Universal Medicine’s cancer industry – glorifying disease & death for profit

Congrats-on-cancerIn the recent McIntyre inheritance case, cult leader, Serge Benhayon ingratiated himself to $1.3M of a dying cancer patient’s estate, at the expense of her children, grandchildren, and disabled dependents. The blog Congratulations! You have cancer, posted within days of the news coverage exemplifies Benhayon’s morbid but highly lucrative Livingness swindle.

I recently posted a YouTube lecture from Daniel Shaw on the topic of cult leaders thriving by draining the vitality from others. I’ve also blogged about the death worshipping fraud that is Esoteric healing in depth. Congratulations! You have cancer is another of the horrors flung out by the Way of the Livingness death drive propaganda machine.

In  the blog, a young, cancer patient – also a science trained psychotherapist – tells of falling for the Benhayon hands on con job. She now believes his toxic, non evidence based magical thinking that cancer is ‘clearing’.

I understood that cancer was my body’s way of clearing harmful energies I had taken on. By that I mean, that I had for years been living in a way that was not very loving, indeed it had been quite abusive and those choices had consequences for my body. All of those choices had been energetically harming for my body and cancer was my body’s way of getting rid of them.

Those are the identical words from Benhayon’s teachings on cancer, repeated scores of times in his podcast lectures, which cult members listen to up to thirty times each. It’s also verbatim of other UM customers, some of whom went to their graves believing their lives and relationships before joining the cult were worthless.

They believe that normal human emotions cause cancer – as does ‘prana’ and ‘male energy‘. They believe they deserve cancer for failing to think Esoterically correct thoughts and for lax adherence to lifestyle restrictions that include a ban on sports and vigorous exercise, as well as cutting out dairy products, root vegetables, grains and numerous other nutritional foods.

From there, as we’ve seen, the student body moves in on patients in their most vulnerable states, replacing patients’ former connections with cult love bombing. As we saw in Judith McIntyre’s case, the next step is a large bequest to a career scam artist and his Universal Medicine industry of New Age exploitation.

And it happened exactly like that. Students (of Universal Medicine) were visiting me every day, supported me with sessions, especially Connective Tissue Therapy…It was an amazing feeling to be held in true love by the Benhayons and the students during the whole process.

You bet UniMed investors show love and support to the financially secure terminally ill. Cancer patients with assets are priority targets for the Benhayons. With the enthusiastic endorsement of Universal Medicine’s occult quackery promoting cult doctors – most culpably Lismore’s Dr Jane Barker,  UK NHS Eunice Minford and Australian, Dr Samuel Kim.

For the vulnerable, warm and fuzzy ‘feeling’ takes primacy over the ghastly truth – that they and their loved ones suffer when patients are preyed upon by a spiritual scam. Anxiety wracked patients are indoctrinated to condemn their pasts in favour of a hypothetical ‘Glorious’ reincarnation into the anti-social, impossibly austere Way of the Livingness – deceptively marketed as love and truth.

Talking to Serge Benhayon about the cancer and my anxiety felt more calming than anything I have experienced before. I came to realise that the cancer is a way of my body showing me choices I have made in the past, and that it offers me a huge possibility to heal important issues…Even if I were to die, I would know that my body would have cleared the harmful energies I had taken on.

The following encapsulates the scam:

The cancer has not returned, yet, physical healing is not the purpose of true healing as I understand it now. True healing is much deeper, much more profound and really life-changing. I feel that without this deep understanding and without addressing the root cause of cancer, which is always a certain way of being with oneself and others, it is possible for the cancer to return.

Serge is off the hook. If the cancer goes into remission, he gets the credit for ‘true healing’. If it returns, that patient will blame herself for a prognosis, which in reality, she can’t control.

Regardless of the prognosis, the love bombing and the promise of a higher initiation in the next life ensures she’ll make a hefty bequest – ultimately helping to expand a predatory fraud.

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13 thoughts on “Universal Medicine’s cancer industry – glorifying disease & death for profit

  1. Brendon Mooney Psychologist
    Universal Medicine Clinic

    Shame on you Brendon Mooney for supporting all of this abuse and quackery.
    What! You operate right there at the centre of Universal Medicine headquarters.


    A few cult member/ doctors now have their web pages, must be to help Serge in his hour of need.
    Shameful, and it beats me how they get away with all of this?

