The 2016 Girl to Woman Festival failure

CDs by Rachel Kane
CDs by Rachel Kane

In spite of the Universal Medicine cult’s publicity push, numbers were down at the second annual Girl to Woman grooming Festival at Lennox Head, likely due to the dishonest, aggressive and sleazy behaviour of its organisers, the Universal Medicine cult. But one child at thing was one too many. Images from the event reveal it to be as creepy and cultish as we all thought it would be.

Below this blog is last years blog on the event for comparison.

Facebook page and images here.

Shrinking attendance

Seeing the cult exaggerated the numbers last year, claiming 400 had attended, this time I went to Lennox Head to observe, as did at least one other reader. We’re guessing the total attendance was 200, but if we subtract the shop holders, propagandists, Co-Creative Audio Visual and other parasites, that drops to about 170.  Of those, I counted 60 girls. Most were adolescents but there were a few under eights. I didn’t count the boys, but estimate there were about 10 there and perhaps 20 adult males. The rest were overwhelmingly women – Serge Benhayon’s cult followers.

I estimate less than a dozen girls were taken to it by accident.

Predatory grooming goes commercial

As I blogged previously, the festival, a  ‘celebration of girls & women’ was presented by the people responsible for public sexual abuse apologism, the exploitation of teen girls and the bullying of whistleblowers in defence of their grubby DIY religious leader, Serge Benhayon, and his family of groomers. Benhayon’s wife, 17 years his junior, first moved into his home aged 14 – without her mother’s permission.

This year Benhayon has continued to use juvenile girls as human shields, and his minders have continued to deceitfully infiltrate schools. Benhayon has also upped his aggression toward me with a defamation SLAPP for raising these concerns.

Parents & the community need to know if their daughters are being targeted by a mercenary, secretive, occult healing cult. So please help fund my legal defence.

Emmalee Benhayon
Emmalee Benhayon

Make no mistake, apart from being a shameless recruitment event targeting juvenile girls, and presenting Esoteric bullies as ‘role models’, the thing was a shop – introducing girls to Serge’s cult of mindless consumption. Price of entry to the shop was $15 to $20. Universal Medicine had its Glorious Music, Featherlight productions and ‘healing’ stand and Emmalee Benhayon had her Essencia perfumes table. Associates that have sucked up to Serge and brought in the new recruits were blessed with their own concessions – Fabic Behaviour Management, Sunlight Ink Children’s books, the Belle General café and cult jewellery based on Serge’s unsightly healing symbol splats.

Cult fronts targeting kids

The failed Teachers are Gold initiative for infiltrating schools also had a table.

Dr Amelia Stephens for UniMed’s Sexual Education & Life Foundations for Youth cult front

We learned recently UM infiltrated the publicly funded Positive Adolescent Sexual Health or PASH initiative, with UM’s promoters, most notably Sarah Davis, forming part of the staff at a conference held for 10 schools in the Northern Rivers, NSW. They’ve extended their tentacles into a new sinister cult front, SELFY – Sexual Education & Life Foundations for Youth, staffed by second generation UM cultist, Dr Amelia Stephens. It looks like they launched that at this years Girl to Woman Festival. SELFY was not advertised in the Festival’s publicity, and the website provides no details of its backing.

I imagine Dr Stephens will be teaching girls about how ‘sex is energetic rape‘, and women develop gyne cancer from ‘male energy’. Because Serge says so.

Sarah Davis was also spruiking a non existent org called The Centre for the Wellbeing for Young people at the PASH conference. Likely deliberately named to be confused with another legit organization run out of Southern Cross University

Grooming intensive 

More sinister was that the ‘True Beauty’ grooming tent had spilled over onto a number of tables for applying makeup and hair styling to the little girls. Girls were vastly outnumbered by the adult Brides of Serge, so primary schoolers copped full makeovers.

The cult’s dress code was very apparent. The clone Brides of Serge were all frocked up for the show – dresses, heels, makeup and jewellery – the way Serge likes them to dress. The exception were the ones who rocked up in the Universal Medicine Therapies T-shirts to perform occult healings on the new targets.

