Undue influence – a Universal Medicine cult money spinner

Investing in your will with cult leader Serge Benhayon
Investing in your will with cult leader Serge Benhayon

Universal Medicine’s Serge Benhayon to inherit bulk of devotee’s million-dollar estate Sydney Morning Herald 28 December, 2015

Today’s news reports the devastation of a family robbed of their rightful inheritance by a multi-millionaire predatory charlatan.

In 2012, Serge Benhayon told Seven News his business turned over around $2M per annum. What no one thought to ask was how much he rakes in from donations and bequests.

Update 2: also reported in Australia’s Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail (Australia & UK) and New York Times.

Sarah and Seth said their mother told them she wished to leave a significant part of her estate to Universal Medicine. Both also promised not to challenge the will after her death.

But Sarah said at the time she didn’t know the size of the estate or that her mother had given Mr Benhayon $800,000. She also didn’t know that during 2013 Mrs McIntyre also paid more than $320,000 towards a property in Goonellabah, near Lismore, which is held in the name of her close friend, Ingrid Langenbruch​. The two women lived together, with Ms Langenbruch acting as her carer, from October 2013 until her death.

During the hearing, Sarah and Seth’s barrister, Kim Morrissey, said there is no legal impediment to Mr Benhayon using the property for his own interests, rather than Universal Medicine, nor any bar on him selling it.

But Justice James Stevenson said there is no evidence Mr Benhayon intends to do either.

No evidence, because unfortunately, the plaintiffs’ legal counsel decided not to supply it to the court.

It was an unfortunate decision for the family not to plead undue influence and not to provide the court with the kind of comprehensive dissection of Benhayon’s shady business dealings which I will use as part of my defamation defence of ‘contextual truth’.

“She appears to have weighed up the competing considerations of the need to leave a legacy to Sarah and Seth and her desire to promote the teachings of Mr Benhayon.”

Teachings that include disability is karma for being an abuser in a past life; that emotions are the cause of all disease; and that women’s cancers are caused by male energy and participating in sport and vigorous exercise. Teachings that love has no emotion in it, and that women can harm their babies with the emotional energy in their breastmilk.

If you love your children with and from emotional love, you are just passing down to another generation a form of love that has not ever worked. (Benhayon, 2011, p.693).

Sarah said the judgment is “devastating.”

“We are incredibly disappointed by the decision,” she said. Sydney Morning Herald 

Yet another family paying far too much for a loved one’s devotion to a career scam artist.

The hearing

I received a tip off about the hearing, and because it was held the day before the directions hearing for my defamation case, I was able to be there to hear Benhayon describe himself to the court as a ‘teacher, practitioner, author and life coach’. He was then asked if he had any qualifications.


Benhayon also told the court that after Ms McIntyre’s gift, the next largest single monetary gift he’d received was $600K. Clearly he wasn’t counting donations to UM’s UK charity front, the Sound Foundation which received £1.2M from charity trustee, Michael Nicholson alone, in 2011-12. Similarly, that money went toward construction of a £1.8M premises for UM’s UK commercial events in Somerset – rented for three months of the year at a knockdown rate of £6,000. The charity’s accounts show the power bill alone for three months is almost £7,000 – aside from other running costs, depreciation and admin. For the rest of the year, the facility is hardly used. (The charity’s accounts can be found here.)

The court also heard that during the late stages of her life Judith was surrounded by UMers, particularly members of its upper rung of investors. The executor of her will was director of several UM companies, lawyer, Serryn O’Regan. The Justice of the Peace who witnessed her last will was Benhayon’s business partner, Desiree Delaloye. Her financial adviser was UM frequent flyer and promoter, Christophe Schnelle, and her palliative care nurse was Esoteric Breast Masseuse and UM promoter, Elizabeth Dolan. Even payrolled propagandist, Rebecca Asquith (nee Baldwin) was around to get a advertorial blog out of her – where Judith described in detail the vulnerabilities that made her a target for a greedy, death glorifying cult. She described how Serge taught her to ‘self-nurture’ by rejecting her past.

Mapping undue influence

Mid 2014, I blogged about Universal Medicine preying on cancer patients, with medical professionals – GP, Dr Jane Barker, and nurses Sharon Gavioli et al, running Breast Cancer Care cult recruitment retreats. They were deceptively disguised events insidiously indoctrinating targets with Benhayon’s toxic magical thinking to alienate them from their previous life choices and relationships.

