Dishonesty and gutter trawling – Universal Medicine’s response to News Ltd scrutiny

The cult’s lousy response to a Daily Telegraph report about a UniMed doctor’s harm to a patient lies outright and lies by omission. And the propaganda team stoops to an all new low.

In a media statement posted on their main site, Universal Medicine’s *facts* squadron denies the patient was treated by Esoteric practitioners or that she spent $35K on Esoteric treatment.

The patient, Ira McLure referenced and quoted in both news reports:

  • Never attended the Universal Medicine clinic or dealt with any practitioner there – at any time.
  • Never paid any money at all to Universal Medicine, let alone the $35,000 referred to in the article. At $70 per one hour session, that would amount to 5 sessions per week for almost two years, yet there is no record of even one session being given by one of Universal Medicine’s complementary therapists…

The Channel 9 report asserts that Ms McClure received medical diagnosis from Universal Medicine, including the ludicrous suggestion that Universal Medicine “misdiagnosed her, mistakenly added her name to the lung transplant list, and prescribed her unnecessary chemotherapy drugs”. Universal Medicine is a complementary therapy practice; it does not offer medical treatments or diagnosis, thus Ms McClure:

  • Did not receive a medical treatment from a Universal Medicine practitioner at the clinic, nor did she receive any complementary treatment.
  • Did not receive any diagnosis from Universal Medicine. No medical diagnosis is ever provided by Universal Medicine.
  • Was not mistakenly placed on a ‘lung transplant list’ or wrongly prescribed chemotherapy drugs; this is patently impossible as Universal Medicine is not a medical practice…
  • Did not make co-payments to Universal Medicine as this practice does NOT receive medical rebates. This business is not Medicare registered thus the treatments are not claimable.


UM needs assistance with the facts, again.

*Dr Samuel Kim, lung specialist, is a tenant of Universal Medicine clinic at Goonellabah and holds consultations there.

*Dr Samuel Kim refers patients to Esoteric Healers, by his own admission. His anecdotal case reports on Esoteric Lung Massage and Esoteric Chakrapuncture are available on the same website as that press release. (And they breach medical research protocols.)

*Dr Samuel Kim promotes UM on their other websites, Medicine & Serge Benhayon, and .

*Dr Samuel Kim regularly comments and provides testimonials on the UM propaganda sites, including on defamatory posts about me and Lance.

*Allied health professionals are also tenants of the UM clinic. They are not employees of Universal Medicine Pty Ltd but refer patients to the unqualified Benhayons and an array of other Esoteric nincompoops. We can’t say whether their referrals are made purely out of religious zeal, or whether they receive financial or other kickbacks.

*The health professionals receive Medicare and private health rebates. The cult psychologists and physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway charge untested Esoteric money for nothing treatment to both – a practice known as insurance fraud.

*Medicare and private health funds keep records.

*All of the above is common knowledge and a number of our readers have attended the Universal Medicine clinic for medical and allied health services.

*In addition, how does the cult know whether or not a patient was wrongly prescribed chemotherapy drugs or wrongly placed on the lung transplant list?

*How do they know anything about her medical history?

*Have the patient’s medical records been released to the UM Facts team without her consent? Because if they have, that’s a breach of medical privacy laws and she will be able to lodge a complaint and a damages claim.

Keep digging Desiree.

UPDATE: The vilification of that patient has continued on the defamatory Universal Medicine Facts site, with hundreds of comments from religious investors.

Gutter tactics

I’ve said it before – the cult will do anything but answer the questions. The ‘anything’ wasn’t an exaggeration. UM’s propaganda division has been busy with their ‘true expression’ of love and light publicly slurring critics and journalists since May. In the last couple of weeks they made a pre-emptive attack on journalist Jane Hansen, exploiting a deeply personal tragedy.

I’m not touching it. Jane can speak for herself.


Help me out here

My current policy on the Universal Medicine fucked up *facts* site is to not give it oxygen. I won’t respond to it, link to it or discuss it on my blogs. That would give it too much dignity. Every word on the thing is a lie, a distortion, or in the above case a lie and distortion based on the lowest form of personal attack. In that case the cult were attempting to attribute negative press to the journalist’s personal loss.

None of what is written makes sense, and it’s repetitive.

I’d prefer to use my energy exposing activities that are causing the most extensive harm – preying on cancer patients, infiltrating schools, health professionals promoting an abusive organization, and the rest of the disturbing issues raised.

I was made aware of the post attacking Jane, but refused to touch it. Others among our growing community of supporters voiced their outrage on Twitter and Facebook etc.