Feminized recruitment aggression

Universal Medicine also had women stationed on the pavement outside the event – guest relations staff from the Byron at Byron Resort, and long term Serge worshippers, Carola Woods and Chrissy Caplice, spruiking to passers by. Carola is one of the vocalists who helps Miranda struggle through her Glorious Music numbers at events and was decked out in a fluorescent orange number ready for cocktail hour at the Copacabana.

Carola Woods
Carola Woods

Chrissy and Carola successfully dragged in a few new customers that way, while others, including parents and kids still wet from the surf politely declined. One mother told me they were invited to come back later and told the event was on all day. The mother told me they were aware the thing was cult backed and thanked me for my research. When she was approached with her kids she said she could feel her skin crawl. She’d also noticed how many very expensive cars were in the car park…

Lousy role models

G2W-menuApart from the cyber-bullies talking to the girls about social media etiquette, when they weren’t troweling makeup on to primary schoolers, women with the cult’s occult version of orthorexia nervosa were advising on eating disorders.

The Belle General café menu reflected the restrictions cult members are needlessly and dangerously inflicting on kids.

Gluten, dairy and sugar free. But also a legume, grain and root vegetable free nonsense guaranteed to stunt the development of growing brains and bodies.

And finally, this Facebook post represents the primitive, Talibanesque sexism at the heart of the UniMed scam. Serge says women should be gentle and lovely and not pick up heavy things. So here are the cult blokes brought in to make sure the girls don’t mess up their nails.


Last year’s festival – misleading advertising

Recruitment fail

Advertised in local media, the flyer was typically ambitious, providing a contact email address for ‘large group bookings’. The faith-full diligently tweeted promos to each other – no one else follows them – and UniMed’s fresh recruits tried to rope celebrities into spreading the word.

(Kate Maroney is a speech therapist at Fabic Behaviour Specialists (a UM associated business targeting children), and has earned herself a listing on the Naming Names page.)


However, neither the celebs nor the Northern Rivers public wanted anything to do with it. Photos posted on the Facebook page show the organisers probably sold less than 100 tickets, and I estimate 90%+ were to longstanding cult investors. That’s not many punters for an event with 18 presenters, not counting Glorious Music’s ‘no need to like it, just buy it‘ promotional concert.

For an event that was supposedly a ‘forum for young women’ and pitched to girls as young as eight years old, the attendance was overwhelmingly adult.

MC, Natalie Benhayon selling pseudo feminism to the converted
MC, Natalie Benhayon selling pseudo feminism to the converted
Michael Benhayon & Ray Karam – experts on ‘raising girls’

One wonders if any of the unwary who took their daughters were disturbed by the number of adults present – adult religious zealots at that.

It’s difficult to tell whether UM’s guru, Serge Benhayon, was there. He might have been lurking behind one of the curtains. His presence is no longer required now he has others, including his adult offspring, doing the grooming for him.

Sales and grooming festival – Esoteric ‘truth’ in advertising

During my notifications, I spoke with a radio station manager who told me she had no concerns that UM is a New Age religious cult – the station would treat them like ‘any Christian community group’. When I told her about the inappropriate touching that is part of UM’s practice, she said she was sure there would be no Esoteric healing marketed at the festival. She’d been told it was a ‘child welfare’ initiative.

It’s no wonder she believed that when the publicity makes no mention there would be promotions or practices of Esoteric ‘healing’, or ‘Universal Medicine Therapies’.

Esoteric Healing booth for adults
Esoteric Healing booth ‘for adults’

I doubt she considers marketing of UM’s money for nothing products and services a child welfare activity, either. The Facebook photos show the Jewels by Jacqueline booth setting up, and there was plenty of other stuff to buy to support the Benhayons’ business interests and those of their promoters: Essencia perfumes, Featherlight productions, Glorious Music, and the hymn to grooming by Rachel Kane. That’s after targets had paid up to $25 per ticket to listen to cult investors’ hypocritical and dreary pontifications on how horrid it is being a girl if you’re not in the cult, and to cop an earful of Esoteric muzak.