Illness and disease are only markers. They are but mere reflections of our many choices. (Benhayon, 2011, p.586)

If everything is energy, then there is an energetic harm and an energetic true good. If we have disease, then there has to be an energy that caused that disease. So, what has occurred? What have I done? What have I been involved in, what emotions do I allow, how do I walk, sit speak and interact with everybody from an energetic point of view that allows some form of energy to enter that is not good for me to come into my body and create what we call a cancerous cell or a cancerous tumour? Is the world ready for this simple truth? (Benhayon, 2011, p.619)

If we wake up with a cancerous tumour, or diabetes, or with arthritis, or even just exhaustion, with a sneeze, a cough, a runny nose – then there has been a way that we have been living that has caused it. Because everything is energy, the way you have been living energetically has allowed your body to operate with an ill energy that then manifests the ills you physically, physiologically, emotionally and psychologically will have. Death is always a healing – and not part of the failure. (Benhayon, 2011, p.599)

Lack of self-nurturing is now a significant global problem and in particular for women, as it is the energetic cause of breast cancer and its ill rise in our societies everywhere. Archived Esoteric Breast Massage site – erased in 2012

We know breast cancer is out of control and energetically from an esoteric point of view this is caused by the lack of nurturing a woman has toward herself. Women, at best, are today great nurturers of others, but not of themselves! (Benhayon, 2006, p.249)

UniMed House – page removed from UM website

Some time before she passed away, Judith wrote a testimonial which became an addendum to Universal Medicine’s false and misleading parliamentary inquiry submission. She wrote of unqualified Serge Benhayon providing her with healings and ‘counselling’ ‘free of charge’ while she underwent radiotherapy in Lismore. The generosity extended to putting her up in UniMed House across the street from the Goonellabah headquarters, an accommodation for Esoteric pilgrims. The proximity to the clinic maximises targets’ expenditure on worthless ‘healings’ and other New Age claptrap peddled by the Benhayon bogan demigods.

Judith’s testimonial walks us through Benhayon’s grooming process. For the tiny outlay of a few ‘free’ undue influence sessions, the unqualified shyster received a hefty return. Her testimonial shows he’d successfully sold her the Esoteric martyrdom pitch – that she’d developed cancer by nurturing others rather than herself – as if the two are mutually exclusive.

I saw Serge in early August before the second surgery. I talked to him about death and how I had been living my life for others rather than for myself. I could see how I had squandered my life energy and made myself vulnerable to cancer in spite of my ‘healthy’ lifestyle…

He told me that he was willing to see me throughout my cancer treatment and that other cancer patients who came to him usually did very well with their treatment…

I was seeing Serge weekly for counselling and esoteric acupuncture and began to feel so well physically that I could take longer and more lively walks than I had been able to do for many months before my diagnosis…

Again, he gave me support through counselling and acupuncture and taught me to “rest deeply” as I went into my chemo sessions, fully choosing to be there since I had decided that I would have it.

Universal Medicine provided me with a beautiful and nurturing space in which to stay within a short distance of the hospital so that I was able to drive myself to the treatment even though I was still tired and became more so. This accommodation and much of my sessions with Serge have actually been free of charge… Testimonial from Judith (end of document p.46 of 49)


An industry in bequest harvesting

From developing a belief that caring for others causes disease, it’s only one step to believing that leaving them money in your will is harmful – encouraging them to stray from Benhayon’s oppressive Way of the Livingness, causing them physical and supernatural harm.

If you receive money from family- inheritance – clear it by putting your passbook on a clearing symbol – you [sic] kidneys adopt what you are receiving…

Serge talked about Wills

If you leave a child $10,000 dollars and the kids spend that money to keep them in recognition and identification – excess – that holds you in contraction in your next life. 

If you invest wisely in your will this gives you fire in your next life.

If not you leave behind a constant drain on kidney energy and an imprint of a pranic emanation stopping others from being in their centre.

If you give in sympathy no matter how much you give  esoterically you are drained.

Do you clear it from other past lives?

5points of fire everyday, left behind 10points prana, end of the day 5 points of prana…

Fire & prana correspond with good and evil in Benhayon’s worldview.

Benhayon stipulates bequests are made unconditionally. To reinforce the virtue of throwing money at Benhayon’s plan for world domination, he ends his speech with occult insanity about the evils of donating to the competition – legitimate charities.

If you leave a Will to Unimed and you put a lineal condition that it be used to fund those who can’t afford the courses then that is pranic- putting a lineal condition on a spherical nature, not trusting people will know how to best use it.

Charity- was discussed as creating a greater platform of prana for the lords of form.

Occultly – the energy of charity is the same as the energy of a paedophilia as it tries to use an innocent expression to disguse its ill pranic ways. Trying to compensate for own guilt through the use of innocent energy. (Esoteric Development Group notes, taken by Kathleen Baldwin, September 2008)

Business or charity?

The $800K gift from Ms McIntyre to Benhayon a month before her passing was used to renovate the Wollongbar College of Universal Medicine charity premises, which Benhayon owns outright, purchased for $2.3M, and insists is a separate entity to his commercial business Universal Medicine Pty Ltd. The gate to the property says it’s the College of Universal Medicine. Student notes from a few years ago show Benhayon soliciting ‘anonymous gifts of investment‘ to build and renovate the property into conference, office and clinic facilities, as well as a hospice, aged care facility and retreat for cancer patients.

For harvesting bequests.

That fundraising was  switched to the College of Universal Medicine charity’s Fiery Building Fund once it gained charity status. However, we know the premises is used for UM Pty Ltd commercial purposes. Benhayon’s court testimony indicates fundraising has switched back to the proprietor’s personal fundraising. The college has raised little money in the past two years and most of its courses are conducted online. The Charity Commission put conditions on any lease of Benhayon’s property by the College so that he wouldn’t profit from the charity if it folded.

