Universal Medicine’s bullying – Daily Telegraph report

News Ltd journalist, Jane Hansen
News Ltd journalist, Jane Hansen

International alternative medicine and commercial religious, organization Universal Medicine is in the press again. According to scores of dedicated webpages on UM’s 28+ websites, myself and other complainants who’ve publicly questioned their secretive unethical behaviour are criminals, liars, trolls, cyber bullies and mentally ill. Instead of answers to questions, journalists like News Ltd’s Jane Hansen receive accusations of bias and ad hominem attacks. So why won’t UM and its Glorious leader, Serge Benhayon, answer the questions? And does anyone outside the cult believe a handful of private individuals could bully a multi million dollar conglomerate, their hundreds of religious investors and their legal team? What’s all the fuss about and who’s bullying who?

From the Daily Telegraph- Jane Hansen: How Universal Medicine bullied me

The group, based in the northern NSW town of Goonellabah, closely guards its reputation, employing an internet reputation manager to have some critical blogs and media stories wiped from the internet and mount personal attacks on others who report on or complain about the group.

Byron Bay woman Esther Rockett has blogged about Universal Medicine since she had early dealings with group, including treatments by Benhayon where she felt uncomfortable.

With a degree in theology, she alleges the clean living, lifestyle-based teachings are mixed with reincarnation and occult practices.

Followers are told to avoid foods with bad energy and even music is off the menu except for Benhayon-approved music by either Chris James, a business partner, or Serge’s son Michael. Classical music like Mozart and Beethoven are not approved.

When Ms Rockett — an acupuncturist — moved to Byron Bay late last year, an unnamed registrant bought the domain name acupuncturebyronbay.com.

When you Google for an acupuncturist in Byron, up comes the site, which warns people to avoid Esther Rockett.

“Byron Bay Locals Be Warned” the site says above a big picture of Rockett, whom it describes as ‘a cyber-bully’.

The signed names at the bottom of the site include several Universal Medicine members, but this is not disclosed.

They’re all UM followers, and most don’t live in Byron Bay. The web host of that site gave me the name of Serge’s business partner, Desiree Delaloye as the site registrant, saying if I had a complaint about the content I should contact her. I refrained from doing so because last time I emailed a UMer, she tried to have me charged with stalking.

“It’s an attack on my livelihood, I’m an individual with legitimate complaints and they are (part of) a multi-million dollar corporation,” Ms Rockett said, adding she could not afford to take defamation action.

Esther Rockett

Unlike Serge Benhayon, I don’t have a legal team on my payroll. Perhaps because I’m not preying on my patients for donations and bequests.

The group has managed to have her Facebook shut down and Ms Rockett believes they may also have been responsible for her Twitter account being suspended.

She has received 150 notifications from Twitter that her account “may be suspended” for “abusive behaviour”.

She alleges UM members are bombarding twitter with complaints. Ms Rockett says she has only ever defended herself against tweets directed at her from UM.

The Tweets are never directed at me. UMers don’t have the courage to Tweet to me, they Tweet about me en masse. The Facebook page closures were the work of Phoenix Global who refused to disclose the grounds of the complaints – as did Facebook.

Serge Benhayon and UM have also hired Internet Reputation Australia, associated with private investigator group Phoenix Global, to have critical blogs and posts about Universal Medicine removed from the net…

In spite of UM selling clean living and premium priced ‘energetic integrity’, they hired an organized crime figure to provide them with security services. Head of Phoenix Global, Mick Featherstone, is the subject of an ongoing Queensland Crime Commission investigation into corruption and fraud, and has been charged with kidnapping and attempting to pervert the cause of justice. Other Phoenix Global clients include various extortionists and fraudsters, and a convicted child rapist.

Lance Martin, a Bangalow-based businessman, has also been labelled a cyber-bully for airing his story where he alleged his marriage failed as a result of the group’s interference.

He has since been accused of being an abusive partner, which he vehemently denies, and his former business, an online hotel booking site, suffered after online publications repeating the allegation became associated with the name of the business.

“By keyword loading on the business name they attached these blogs about me and they do a lot of link sharing on Twitter and Facebook, whoever they are attacking and then Google starts ranking them higher and higher until it’s the first thing that came up when you googled my business.

“The blogs intimated I was an abusive husband, which is contrary to the facts.”

He had to close down the business.

The Parliamentary Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) conducted an Inquiry into “The Promotion of False And Misleading Health-Related Information and Practices” last year. Universal Medicine was given a stinging critique by Professor John Dwyer from the Friends of Science in Medicine…

Universal Medicine has been lobbying the local member Don Page to have this page from the report removed.

They had my blog post about the report removed from Google AU search results with a false copyright infringement complaint from the above mentioned Phoenix Global.

Mr Benhayon was offered an interview but chose to not answer the questions in favour of berating me for posing them…

After the article went to print, “The Facts” team turned their attention to me…

They even used the death of my eight-month-old son in 2004 as ammunition against me.

“But would this life-changing moment signify fundamental change in how she works? Would it mean that she would take action to arrest harm if it would get in the way of a good story?”