Featherlight productions, cult merchandise from Desiree Delaloye and Miranda Benhayon
Featherlight productions, cult merchandise from Desiree Delaloye and Miranda Benhayon

Nowhere in the publicity does it state that the organisers included UM *Facts* Team professional bullies and defamers, Alison Greig and Desiree Delaloye, either. Yet, here they are holding up the banner among the other nasty censorious ‘organisers’ photographed for the Ballina Shire Advocate.


(Alison Greig and Desiree in black. Tall doofus is Rik Connors, and front row, L to R, Real Media Real Change’s Shannon Everest, Rebecca Baldwin, Ray Karam and Sarah Davis).

Publicity states the event was ‘brought to you by’ Esoteric Women’s Health (Natalie Benhayon’s commercial enterprise, ‘inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon’) and Real Media Real Change. (Readers who have followed for a while might remember when Real Media Real Change denied they were a marketing and public relations front for UM.) Serge’s most aggressive Brides, Greig & Delaloye, are not among the staff of either organization, however their inclusion among the organisers shows the Girl to Woman Festival was a Universal Medicine cult event through and through – deifying Serge Benhayon and clan, and grooming and recruiting fresh prey.

The station manager and none of the groups or media outlets that promoted the Festival were aware of the defamatory UM Facts site or the cult’s lynch mob mentality toward complainants until I sent them web links. Most reacted strongly to the notifications. The exception was the Northern Star, employer of Sarah Davis’ spouse, bent journalist, Hamish Broome, who ran a promo without disclosing the Esoteric connection.

I must say, making notifications is a much quicker and simpler process since the cult outed itself on its own websites. All I need do these days is send links to our News Reports page and their hate and hysteria ridden fallacious *facts* site to persuade anyone that UM is a dangerous group. The cult’s reputation has deteriorated more rapidly since they’ve published dozens of webpages attempting to mob and discredit me and others. I always said don’t blame me, blame Serge if their business went downhill. But really, UM’s financial and religious parasites can blame themselves.

The grooming continues

Founder, Sara Harris wasn’t pictured among the festival organisers above. She was probably busy with the expansion of the grubby Girl to Woman grooming and indoctrination Project, and pitching that disgrace to parents and schools.

Some good news is UM’s own propaganda deterred many from dragging girls to the sordid ‘annual festival’, although even one juvenile at that thing was too many. The bad news is the cult are planning another Girl to Woman Festival next year, and to take their predatory rubbish to Germany and the UK.

Given the dishonesty and contempt with which they’ve dealt with local media and community organisations in the Northern Rivers, it will have less publicity again.

24 thoughts on “The 2016 Girl to Woman Festival failure

  1. Is it worthwhile naming the radio station? (or where it’s located). Or did the radio station manager eventually regret her support for a grooming cult and we can let her station off the hook?

    1. No. Not worth naming because they are then harassed by the cult with insistences that I’m a troll and they should get both sides of the story – which is SergeSpeak for copping a propaganda bombardment, mobbing and bullying.

      In future, could all locals who hear announcements or placements on radio or news media please contact the stations and publications and complain. Direct editors and managers to the Wikipedia page, the news reports pages on the Facts or Accountability blogs, and even the UM Facts & bullying site.

      I can’t be everywhere at once and I’m starting to lose patience with too many of you assuming I’m going to do it all for you. They are your kids and your community too. Don’t email me – name the stations or papers in the comments areas of the blogs, add links wherever possible, and encourage others to make complaints.

  2. I bet their storage space now contains quite a few of the “free gift bags for the first 150 girls” that were uncollected. And they would be next to the unsold books, Glorious Music CD’s, eye pillows and other UM rubbish that is well overdue being dumped in a landfill.