Naturally, Benhayon’s team make sure they’re on hand to wrest bequests from those at the most vulnerable stage of their lives. In the end, Judith was completely hemmed in by Esoteric do gooders. The possibility of seeing anything but the jaundiced Esoteric slant on her past and her past connections, or making decisions that didn’t align with those of her carers was essentially smothered.

The fact that wasn’t shown to the court was a great pity, and one that mustn’t be repeated.

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

Meeting Serge Benhayon – A Meeting on the Edge of Eternity – Judith’s final blog.

Benhayon vs Rockett – help fund my legal defence

60 thoughts on “Undue influence – a Universal Medicine cult money spinner

  1. What an absolute charmer Serge is. In all sense of the words. I am shocked the court didn’t hear the coercion that goes into getting bequests from members. This is not the only family where this is happening, and it didn’t start recently.

    What is more shocking is the court thinks that some random bloke deserves a hefty chunk of a womans estate after knowing her for a year, in favour of her kids who knew and loved her their whole lives.

    Disgusting all around. Serge really is a teflon man. He gets away with murder…so to speak.

  2. My deepest condolences to the McIntyres. This was a travesty.

    Now I’m very busy, so don’t get upset if I’m too busy to respond to messages etc.

    Answers to questions coming in:

    Yes, Serge became aware of me being in the courtroom. Of course. It was a small courtroom, with little more than a dozen observers – half a dozen being team Sergio, including Anne McRitchie (charity director), Alison Greig and some skinny tosser – dressed like bogan yakuza circa 1985 – who kept trying to give me and the Fairfax journo the evil eye.

    Serge was pathetic on the stand. Courts don’t tolerate spherical answers to direct questions – so this was very useful to observe.

    In answer to how the court came to the judgement they did? Two things – the family provisions act only needs for the provision to family to be ‘adequate’. That doesn’t necessarily mean fair. The other thing was that the court can’t do anything if the evidence is not brought. I’m sorry to say that the family’s legal team opted to spend less time in court and simply did not bring the evidence and did not cross examine Sergio the parasite anywhere near enough for the judge to be able to make a determination on his Esoteric integrity. I hate to say it, but it was a terrible missed opportunity.

    And please everyone, read the whole blog I just wrote and think about what that means. Disabled dependents missed out in favour of a multi-millionaire predator.

    In the next days I will update on my legal defence. I need to just clarify a few items, but I will be using a defence that allows me to air ALL of Benhayon’s dishonesty in court. I will post an explanation of how that will work and what that means.

    It’s imperative I get the financial backing to fund this defence and get him to court, on the stand and answering to all of this. Help fund my defence.

    Click to Donate here

  3. My deepest condolences to the family.
    This certainly was a travesty.
    What kind of evil creep video’s a patient’s last moment’s?
    So as to be sure they get the money with their butts covered.

  4. PS: Stating the obvious but

  5. It beggars belief doesn’t it. Why does someone who has already got rich selling snake oil and misery need to stand in court and shake down the children of lady that has just died? Outright greed. With the ugly hench ladies in attendance to support Serge as he steals someone’s inheritance.

    What a little fucking c…. I hate him all over again. Dirty little shit bag he is. BTW, everyone that has read this article has used the same adjective spontaneously.

  6. Lismore Radio Facebook page

    Lismore Radio
    4 hrs ·

    Esoteric ‘Messiah’ healer wins legal fight to inherit bulk of devotee’s million-dollar estate
    Serge Benhayon, founder of the esoteric healing group Universal Medicine, will inherit the bulk of the million-dollar estate of a female devotee after her two adult…

  7. Another point at hand is that Benhayon’s healing sham CAN’T cure breast cancer.

    Maybe UM thought it convincing this woman should best be sent off to Arctucus or wherever!

    1. Or is it Sirius?

      Is very convenient for a claimed healing organisation also to have an afterlife deathwish optional agenda for their conned sick. Makes it easier to send off when the healing proves a sham.

      1. C’mon! Northern Star this is a local story that has made national & overseas headlines.

        1. Don’t be stupid, Northern Star can’t report on this story. Sarah Davis may get cross if they do! Thankfully we have a national press that can and do publish the stories that matter.

  8. No accident I laid out Benhayon’s death drive in blogs starting 3 years ago. ‘Cancer is clearing’, ‘death is a healing’, memorial services held while people are still alive, film productions sell-abrating Glorious corpses. I called it the great Esoteric Livingness swindle. Health is out in UM. Death is in. Give over your life and your money.

    It’s an Esoteric industry.

    1. Just wondering what Jenny Dowell and Isaac Smith and Kevin Hogan really feel about this deplorable act by a Charlatan that they have supported?

