorance.” Whoa, slow down there cowgirl. If you’re looking for utter ignorance, try one of Serge’s crazy books, or Alison Grieg and the facts team propaganda rants. If you want lack of integrity, perhaps go and visit Serge. He’s a paragon for (lack of) integrity. He just dropped a word or two to confuse you. It worked.

    And as pointed out, what has one thing got to do with another? That argument is so fallacious it’s not worth commenting on, other than to say it can only come from the mind someone who thinks Serge makes sense. I do appreciate your outrage though, even if it is misplaced and more than a tad unhinged. I feel the same thing every time I see the cult sheila’s attacking victims and critics with abandon.

    You did manage to get your comment up on the sites though. Wish we’d be given the same courtesy. If you’ve got a better argument, I would love to hear it.

  16. Hi, What is Ibid? It says under a quoted text (Ibid, p.228) but it would be really helpful if “Ibid” was better explained.
    Sorry if it is explained and I missed it. As you know I have some mild cognitive issues.

    1. ibid. means cite is from same text as previous citation. Same as using op.cit. or loc.cit.

      From Google/wiki
      ‘Ibid. (Latin, short for ibidem, meaning the same place) is the term used to provide an endnote or footnote citation or reference for a source that was cited in the preceding endnote or footnote. Ibid is a contraction of ibidem, a Latin word meaning “the same place.”’

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