I’d like your feedback on the best way to approach the cult’s attempts to harass and discredit critics. Do you think I should draw attention to this kind of low behaviour? Is it important to comment on it?

UPDATE: The trash can be viewed via so page views do not rank in Google searches.

The UM *Facts* propagandists

The following UM religious investors are listed as writers of the UM Facts site.

Desiree Delaloye

Desiree Delaloye – Business partner of Serge Benhayon and chief dirt digger. False copyright infringement complainant. Director of College of Universal Medicine charity.

Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson – Barrister and Director of embattled College of Universal Medicine charity.

Alison Greig
Alison Greig

Alison Greig – main author put her name to the attack on Jane Hansen and others.

Sarah Davis of Real Media Real Change
Sarah Davis of Real Media Real Change

Sarah Davis – proprietor of Real Media Real Change marketing outfit for UM. Cyber-bullying expert.

Rebecca Baldwin
Rebecca Baldwin

Rebecca Baldwin – anti free speech serial false complainant to WordPress etc. Sexual abuse apologist.

I can’t be bothered finding an image for Jonathan Baldwin. He’s only there to make up the numbers or something, when he’s not monitoring his menstrual cycle.

19 thoughts on “Dishonesty and gutter trawling – Universal Medicine’s response to News Ltd scrutiny

  1. LOL! Of course they don’t have a record of Mrs McClure as a patient. They don’t keep records – it’s a cash business/scam, and none of them can spell her name.

    1. As if this lady in the report would stick her neck out and have her name in the paper like this, if it wasn’t true. honestly as if. Especially with the unloving brutality UM shows to all whistle blowers.
      I am sure that must be so much more to come out that this lady has been through.
      The thing about UM that I have noticed is they work with camouflage and confusion and conning. All of which = corruption. How often have we witnessed this.
      Anonymous is right UM blue hills road looks like a Medical Centre
      I think this lady like the rest of you are so brave. I applaud you all

  2. “Was not mistakenly placed on a ‘lung transplant list’ or wrongly prescribed chemotherapy drugs; this is patently impossible as Universal Medicine is not a medical practice…’

    I think that is esoteric “claire-sentience” at work. Or is it just out and out denial? The only way they can be so sure is if they knew Ms McClure or someone working with them does.

    I suspect their claim that Jane Hansen didn’t attempt to get a response will turn out to be equally “spurious”, just like all UM claims.

    Ironic then that the propagandists named above never ever give a right of reply or check facts. They just write pure shit based on whatever comes into their heads and what suits their agenda. They even get ‘experts’ to diagnose people they don’t know, press people into sharing lopsided accounts of intimate relationships, and concoct stories based on hearsay and motivated by revenge.

    Again, Universal Medicine excel at hypocrisy. Surely even some of the dimwits catch a glimpse of how ugly their behaviour is. Or is their ‘enlightenment’ that blinding?

  3. How is anyone supposed to know who is who at the UM clinic at Goonellabah? I thought it was a medical centre. I think the sign outside says it is, doesn’t it?

    So you’re saying the doctors and psychologists who work there aren’t Universal Medicine practitioners?

    But if you went to one of them there you would think they were.

    I’m confused.

    1. Sorry, I meant to reply to this sooner. That’s a good point, and I forget that Joe Public is not aware – Universal Medicine employs no one with medical qualifications. You’re right in that the clinic looks like a medical centre, and anyone who visits could be forgiven for thinking the doctors and other health professionals working there work for UM.

      Especially when the health professionals refer patients to Esoteric dimwits like Sergio and his dropkick offspring.

      How are patients to know what the business structure is?

      1. Just copied from the Web. I took out the links…but you know where it is.
        The clinic looks like a Medical Centre but it appears all is for the worship of and under the authority of?
        Remember these are their words.

        Universal Medicine: Complementary Medicine Clinic …
        Universal Medicine is a practicing esoteric healing clinic that offers a holistic … who
        include dozens of highly-qualified healthcare professionals, lawyers, …
        1 Google review · Write a review
        15 Blue Hills Ave, Goonellabah NSW 2480
        (02) 6624 3706
        Site Login – Study Home – Events

        Excerpts from:
        Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine ~ a doctor’s perspective
        24July 2012
        by Dr Samuel Kim MBBS FRACP MPH, Brisbane, Australia