    1. Scientology tried and failed at exactly the same thing. My advice to them is this: Remove the hate sites, the multitude of confessional blogs which speaks volumes about the cult nature of the group, strip back their own site to some basic waffle. They can even keep their puffery, but they should stop trying to clog the internet with repetitive key words. They’d look saner, more legitimate, and morally superior. And their site would rank better.

      But because they are numbskull’s they won’t.

    2. He apparently counsels on cyber bullying. I am sure he’s an expert given his guru has a website up specialising in it. I just sent him a message asking him if he’d be interested in counselling me as some group has set up blogs attacking me relentlessly. As he’s an evidence based professional who deeply cares about everyone, I am sure he is going to come back with a positive response. Although I did round off with some sarcasm. Hopefully he sees that simply as repressed but understandable anger and decides to shower me with his hard earned wisdom. Waiting…

  2. Serge’s bogus Esoteric Medicine is based on an utterly fraudulent misappropriation of physics. Einstein never stated ‘everything is energy’. The equation E = mc2 was a theory of ‘relativity’ – an equation for quantifying equivalences of mass and energy, and a way of understanding chemical and nuclear reactivity.

    It was never an explanation for a Universal law or God or Sergio’s One Unified Truth®, because the Universe is a lot more complex than mass-energy. Serge’s interpretation is typical of a self anointed messiah who didn’t make it through high school. Yet he’ll swindle cancer patients by telling them everything is energy, therefore cancer is a result of a choice to live lovelessly.

    From the lecture, Esoteric Medicine 5, 2010.

    20:40 Can we say in this world that we live in, the physical world, forget the esoteric for a moment; on a purely temporal level, can we say everything is human? No. Can we say everything is animal? No, because there’s plants and trees. Can we say everything is plants? No, because there’s human beings. Can we say everything is water? No, because there’s land. We can’t say everything there’s land because we know there’s a lot of water. Can we say everything is air? No, because there’s none on the ground. And so forth, yeah? We can’t say everything is clouds and we can’t say everything is anything, but what we can say is everything is energy. Everything is energy. Okay. But if that’s the case; if that’s the only statement that we can say that is absolutely true, why is it that we as human beings haven’t made that our number one teaching? If we live in a world where the only absoluteness is the fact that we can say everything is energy, why do we not teach our children to be energetic and understand energy? Before we teach them arithmetic, spelling, writing? Why do we not teach ourselves to understand how to feel energy, how to read energy, how to define it?

    25:45 Eveything is energy isn’t just a wonderful statement that Einstein put beyond defiance. Because it was already known by the ancients. And the sages of the past that said everything is light and everything was about light. It’s the same language. E = MC2 as you know from what you’ve read in the email I sent out is irrefutable. So everything is energy, and the moment you start to say, oh that was an accident or that was an incident, you are in absolute arrogance of the ignorance of what is exactly taking place.

    29:00 If I have cancer, then I have to look at everything that I’ve done that has led me to that point where I say I have cancer energetically. Does that make sense? Because, see, if we – and think about it, there is no academic in the world speaking like this. Think about it. No academic in the world. Not even Einstein spoke about it. Even though he had E = MC2 he should have stopped the world and said, ‘no one think right now. If everything is energy, why don’t we teach our kids energy?’ Because he didn’t have the love in his body to understand that a formula needs to be human. Everything is about us becoming the love that we are. So if a mind gets to discover something, it is of no real value unless we convert it to the love that we are. If Einstein had the love – he was great – and he was an initiate. He was given that by his soul and don’t get me wrong he was wonderful in the same way that Winston Churchill was able to be helped even though their bodies weren’t love. There was an impulse from the soul that allowed them to serve humanity at the time that it was needed. However, imagine that connection to that level of wisdom in a body that is love. What could we do? Easy. You say E = MC2 everything is energy, but you convert it to an education that makes sure that every human being has that teaching on an equal level and that it is of great benefit to humanity, not just to those who are going to do nuclear weapons or split the atom or so forth.