  3. Sorry Esther if due to our busy lives, we leave it to you to do the hard work (you do it so well!). Also if it seems we take for granted your incredible tenacity to question & expose the truth. Will try & do more …

  4. Its mortifying that the radio station lumps UM in with “other Christian groups”. From reading UM blogs, most UMers, if not all, have no idea what a genuine, grace & Holy Spirit filled Christian believes, let alone identifies with them. As UM does not allow “scripture” or alternate views on their sites, there is no recourse for correcting distortions & misunderstandings. UM seems to be incredibly anti-Christian. (Perhaps understandable, as don’t we all have lousy, off-putting church experiences: I’d visited about 30 before finding a good one!). Jesus Christ’s incredible words of love barely get a mention. If they do, it’s to support UMs questionable views. For example, SB teaches that as Jesus mentions we are Sons of God, therefore we grow up to be God, therefore we are God. (If UMers are God, we’re all in big trouble! Surely Umers know by now they’re not God!? Not the awesome loving God who created our incredible universe, with purpose & a plan). From the New Testament Bible (New International or Message versions are most accurate & easy to read), Jesus claimed to be God / Son of God, became a Son of Man to enable man to become Sons / Children of God. (Might seem to be a subtle, minor difference, but it’s actually massive!) Jesus sacrifice paid for our “karma” / sin to set us free. Whereas UMers (& many new age religions / cults) strive with burdensome religious practices on a reincarnation treadmill, to reach some vague, impossible goal of perfection. (Which is the fear based one??) The true Christian God loves & values all people, not religion. UMers generally overlook Jesus other challenging teachings advocating justice / care for the vulnerable, respect for women & challenging hypocritical religious leaders! UMers also blame & subtly shames people for their ills, Jesus overlooks the causes, has compassion & focuses on true healing. Please don’t put Jesus & his genuine followers (imperfect as we are) in the same category as UM!

    1. Corrections of previous entry: I meant “interesting” rather than “mortifying”. (On reflection, most spiritual groups prob seem similar to outsiders, all nuts!). From UM blogs, Jesus Christ’s inspiring, life changing words are barely mentioned & when they are, they’re taken out of context & distorted. Attempts to enter into dialog with UM re distortions & blatant errors are blocked. (I’ve tried to do this as I care about my loved ones, their children, future generations & the consequences of their choices). UMers portray themselves as purveyors of “truth”, but seem to be very closed to alternative evidence based truth. UM promotes self responsiblity, but followers seem content to accept each others limited views & are keen to blame some negative church experience / false teaching 30 years ago for their depression, anxiety, low self esteem & in-grown toe nails. (My church going friends are emotionally healthy, vibrant, joyful, peaceful & loving, with rewarding, flourishing lives). If only they were open minded enough to honestly research Jesus authentic life & powerful words, to be truly healed (body, mind & soul) & set free. (I write this here, as they won’t allow me to express it there). The festival probably “flopped”, as partial truths aren’t enough to satisfy the human soul plus these accountability blogs are encouraging truth seekers to think for themselves & question all.

  5. Thank god it flopped, as morally it should have
    Converts will always turn up, but not new victims hopefully
    Interesting how Serge prattles on about not giving your individual power away to pranic food, music, thinking, behaviours etc and be true to yourself so his followers think they are reborn individuals when in fact they are moulded to collectively follow him in a zombie like army with multiple lovingly threatening rules
    I doubt if Serge was there
    He is at the top of his pyramid scam and can sit on his golden throne and let the SSS (Serge’s Select Seargents) do his dirty work

  6. Glad to hear that the Girl to Woman Festival, went into the doldrums 18/1/15 with 90% of the faithful Umer’s attending and probably the other 10 co-herds, being pushed to attend. A day’s work $25 each, a good picking at $2.500. Though not much with the Nepotism of all the Benhayon’s. Let’s see Serge, Natalie, Michael and Miranda and probably a few Benhayon’s, that I have missed out on.
    Never mind that will make up for the free Um concert held on 6 January at the Byron@Byron end of Year Christmas celebrations, yes once again with Michael Benhayon playing his music, accompanied by Caroline Woods, and the females singing faithful choir. No men allowed in the choir? Only a couple of 8y.o and a 10y.o, in which one child is one to many?