  9. Serge Benhayon received this money under false pretenses.
    By his own admissions he has NO qualifications.
    What he promised the dying lady was a SHAM.
    He is a Charlatan who should at the very least be made to repay all of the money
    he took plus interest to this ladies children.
    Jenny Dowell do be careful Serge and UM target Breast Cancer people.

  10. I’ve just updated and clarified info about Serge’s Wollongbar property above. The gate says ‘College of Universal Medicine’. The title is held in Benhayon’s name, and it was purchased for $2.3M.

    The $800K gift from Ms McIntyre to Benhayon was used to renovate the Wollongbar College of Universal Medicine charity premises, which Benhayon owns outright, purchased for $2.3M. He insists the charity is a separate entity to his commercial business Universal Medicine Pty Ltd. Student notes from a few years ago show Benhayon soliciting ‘anonymous gifts of investment‘ to build and renovate the property into conference, office and clinic facilities, as well as a hospice, aged care facility and retreat for cancer patients.

    For harvesting bequests.

    That fundraising was switched to the College of Universal Medicine charity’s Fiery Building Fund once it gained charity status, and the website was altered from funding a ‘Universal Medicine Centre’ to funding the College. However, we know the premises is used for UM Pty Ltd commercial purposes.

    Benhayon’s court testimony indicates fundraising has switched back to the proprietor’s personal fundraising. Perhaps the college is defunct. Benhayon was required to sign an undertaking by the Charity Commission that he wouldn’t profit from the charity if it folded.

  11. Could it be that because of all of the above, that this is why the SLAPP was served?
    Maybe Serge thought you would be shut down and shut up before all of this came out.
    There you were sitting in the Courtroom.

  12. If UMers can’t see this is a massive abuse of power & travesty of justice, they are in deep denial with no conscience.

    Vulture like undue influence, using delusional fear based teachings to financially & spiritually exploit a dying, vulnerable, probably frightened patient.

    What integrity …

  13. There are a whole bunch of questions about the $800,000, the charity and that property owned by Benhayon. To an outsider, it certainly looks like the charity was simply a vehicle to improve the building for the benefit of Serge and his business. The original charity site stated that donations would be used to improve the building so it could be leased back from the owner.

    How does one separate the bit of wall and paint that the charity paid for from Serge’s property and freehold? They can’t. Furthermore, they are barely doing any CoUM activities at the hall now it is completed. It appears to be regular Universal Medicine courses, formerly ran in venues he had to lease at commercial rates.

    That was the basis of our complaint to the ACNC.

    A reminder to readers as to why they did nothing. The original investigator was alarmed at what he saw and was eager to interview Serge (who had just quit as the Chairman in haste post a news story about the charity) but was stopped by the commissioner and his bosses. They told him that they were not prosecuting charities – no matter what- and that their first aim was to ensure compliance. ie- ticking boxes. Another charity the same investigator was looking at had it’s directors flee overseas with the money. The ACNC also did nothing.

    As a result, the CoUM, though quite obviously never set up as a charity to benefit anyone other than Serge and a few members, was allowed to continue provided Serge undertake that he would not benefit from it. A weak response which the cult used as exoneration. Not dissimilar from the Office of Fair Trading complaint, which failed largely because they didn’t have the power, or authority, to act.

    The fact is, Serge does seem to get away with things that is staggering. Most of us get busted for missing a few dollars interest on our tax returns. He’s been handed money from the government (a part of $700K) when he has no qualifications, runs a tax free “education” business (he’s not registered for GST and all of the family have ABN’s, non GST) gets lots of cash donations, anonymous donations to buy properties in his name, bequeaths, and more… and there doesn’t seem to be a regulator in sight that cares less.

    He probably thinks it is because he is a master from another plane. We know it is just pure luck and a sharp reminder that things are never as fair as they ought to be.

    It looks like CoUM has staggered to a halt. Quite possibly as there is no particular reason to run it now, and it is being watched. They are never going to collect donations to give away money. So what is the point?

    I am sure Serge is aware, but as soon it looks like there is some benefit being derived or something fishy happens, I am straight back to the ACNC to alert them. Now, next year, or in 10 years.

  14. So the ACNC site says that:

    CoUM is still registered (just checked)

    Monies taken are less than $250,000 per annum. (?????)

    CoUM is NOT involved in religious activities.

    It is all so convoluted and hard to get, crooks oops I mean people do this when they are out to hide and deceive.

  15. She gifted the money to Serge personally.

    Sergio was squirming on the stand at pains to differentiate the charity from the business, and point out he has no relationship to the charity (on paper). He just devotes his time, he said.

    UM won’t shut the charity down until they wipe me off the internet and get injunctions to stop me from blogging about them.

    Then no one will be the wiser. They think.

    No, UM did NOT expect to see me at the hearing. They didn’t expect the Fairfax journos either.

    It was a nasty experience. The court went over Sarah & Seth’s expenditure with a fine tooth comb. Not so for Sergio.

    Suffice to say the SLAPP is all about shutting me down so they can get on with the robbing and exploitation unscrutinized. Business as usual.

  16. It appears to me that perhaps Ms McIntyre’s children were poorly advised to seek a variance on the grounds that they needed more money rather than argue that their dear Mum had been hoodwinked by Benhayon.