    1. No academics speaking like this because it’s beyond BULLSHIT. What a fraud this Benhayon clown is.

  3. From the same recording. And remember Benhayon has doctors endorsing this disgraceful predatory scam. Eunice Minford, Howard Chilton, Samuel Kim, Anne Malatt, Maxine Szramka, Jane Barker, Amelia Stephens and Elizabeth Skinner:

    44:40 For example, you can’t cure cancer if the soul has said this is the way I’m going to cleanse all of you. And shouldn’t we then learn to have to see that as a blessing and say wow, if that’s the case, let’s bring more into this tumour. What else can we bring up? What else can we nominate? What else can we eliminate or bring up for healing to facilitate this process that’s going to bring you a blessing in your next life when you come through completely clear of all that, because your soul lovingly says ‘you know what I’ve only got a little bit of access to you. However if I accumulate all of that which stands between us and dump it all into this little thing you call tumour, and we do away with this speck in the universe you call life, but come back to have a much more joyful physical existence.’ And if somebody could explain it to you in your next life you’d go, ‘thank God it happened’. And so we’ve got to get rid of this ignorance and arrogance that we have to beat disease and illness, so that illness and disease is the enemy. Because it’s not. It’s never the enemy. It is a marker that marks what we have done to ourselves. And that’s the way Esoteric Medicine approaches it.

    Now, the soul could say ‘okay I can’t help you. I’m not going to create this tumour. You’re going to create this tumour from the excessive amount of poison that you are accumulating in your body.’ Now that’s a different form of cancer. Because this time the soul is cleansing only the excess, but not doing an enormous cleanse that allows you to have an awesome life in your next life. Because you are so ingrained in your behaviour. Because you are so arrogant and ignorant, and defiantly involved in having it your way. Your way has nowhere near the healing, however you’ve accumulated so much excess by your choices and behaviour and ways of being, that is so loveless so much in disregard that the soul lovingly says ‘if I don’t stop this, you are going to continue to accumulate all this stuff that you buried into your emotional body, which is in the astral plane, the causal body. And therefore never have access to me.’ So it doesn’t create the cancer. What it does is it says I’m going to give you a drop of love. So it doesn’t make you cleanse it. But you cleanse it because of the love that is now saying we’ve got to get rid of this thing because it doesn’t fit into the love picture.

    Imagine what a waste to have one life we have to create a cancer or another form of disease, even arthritis not because you’re cleansing to get clearer for joyful experience in your next life, but because you’re cleansing the excess you still have to come back in your next life and deal with the enormous accumulation of the original behaviour you don’t stop. Whoa…



    SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 AT 7:42 PM
    PS: Einstein never *said* that everything is energy. That is a misquote from the web. Serge has removed all references to that phrase from his writing – you may want to adjust the blog accordingly.

    Yes, we do know a lot and one of the most instructive situations I know is when I don’t know what to do or say next – it almost always means to just wait and that has been extremely valuable for me.

      1. Yes, her financial ‘advisor’. I once paid him 3K to be told I should A) Have more money B) he was once an upcoming young businessman and c) His insurance company was better than mine, though more expensive and harder to get. I then got a serve for taking too long to fill out some forms.

        All very good advice I am sure.

    1. Did they then remove the blog post by Alison Greig where they attacked me extensively with teenage level sarcasm for pointing it out that the quote was wrong? Bet not. This quote by the way is the cornerstone of all Serge’s rants and writings. It’s in everything. For someone who knows everything, he sure gets the basics wrong. And then it is dismissed in one understated comment by Christoph Schnell (What is he saying in the next line??). Pffft.. it’s gone. Back flipping is their pastime with the aid of some circular lack of logic. Serge changes his mind, and it’s all forgotten.

      Those quotes above are frightening. And every professional in that group has heard that meaningless waffle over and over, and believe Serge knows something other than nothing. He’s just a master of obfuscation and making bull-dust sound like it means something. What I get from those rants is Serge trying to knock everyone down by having a thought of their own.

      Ignorance, Arrogance? Personified in Serge himself.

      I’m listening to some of Serge’s recordings too at the moment and it is frighteningly stupid, but dangerous stuff.

      1. He constantly refers to incurable diseases like cancer. Money wasted on research that goes nowhere apparently. In the astral cult serge there is this thing called evidence based research. One cannot release a drug unless it has been scientifically proven with trials and what not. This takes time, fortunately for you time enough for you to say “it isn’t working” well serge you are fucked when we find a cure be it this lifetime or the next your payback will be to come back as a washed up nobody who people spit on for being so arrogant.
        There will be evidence based medicine that shows it takes years to detune people from clearing the shit you get them to believe that is my prediction. When it comes true people will say lucky this guy was shut down. We should have learned lessons from hitler the only difference is he physically killed people, you kill them much more slowly from the inside out.

        1. Yes, he actually says that because evidence based medicine hasn’t cured cancer it’s worthless. Never mind that life expectancy is better than it’s ever been – Sergio reckons the only good human being is a dead one. With a better chance at reincarnation if they believe his bullshit and leave him money in their wills.

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