  7. Another participant shared with the organizers “My ears hurt a bit by the end with all that terrible music. I wasn’t really sure what all the adults were talking about, seemed really boring and like they were pretending to be cool but they are SO lame. I only went because Mum’s obsessed with all this stuff. I hope she gets over it soon cuz she was much more fun to be around when she didn’t spend her whole life reading purple books listening to weird music and feeding us green food. And who was that creepy guy in the purple shirt? Can we just do some fun stuff again please Mum?”

    1. Seems they are trying to convince themselves & others that all is well: mass denial?

  8. Most UMers seem to be lovely, sincere, spiritual people seeking what we all desire: truth, love, meaning, purpose, rewarding, healthy lives & relationships. I pray we all remain open to learning from each other, to make the world & future a better place.

  9. The Bible says it better, esp Jesus Christ’s unique audacious claims: “Before Abraham was, I Am” (Jesus in John 8:58. “I Am” is one of God’s name in the Old Testament). “Can anyone convict me of a single misleading word or sinful act” ( Jesus in John 8:46). “I am the way, the truth & the life, no-one comes to the father but through me” (Jesus in John 14:6). “You are all sons of God through faith in Jesus Christ…”(Galatians 3:26). “Christ has set us free … the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love” .(Galatians 5:6). “We may approach God with freedom & confidence…” (Ephesians 3:12). “Come to me all you who are weary I will give you rest…” (Lawyer Josh McDowells “New Evidence that demands a verdict” is one massive book which scrutinizes the authenticity, accuracy & reliability of the Bible from earliest manuscripts. New International Version or Message version most accurate / readable). If everyone honestly researched & heeded Jesus words (eg to love even our enemies), respected the true awesome loving God & accepted His free gift of grace, the world would be a more peaceful, harmonious & place.

  10. G2W Festival 2016 at Lennox Head = UNDERAGE SEXUAL EDUCATION DECEPTION

    Nowhere in any advertising did the Girl to Woman Festival reveal that unknown Sexual Education newbies would be in attendance getting access to girls. Typically underhanded. It didn’t inform the public about its UM religious allegiance in advertising, only in smallprint at bottom of page on website.

    UM’s ‘Sexual Education & Life Foundations for Youth’ front group, or whatever their calling themselves, have come out of nowhere, are unregistered and unrecognised in the Northern Rivers (if anywhere). We already have well established sexual education systems and groups already trusted in the region. We don’t need SELFY here with their questionable motives getting udeceptive access to our adolescents and children.

    Not only did the media fall for the G2W group’s deception but also NSW Education was hoodwinked or in support. Sad to see Lismore High School aligning itself with this and advertising this questionable event.

  11. I have done a copy. This is from the GW festival FB page.
    UMer’s! DO NOT remove it or bulldust it was a flop! YES!


  12. Again, why the focus on sexuality and girls? Where’s the boy to men festival? Why is there a new underhanded tilt at getting involved in teenage sexual education?

    And does anyone in the group understand paradox? For a movement built on self love- aka rampant narcissism- at the expense of everyone else, calling their new undercover operation SELFY is just too much. It’s not funny how stupid they are.

    So to sum up. Group runs festival only about girls, focused on their burgeoning sexuality. The group attributes their activities to Serge Benhayon “based on his life and works”. Serge Benhayon has, according to their own sites, steady stream of teenage girls staying over at his pad, is married to a former student who was 14 when she moved in with him and his then wife and kids, told a reported in 2012 that ‘men in Goonellebah are splitting young girls’ when questioned about his bankruptcy rather than answering the question, says teenagers “download” their karma at 13, and whose sons are married to girls who also stayed over as teenagers..

    Take that as you like Paula. I’m just saying it as it is. How the world sees it, and what they infer, I think is different to what you, as a “reasonable” person obviously do. It’s the impression being given, not what is being said. Think about it for a moment.

  13. They never learn. No ABN, no contacts, no identification, and then a survey to gather information from potentially vulnerable kids. What are they going to email them? Who has the credentials to be involved with sex education? How do they plan to deliver it? WTF!!??

    It’s a cheap weebly site on a dot com domain for $10, with a free survey monkey form stuck in it. I detect Rebecca’s handiwork.

    Yes, I will be watching that site. I can see some notifications coming on.

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