  17. Good point from Frank, and he’s right.

    But we also need to look at how that may have happened. That UM’s content is sheer nonsense is clear to outsiders, but to the less worldly, the packaging looks professional. Benhayon has also surrounded himself with professionals – health professionals, including five medical specialists and a half dozen or so psychologists; four lawyers, teachers, chartered accountants, media professionals, Eric Walsh, the dropkick cult cop lol, social workers, child safety workers and wealthy sycophants like Rob and Deborah Wild, Neil and Jean Gamble and Michael and Tricia Nicholson.

    All of them acting out their best ‘soul-full’ Love and Truth performance and burbling about ‘nurturing’ and ‘integrity’ and other cult fictions. They’re all carefully groomed with the cult’s dress and make-up code, and there’s money being hurled left and right.

    It’s seductive. And the cult’s numbskull professionals lend the whole mess legitimacy. Airheaded it might be, but that’s some powerful PR.

  18. Unbelievable. How can someone full of love and light take a child’s inheritance. Especially if they are already loaded? Ummm maybe because they are a narcissistic egotistical, …………. unbelievable that UM can feel so entitled.. my friends believe serge is the real thing. Constantly linking to um blogs, all for nothing. They wouldn’t earn a cent from Serge just the right to a firey next life. I wonder how much he has taken ftom them. Shameful

  19. Quote: “Universal Medicine’s programs are clearly promoted as healing and health-related. Benhayon and his associates target vulnerable patients with serious health conditions, including cancer, and encourages them to cease conventional treatment. Universal Medicine’s marketing and indoctrination are aimed to establishing a therapy dependency among students and patients in order to benefit to Universal Medicine commercially. Patients have complained of overservicing.”

    Cult Information and Family Support Inc.

  20. Yes. I remember the part in the Bible where Jesus took his disciples children before the magistrate to get all of the shekels of a recently deceased disciple – it’s a parable Proverbs 1011

    And remember when Buddha sitting under the bodhi tree decided that he needed to raise millions of rupees from his followers – he said come on to me and pass all your worldly goods for it will make you incarnate better in the next life but do not worship me because I am a man just like you..

    Yes serge a member of the hierarchy just like Jesus and buddha obviously needs more money in this more material age

    It all makes perfect sense I can see why the followers gather around him and worship him I can see why the followers gather around him and worship him He is such a perfect man taking those evil dollars off those evil children so that he can put it in his bank account and make sure that it is only spent in energetic integrity

    He surely is the next Messiah in 1000 years everyone will gather to talk about how serge took the money from the evil children so that they may she worship God in the most perfect way
    I can see it in the Bible now the Bible of universal medicine

    1. Hey ‘anonymous’, not sure where you read that about Jesus, but it isn’t in the Bible. (The Book of Proverbs was written centuries before Jesus was born).

      Jesus criticised religious Pharisee leaders re their greed, self indulgence, burdening / exploiting & not assisting the poor, overlooking justice & love, etc. (Mathew ch 23. New International Version most accurate & easy to read, Message version even easier & a delight).

      Jesus said “you cannot serve both God & money” (Luke 16:13), advocated to give / care for the poor (Luke 12:32 -34) & displayed anger when men turned his “Father’s place into a market”. (John 2: 14-16).

      There is no record in the Bible of Jesus asking for money for himself.

      The New Testament writer Paul also said that a Christian leader (amongst other admirable, mature qualities), mustn’t be “lovers of money”.

      (There are many Jesus followers today challenging churches which pressure people for money, expecting free NT grace based believers to pay OT legalistic law based tithes. Or they boycott institutional churches to meet in homes or nature).

      Jesus simple life & offer of a free, abundant, joyful, peaceful eternal life through Him, makes him the most appealing (& credible, evidence based) Messiah of all.

      1. I am pretty sure that was a parody given that Serge puts himself in that company, and not literal. I am also certain there is no evidence of Jesus either. It’s obvious your not a fan of Serge, but I get the feeling most people here, including myself, are not fans of any religion. Everyone thinks their brand of belief is the best from inside it and fails to see the glaring contradictions and fantasy it’s based on. This blog is about overcoming delusions.

      1. A quote translated from the Chinese article.

        “McIntyre is to recognize Benhayon in 2011, when she was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and she soon became an avid donor. Well, this is exactly the sort of person Benhayon it? Why is there so much charm? The original Benhayon is “universal treatment occult,” the founder, by his students as “the new Messiah,” “have eternal wisdom” and “incarnation” of the truth, have provided an unconventional treatment for 15,000 people.”


    1. Yep Northern star can write an article on this as news!
      “Shock, horror Chris Hemsworth shops without shoes in Byron”

      BUT NOT on very important community matter that has made State, National and International news. Pathetic and morally wrong.

  21. Thank you and to any others keeping up the research. Well spotted. I’ve not had time to stay abreast of everything. Universal Law and Serryn O’Regan will be Gloriously on the hop hurling around legal threats lol.