        I am also aware of a number of highly respected medical practitioners and allied health professionals who either work alongside Serge Benhayon, or who may have clients referred to or from Serge and Universal Medicine –
        The simple fact is that the Northern Rivers area of NSW had lacked adequate Thoracic Physician services for a number of years prior to the establishment of our current clinic at the premises of the Universal Medicine complex in Goonellabah. This was actually inspired by Serge’s open support for an integrated model of scientific Medicine and Healing –
        People with chronic diseases frequently visit the Universal Medicine clinics both here and in the UK. I have had the pleasure of visiting both Centres and have also participated in workshops presented by Serge. The model of care has always been one of open support for the continuing care of patients by both their doctors and allied health professionals. Certainly, that has been the case with a number of my patients with chronic lung diseases, who choose to have healing treatments such as lung massages, specialised acupuncture and esoteric healing alongside the conventional medical treatments such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, lung volume reduction and cancer surgery – end of excerpts

        Sam Kim says:
        JUNE 5, 2014 AT 5:18 AM
        Thank you for another beauty-full article.

        Serge is a truly amazing man, a truly great ambassador for the work of true service for all who lives by the words and will of God through love and compassion, and a man who sees the very best of everyone beyond the physical senses and the perceptions, thus sees the truest and the greatest of what all encompassing Medicine and Healing could offer to the whole of humanity.

        As a well-seasoned physician of Medicine who is ever learning, maturing and evolving in skills and wisdom, I also see in Serge the immense wisdom and insight that can offer so much to the practice of conventional Medicine if one is able to see that all that is physical also has all that is energetic.The theoretical and applied physicists understand the glimpses of where Medicine may be destined for the next phase of its evolution.

        Serge shows that amazing Medicine and equally amazing livingness of our human life can be expanded beyond the daily miracles of our modern day Medicine through the awareness and the reconnection to our true purpose beyond age, gender, religion, academic achievements, wealth and social status.

        I have no reservation in studying and learning alongside him and the great work he brings forth, like all of the beauty-full work that we study in Medicine and Sciences of our time. True humility is understanding that knowledge and learning is forever eternal, that we remain an eternal student of everything that brings us ever closer to God….and ultimately, ourselves as an equal part in God’s universal presence.

        With love,

        Sam Kim

        1. “The theoretical and applied physicists understand the glimpses of where Medicine may be destined for the next phase of its evolution.”

          Poor Sam, paraphrasing Serge.

          No Sam, they can’t. You’ve joined dots that don’t exist my friend. I am not sure what you are reading, but I’ve read all of Serge’s books front to back- worse luck- and they are 100% madness, nonsense, and pure new-age whackjobbery. If anything, they simply reveal the hand and the twisted mind of the author. I see judgement, hate, fear, loathing, disgust, misandry, fundamentalism, Puritanism…but no where do I see god, truth, enlightenment, love, empathy, compassion or understanding.

          I guess your argument is I am not in my heart, un-esoteric and in my head, and therefore incapable of seeing the profound truths contained in Serge’s mangled prose. My argument is that I AM in my head and therefore able to see it for what it really is. That’s why I am standing on the outside looking in at you guys in your shared delusion.

          “I also see in Serge the immense wisdom and insight that can offer so much to the practice of conventional Medicine if one is able to see that all that is physical also has all that is energetic”

          No Sam. No. This is where you are being misled. Maybe you need to read a little physics and get a better idea of what it is about and what it has really revealed in the last 100 years. It’s a lot more than Serge has the capacity to understand in his minute wisdom and 1000 times more amazing. But it isn’t what you have written. And you need to read it with a critical open mind, not in order to validate your beliefs.

          That’s called thinking. It’s the path to self-actualization, and enlightenment. Just ask Leonard Da Vinci. The real one.

    2. What’s even more confusing is Blue Hills Lung clinic- Universal Medicine on Sam Kims letter heads.
      So if he is not a part of universal medicine why is it (or was it) on his letter heads?

  4. So so so true CONFUSED.Universal Medicine is such a tangled web. Universal deceit is a more appropriate name that way you would only go in if you want to be deceived.

    So are they a Charity? Medicine? Religion? Business? etc etc

    Someone summed what UM have done to this weeks story with their Media Release:
    ‘Usual twisting of truth into a pretzel.’

    This verse sums Universal Medicine up, and so BUYER BEWARE
    Oh, what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive
    But when we’ve practiced for a while
    How vastly we improve our style!”
    ~ J.R. Pope, A Word of Encouragement:

  5. Hey Susie and Anonymous, that’s the whole idea to confuse you.
    Then you think it is you especially when you are sick, these UMer;s capitalise on the sick and vulnerable all dished up in po$ho buildings and doesn’t Kim also works out of a private hospital specialist rooms? None of this is in a backyard shed.
    How is a vulnerable sick person supposed to know?
    Bet that is what happened to that lady in the Telegraph article.