  22. Yes Serge, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
    Your attempts at silencing does not include the public courtroom
    You may have won your ghoulish case to rob this poor family of their inheritance via conning their dying vulnerable mother
    But the cost to you will be high
    The world is now a witness to the truth of just how evil you are and global close scrutiny will follow
    This is about lowlife people who prey on people
    People like you Serge
    Your teachings are obsessed with them
    Paedophiles and rapists
    Why the obsession with this? and sex and young girls?
    Yet you damn the innocent
    Critics and breastfeeding mothers, dairy products and tampons
    Porthole into your bizarre mind
    You were a master of deception, still able to easily convince the converted, but the world is onto you now
    And ironically you did it to yourself
    I am hoping this global exposure leads to some funding for Esther’s trial
    As I am sure this trial will be the final sword to put a stop to your narcissistic madness

    1. The talk around town is what a scum bag he is. Just about everyone has seen the articles and are flabbergasted. But the members will think he is justified. It is not possible for them to see what it really is, and the courts piss weak decision will vindicate their dodgy thinking. But it is a lesson of law. Fair does not matter. Right does not matter.

      In law, it who has the most money, talks the loudest, and can out maneuver the best. In this case, I am quite sure that the budget of the family decided the outcome. If they had had the time to put the abundant evidence of Serge’s coercion and manipulations to the court- such as recording Judith to cover their boney asses- they would have come out on top.

      I am sure they were conscious of eroding their small inheritances and the risk of losing even more, whereas in this case, Serge, financially, had nothing to lose and could afford to throw some money at to make sure he had their money. It’s all pretty obvious to anyone that doesn’t need to believe he is an ass-ended master. He’s a con through and through, and he is ruthless about taking peoples money. That is- clearly- what Universal Medicine is really all about.

      1. If you really believed in karma you wouldn’t take what isn’t yours. If you believed in decency and respect you would never take anyone else’s inheritance. If he was poor and needed some money then yeh sure a couple of thousand but to take this amount of money is just wrong. I can’t believe people can do this and get away with it. Let’s hope there is true karma. I only met the guy once and he ran shivers down my spine. Slimey and creepy. Why do others think he is so wonderful? I just don’t get it.

  23. Something else to consider. If a registered doctor or practitioner took $800,000 from their patient shortly before dying, and also changed their will at the same time so that they also became the largest benefactor, what would happen to that practitioner?

    A question for Sam and some of the other professionals in the group to contemplate.

    1. Good point.

      From the doctors’ code:

      􏰾􏰪􏰫􏰪􏰟􏰃􏰞􏰅􏰙􏰆􏰥􏰉􏰒􏰉􏰥􏰆􏰃􏰰􏰢􏰇􏰰􏰃􏰰􏰢􏰞􏰌􏰞􏰃􏰉􏰒􏰃􏰇􏰃􏰋􏰙􏰴􏰞􏰌􏰃 􏰉􏰁􏰂􏰇􏰑􏰇􏰥􏰅􏰞􏰃􏰉􏰥􏰃􏰰􏰢􏰞􏰃􏰐􏰙􏰅􏰰􏰙􏰌􏰵􏰋􏰇􏰰􏰉􏰞􏰥􏰰􏰃 􏰌􏰞􏰑􏰇􏰰􏰉􏰙􏰥􏰒􏰢􏰉􏰋􏰱􏰃􏰇􏰥􏰐􏰃􏰥􏰙􏰰􏰃􏰞􏰼􏰋􏰑􏰙􏰉􏰰􏰉􏰥􏰆􏰃􏰋􏰇􏰰􏰉􏰞􏰥􏰰􏰒􏰃 􏰋􏰢􏰳􏰒􏰉􏰅􏰇􏰑􏰑􏰳􏰱􏰃􏰞􏰁􏰙􏰰􏰉􏰙􏰥􏰇􏰑􏰑􏰳􏰱􏰃􏰒􏰞􏰼􏱆􏰇􏰑􏰑􏰳􏰃􏰶􏰥􏰇􏰥􏰅􏰉􏰇􏰑􏰑􏰳􏰪􏰾􏰪􏰙􏰆􏰥􏰉􏰒􏰉􏰥􏰆􏰃􏰰􏰢􏰇􏰰􏰃􏰰􏰢􏰞􏰌􏰞􏰃􏰉􏰒􏰃􏰇􏰃􏰋􏰙􏰴􏰞􏰌􏰃 􏰉􏰁􏰂􏰇􏰑􏰇􏰥􏰅􏰞􏰃􏰉􏰥􏰃􏰰􏰢􏰞􏰃􏰐􏰙􏰅􏰰􏰙􏰌􏰵􏰋􏰇􏰰􏰉􏰞􏰥􏰰􏰃 􏰌􏰞􏰑􏰇􏰰􏰉􏰙􏰥􏰒􏰢􏰉􏰋􏰱􏰃􏰇􏰥􏰐􏰃􏰥􏰙􏰰􏰃􏰞􏰼􏰋􏰑􏰙􏰉􏰰􏰉􏰥􏰆􏰃􏰋􏰇􏰰􏰉􏰞􏰥􏰰􏰒􏰃

      􏰋􏰢􏰳􏰒􏰉􏰅􏰇􏰑􏰑􏰳􏰱􏰃􏰞􏰁􏰙􏰰􏰉􏰙􏰥􏰇􏰑􏰑􏰳􏰱􏰃􏰒􏰞􏰼􏱆􏰇􏰑􏰑􏰳􏰃􏰶􏰥􏰇􏰥􏰅􏰉􏰇􏰑􏰑􏰳􏰪8.12 Financial and commercial dealings

      Doctors must be honest and transparent in financial arrangements with patients. Good medical practice involves:

      8.12.1 Not exploiting patients’ vulnerability or lack of medical knowledge when providing or recommending treatment or services.

      8.12.2 Not encouraging patients to give, lend or bequeath money or gifts that will benefit you directly or indirectly.

      Generally – and this applies to Serge, the messiah.

      A good doctor–patient partnership requires high standards of professional conduct. This involves:

      3.2.6 Recognising that there is a power imbalance in the doctor–patient relationship, and not exploiting patients physically, emotionally, sexually or financially.

      1. The very weak code of conduct the HCCC doesn’t actually enforce, sort of covers it. ” A health practitioner must not conduct…any close personal relationship with their client” which of course you’d need to have to end up with $800K from someone you are “treating” just before they passed away, and then the bulk of their estate once they did.

        But the same code says that a ‘health practitioner must not engage in any form of misinformation in relation tot he product or services she or provides or as to his or her qualifications, training and professional affiliations”

        ..and we know that’s been breached in abundance. We pointed it out to the HCCC quite a few times, and they declined to do anything, because they actually have no power to do anything unless someone brings in a corpse. And Serge responded telling them we were liars and he was man of absolute integrity, and that was good enough for them.

        It’s crystal clear though. Serge should not have taken the $800K off a vulnerable woman just before passing away. And he should not have got a cent when she passed. If it was a registered health professional, they’d be disbarred.

        The group got together to ensure it happened. Christoph Schnell was her financial advisor (remember the recent article about in the cult journal the Northern Star about death planning by Christoph? Bizarre), Desiree, Serge’s right hand man ;)- a justice of the peace- witnessed the altered will, and Elizabeth Nolan- palliative care nurse of the year after some heavy cult voting, deja-vu- cooed sweetly in her ear how Serge is an amazing man. That’s coercion. They even whipped together a quick video testimony so the poor love bombed woman would say how it was all her idea. (how could it have been? that fails a simple logic test)

        It’s not the first bequeath Serge has got, and it won’t be his last. There’s others out there now aware that their parents are signing over large chunks – or all- of their inheritance to the healers-healer. If it all goes belly up tomorrow, Serge will have those bequeaths coming in for years. He can add that to his pile of investments funds, property portfolios, and luxury cars. Fitting I suppose for a new era Messiah. No robes and sandals at Serge’s place.

        As I keep saying, for anyone outside of the group, Serge’s real interest is blindingly obvious. It hasn’t changed since he was a young man.

        Nor his M.O.

    1. Thank you. It’s a syndicated article from the APN News desk is Sydney, so no credit to the Northern Star.

      It’s a good article that has added some more comments from the family.

      He said he urged his mother to reconsider bequeathing the majority of her estate to Universal Medicine.

      “I encouraged her to pay in proportion to the services received; even generously, but with rationality,” Seth said.

      “I reiterated that spirituality, in my opinion, should not rest on money.”

      Sarah told the court she had agreed not to challenge her mother’s will before her death because she “didn’t want to upset her or to argue with her”.

      On the exposed blog a palliative care nurse has expressed her anger at the case. I’m also a career health practitioner. We charge or are paid for our services by the hour. It’s *our job* to help sick people. We are simply not entitled to more than that – but our industry is filling with mercenary bastards, like BenhayonCorp preying on the vulnerable, and that should be prohibited by law.

      1. Okay. Let’s hope it makes it to print. Story says it was posted at 3 AM – too late for today’s print run. If it’s popular enough it might go to print?

        1. Is Ms Mcintyre a client, patient or a student of UM? All the flip-flopping within UM means no-one’s ever certain as usual. ‘The truth is all so esoteric!’
          “Serge Benhayon, will inherit the majority of a million-dollar estate following the death of one of his students despite her children’s protests.” APN

  24. I dunno, I wish one of these papers had done some research. Then again, Sergio and Serryn O’Regan flat refuse to answer questions and were already issuing legal threats before any stories went to print.

    The building at Wollongbar is the College of UM building, supposedly. Why didn’t Judith donate to the charity?

    Yes, anon, was she a student, client or patient? She was a client and a cultist. Benhayon manages to manipulate the media to use his language, but UMers are customers who think they’re students and ‘investors’.

    Pity the Echo has called UM a spiritual group. It’s a business.

    If they did a property title search they’d come up with over a dozen properties owned by the Benhayons.