  6. As a registered nurse and midwife, I understand the patient’s frail and vulnerable state and belief in the Health Service,and being referred to an unorthodox Lung Physician and the patient who is unaware of the teaching’s of the Universal Medicine. The treatment that this patient had to go through with being placed for a Lung transplant, and the emotions that one has to adapt to, plus being treated with having further treatments of taking heavy duty chemotherapy drugs, plus not forgetting a transfer to the star ” Sirius “6.3 light years” away [ see Jane Hanson Sunday Telegraph 31 August 2014] article. Then this so called Doctor Samuel Kim has the audacity to say it never happened, that there is no such record of the patient ? probably by getting rid of her records.? but there are other records held by Medicare and Private Health Insurance plus others,that will back up this lady’s story.

    Yes, UM is a deceitful group of individuals with tentacles growing in all parts of the Northern Rivers and other cities, that prey on the vulnerable people of our Community and it is our duty to stop this, from happening
    Hopefully Professor John Dwight, parliamentary meeting tomorrow, who is also looking into the role of the Health Care Commission Complaints office, see the injustice of what this poor woman had to endure.

    There are so called regulatory bodies that ensures that this practise of the Universal Medicine is found to be unacceptable and should be made aware of there accountability in dealing with the frail and vulnerable sick people, who hold faith in their Doctor, that they are referred too.

    I congratulate the patient, who was courageous enough to stand up, tell her story with her picture, to enable others to come forward….perhaps stopping an early exit from this life? un be known to their family and loved ones.

  7. “Concocted Lies DO NOT convert to Truth” Serge Benhayon.
    “The media have a rule – avoid truth – by giving voice to lies” So sayeth Serge the numbskull.

    Surely anyone with a slight amount of intelligence can see through these dimwitted proclamations that are apparently so axiomatic to the cult that they are highlighted as if the word of god on Moses’ tablets.

    I agree with the first one, because that is what Serge has been doing his whole life. For anyone that cares to come and look, I’ve got a folder full of records and files which demonstrates that Serge’s pre-UM history is a total concocted lie. You’ll laugh and cry when you read them, but you’ll know that he was far from being the success he still portrays on his websites. Why does he need to lie about his past? And post UM, he’s simply worked out that if you tell a lie big enough and enough times, people will “buy” it. And I mean buy.

    “An oft repeated lie becomes truth” Now, that is axiomatic.

    The second one is so ludicrous I do wonder if the likes of Neil Gamble, Neil Ringe or anyone else that I (maybe wrongly) assume is intelligent really believes that. Unlike Alison Greig and her cackling cohorts, journalists are compelled to fact check and get the other side of the story when it is relevant. The only outright lies and deceptions from a journalist that we’ve encountered is from Hamish Broome when he pretended he was writing a story about his cult, and called victims and sucked info out of them for his wife and master.

    Maybe that’s why he hides under his hat and a table when he visits certain cafes?

    I have even given the cult scribes the benefit of the doubt and re-read news articles to see if there are “lies’ and have not been able to detect one. There’s typo’s, and perhaps a little ambiguity, but no “lies”.

    For example, in Jane Hansen’s recent story she never writes $35,000 was spent with Universal Medicine. It simply says she spent that money and a careful reading informs you it was primarily with conventional medicine. But they’re going on about that over at the cult-HQ like a pack of monkeys on crack.

    It’s the same story for every other article ever written.

    And as I’ve said before, while all this hyperbole and whinging of ‘no-fair’ is going on at the coven, the propagandists NEVER attempt fact check their allegations. They just gather ‘stories’ and half-baked theories that fit their agenda and press out incoherent diatribes of detritus.

    Their golden rule is- “avoid truth by giving voice to lies” AND THAT IS ALL THEY DO.

    It’s ironic, but so typical of Universal Medicine and their upside down world we fail to be shocked by it these days.

    We’re acclimatising to their madness.

  8. Lance Martin media release:

    Apparently Universal Medicine are celebrating the dismissal of my complaint to the OLGR regarding their fundraising authority. As usual, it’s a load of spin, so here’s some clarification.

    According to the OLGR CoUM didn’t strictly require a fundraising license. Therefore, CoUM didn’t reapply. This is because of a crazy lack of regulation whereby ‘like-minded’ people can be suckered out of any amount. They’d only need one for wider public fundraising. Ergo, even though the OLGR might have wanted to act, there was nothing to act on.

    Other points I’d raised in the complaint are, apparently, administered by the ACNC. The ACNC are totally dysfunctional and have given me and others contradictory indications on what they can, can’t, will and won’t do. However, it turns out the ACNC did seek an undertaking from Serge and CoUM regarding the conflict of interest we had flagged. Well, good. But not good enough.