    No surprise APN closed the comments on the story – it would have been spammed with UMers vouching for the bogan messiah, and begging APN to print the ‘real story’ – how hundreds have benefited from throwing all their money at the holy Benhayons. (While thousands suffer at having to deal with them.)

  25. Please All Readers Read this link that is in the above blog it is a must.

    To think that UM are today 5/1/15 claiming such innocence and benevolence is a sickening crime.
    If only the Judge knew just a smidgen of all of this vileness.

    Elizabeth Dolan is the nurse UM are claiming was there to look after Ms McIntyre as well as linking to and claiming how Ms Dolan won the highest NSW Nurses award….pity very few if any of the other nurses at the Lismore Base knew!?

    Everything makes a normal citizen feel so creepy and awful.

    Thank you Esther for all of your HUGE efforts….


    This is just a little of it please click on the link and read it ALL. Sickening.

    “Previous fundraising – soliciting anonymous donations”

    In Australia Serge bought a property for the student body so that he could secure it. It is not for him. The student body will have to buy back this property from Serge. (If of course they want their own place). If they do not want it then Serge will sell it. It is not for him.

    The property Serge bought is beautiful. It is huge and we will never outgrow it. It is worth investing it. The Code of Ethics to run such an organization will be even higher than the Code of Ethics we now have for the EPA. Serge also spoke about the nursing homes we will have to cater for all of us who are getting older and who will be looking for a place to live and die in our old age. EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, February 18, 2012, p.5.

    There has been a new UniMed building and 6 acre grounds bought in Goonellabah (2.3 million). Serge showed us some pictures of the grounds – it is very very beautiful. UniMed needs anonomous (sic) gifts of investment for this new property to get up and running. EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, September 18, 2011, p.4.

    The purchase is not for Serge

    In Australia Serge has personally purchased (around $2.5mil) a huge building, a cold storage facility on 6 acres and is holding it until such a time there is the call for the Australian charity to purchase it from him to develop a centre in Australia. If this does not happen over the next few years then serge will sell it. The call must come from the students. EDG notes taken by Michael Dixon, 18 February 2012 p.4.”

  26. Those notes do make you wonder if Elizabeth is able to separate her role as a nurse from Serge’s mission to fund his empire. And given she was Judith’s nurse, it doesn’t look good.

    Re the donation to Serge and not the charity. I think it might have had something to do with the timing, which was almost exactly when the ACNC was looking into the charity and it’s building fund. So the question is, if the charity is squeaky clean, why give it directly to Serge?

  27. I have just read the UM justification for Serge vulturing on the McIntyre family tradgedy and inheritance claims.
    You lot are human parasitic remora fish sucking on the belly of a pundit shark who is constantly cruising to prey on the weak, sick, vulnerable and dying.
    If you ever snap out of your brainwashed state I fear for you as you drown in remorse and guilt for your actions in devoting your life to this conman
    And to try and make her children out to be the bad guys for daring to question Serge and retrieve what is rightfully theirs shouts to the world how zombified you all are.
    The hall and land are all the name of Serge Benhayon and are his personal property.
    Dont kid yourselves that this is not the bottom line.

    1. It’s very revealing that after every major media report on the activities of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon the group publishes it’s own version of events on their official website. The Universal Medicine website is not subject to fact checking, oversight by the Australian Press Council, or any of the other checks and balances that newspapers are subject to which ensures, on the whole, they get the facts right. And if they don’t, serve as a mechanism for redress.

      In the story of Judith McIntyre, three large and separate media entities on three separate continents all reported the same version of events. Even the smaller papers who picked up the story ‘from the wire’ largely reported the same thing.

      And then there’s the Universal Medicine website which paints a very different version of events.

      It’s obvious who is going to be believed, and very exposing to the modus operandi of Universal Medicine.

      1. It’s not worth reading what the members have to say. Perhaps if this was the first and only example of a bequest you might be able to let is pass, but it’s not. He’s had them before, and will have them in the future. The fact they are rationalising what is obviously highly unusual again highlights how they will anything he does, and that Serge can pull things off right in front of them without them so much as blinking.

        This morning I happened to see a young lass at Ballina sitting rigidly in a park, with a scarf and earphones. She glanced my way, perhaps wondering if I was the evil villain the cult loves to hate, then went back to her 1000 yard stare. I recognised her as a member. As I walked past I had a sinking feeling thinking of how she was polluting her young brain with Serge’s mindless ramblings, absorbed in mood-making that Serge calls “livingness”.

        It angers and upsets me to think that Serge has had such a detrimental effect on so many people and he’s largely gone unscathed. That this young girl would willingly sit there and absorb Serge’s circular mindless rubbish in place of real learning and experience is almost as big a travesty as robbing someone else children of their inheritance.

  28. Yes…..
    Serge has firmly planted his arse on the terminal/wealthy’s bucket( list )filling it with esoteric effluent
    I wonder if that if the same woman were penniless, would Serge and his fledgling UM vultures have lavished so much attention on her, video her last wishes, made sure her kids promised not to contest the
    Of course not

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