    Both the ACNC and OLGR have indicated they are carefully watching the College of UM to see if they behave like a charity. We’ll hold them to that.

    I still believe they fail to meet the public benefit test and will be making further representations about this, and other matters.

    And for clarification Charles, can you stop exaggerating. I am hardly a serial complainer. Complaining is not against the law and I will keep making them while I keep seeing problems. And given your outrageous behaviour, I see plenty.

    Don’t count your chickens yet guys.

  9. Thank you Lance for YOUR media release as usual their adenoids are resonating at UM.

    Oh you can see the smoke puffing out of Mt Goonellabah, Charles Barrista AT LAW is busy as.
    As is Alison with a law degree in weight watchers. Getting quite a workout she is.

    If they allowed Serge’s followers to read but no true to form of a controlling cult leader they TELL
    the flock.

    Of course they want you and others to shut up they do not want government agencies looking at them.
    Too bad! Eventually right will out.

    The community at large sees what they are and cannot hear what UM are saying.

    Bless you all for working your butts off and risking everything to protect your community.

  10. LOL- the UM ‘facts’ team are obviously bored. They’ve attacked me now because I have ‘gone all science’. Time to grow up, children. As usual, you’re way off, and while it is not worth reasoning with unreasonable people, it’s amusing that you are so worked up I think you need a response before you blow a few more of your compromised brain cells.

    Firstly it was You Know Who who made the comment. However, personally I have always been interested in science, and particular quantum physics. If my wife doesn’t recall seeing the many books and magazines, then someone wasn’t paying attention. Secondly, thick-heads, why do I have to explain energy-mass equivalency to you? After all, you’re the ones with the ‘science degrees’. Or so you say. Here’s a clue, you left out the momentum part. Try Googling it rather than guessing. Especially you geniuses with the science ‘degrees’. It’s funny that you are so dumb. Really.

    Look UM facts team, the “facts” are you’re in a cult, you’re collectively as thick as two short planks, and you’re lost in woo-woo land. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you’ve got between you, because they are meaningless. It’s half the reason you’ve been tricked. I’m not insulted by your carrying on. I am amused that you’re so worked up you need to spend all your time attacking me. Clearly it is because you know what I am saying is right and to keep the nagging doubt away you have to keep at it. Think about it. I dare you. As the bard said, “The lady(s) doth protest too much, methinks”.

    Look out for the next instalment… Lance Martin has gone all Shakespeare”

    If you want facts, UM facts team, my invitation to come to my home and see them is always open. Just call in advance as I don’t want a mob of ugly cult members turning up unannounced one evening. While you’re here, I’ll make you a nice cup of tea and we can talk about real science. Oh, and I’ll show you some documents about your revered leader that’ll make your hair curl.

    It might make you start to think. But then, I doubt it.

    1. Wow… Sir Lies-a-lot up against Sir Loves-a-lot. What else is new…?
      Those ancients and their endless, circular arguments…

      Did you notice they’re perfecting their SkinSuits; bringing humour and satire into their one dimensional ‘exposing true-isms’?
      too bad that they’re not very original and are guilty of copyright infringement, coated with Teflon.

      the original “Sir Lance-lies-a-lot” joke was made in the television show: Friends, back in the nineties, by Ross.

      No, UMers: not Rick “the twice convicted felon”, but Ross who loved Rachel a lot, and referred to a guy with a limp as Sir Limps-a-lot.

      Have to go back to the future, to deal with my issues. Just joined Anonymous Blog Troll 12 steps program, but couldn’t resist this one.

  11. Cult leaders do not allow doubt – hence why the cult must only read and listen to what they are told to.

    The followers must accept as gospel all that they are told whilst at the same time they are told critical thinking is good, you know they know both sides. In this case they heard it from Serge.

    EG: The newspaper article about the lady with the cough vs the FUM stupid off the planet ridiculous article. Well as usual they are poles apart with very little resemblance at all to the story or truth…. yet their (UM’s) hundred’s of comments show they all accept what is written by the FUM team is absolute fact. They heard it from the facts team.

    Doubters or people who question get shunned & outed in cults. A very powerful weapon in the hands of cult leaders. They would be told the world out there wants you to believe differently but look at what you were before and look at you now….(before and after photos -lol) look at the lovingness in UM!

    They have seen others shunned who have left the cult. UM’s followers whole world is made up of UM, so all round it is easier for these controlled bullies to submit. Any hint of doubt meets with doses of full on lovingness in a severe overwhelming intense blasting/s – I bet.
    Cult thinking.

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