Serge Benhayon tweeted this particular blog on the morning of the 10th anniversary of my son’s death – an incredibly painful day despite the years.

Anything but answer the questions.

They accuse everyone one else of cyber bullying while embarking on a systematic, online pack hunt says Ira McClure who went public last year with her dealing with UM.

She has been vilified since with numerous comments from members…has seen her medical conditions discussed openly in the blogs by members she has never met.

Mr Benhayon said to his knowledge Ira McClure had never received any Universal Medicine treatments, yet The Sunday Telegraph has viewed her receipts from the practitioner she saw. She has taken her complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Although Serge Benhayon denies he directs his ‘Facts Team’ on what to write, the Sunday Telegraph’s email sent directly to his address on Thursday March 5 was posted on “The Facts” site shortly after with six more blogs including “Jane Hansen Revenge Trail” and “Jane Hansen and Junk Food Journalism” complete with over 600 comments on my lack of integrity and professionalism. Daily Telegraph

Serge denies directing his followers, and the Facts Team describes that site as a ‘student initiative’, but Benhayon is listed as owner of the domain.

Who’s bullying who?

I believe readers are intelligent enough to make up their own minds.

My blogs exposing UM:

Universal Medicine Accountability

Universal Medicine Exposed

Their main site defaming us (repetition of the same is strewn across a couple of dozen others) – closed to outside comments or corrections:

Universal Medicine Facts

Universal Medicine has built its sordid empire by marketing occult, Esoteric snake oil to the vulnerable – people with gynaecological conditions and eating disorders; cancer patients, and most recently, adolescent girls – primarily via Esoteric Women’s Health and its abusive modalities including Esoteric Breast Massage. They’ve worked to monopolize the financial expenditure of their faithful by cleaving relationships and families apart and demanding exclusive loyalty to Benhayon’s Way of the Livingness religion and his One Unified Truth.

For two and half years a small number of us have submitted official complaints about UniMed’s operations and practices, and blogged material they studiously avoid making public. I’ve named their recruiters on our Naming Names page and listed their front orgs. During that time, UM have escalated their efforts to intimidate and silence us, and publicly labelled a growing number of us liars. In spite of their dogged in house legal team, and the wealth to sue us and shut my sites down permanently, we’ve never received a single legal notice. Rather than test our claims in court, the ‘new world religion’ has opted to harass us instead.

Those who haven’t experienced the wall of bullshit that is UM’s marketing behemoth might sample the highly Esoteric Universal Medicine Facts site, or the attempt they’re making to drive me and my livelihood out of Byron Bay and into a ditch. Those with doubts about the veracity of any of the hundreds of thousands of words written on them, should try posting a correction, a question, or a critical comment. Those are not allowed, and until UM behaves reasonably and accountably, I don’t see how anyone could believe a word of it.


I should feel flattered that a wealthy organization with hundreds of investors regards me as having superior strength.

Universal Medicine accountability

We ask UM to drop the smokescreen and immediately halt their harmful practices:

Apart from that, we’ve only asked for what any member of the public has the right to expect from any healthcare or religious organization.

  • Transparency in business and charity practices
  • Accountability & proactive measures to eliminate misconduct, abuse and dishonesty
  • Honesty in advertising (i.e. disclose the nature of supernatural/occult beliefs in publicity, publicly advertise all events, healing sessions and course structures, full disclosure of fees and charges, stop advertising false accreditation, minimize claims of efficacy for sham therapies like chakra-puncture and Esoteric breast massage.)
  • Honesty in applications for government grants and use of public funds via Medicare etc.
  • Declaration of conflicts of interest and recognizing and refraining from exerting undue influence on the vulnerable for personal or financial gain.
  • Transparency in addressing questions and criticism (not attacks and defamation)
  • Respect for legal and regulatory complaints processes (rather than abusing such processes to intimidate and censor)
  • Honest & civilized responses to questions and concerns
  • Tolerance and respect for alternative philosophies and viewpoints

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Who’s bullying who – the UM cult’s retaliation overkill

49 thoughts on “Universal Medicine’s bullying – Daily Telegraph report

  1. If UM have been lobbying MP Don Page to have their history scrubbed from a negative Parliamentary report then they are as bold and ruthless as it comes.

    UM friend Cr Isaac Smith is running for NSW MP in the adjoining seat of Lismore in a couple of weeks time. Cr Smith’s work is located within the UM college compound at Wollongbar and he seems to have done political favours for UM in the past.

    Serge and UM will have Cr Smith in their sights if he wins the seat of Lismore and UM will take it for granted he will assist them in scrubbing UM history from NSW Parliament.

    Strangely, and very much like Serge, Cr Smith is keeping a low profile and avoiding interviews or question coming up to the election. Very odd behaviour from Labor’s Cr Smith!

    1. Yes, Isaac Smith has been very quiet. NSW Labor has probably wisely told him to STFU in the lead up to the state election. I believe they received complaints regarding Jenny Dowell blowing off Reasonable Hank’s questions over hers and Smith’s support of UM – and they might have seen his pathetic cult style whining on the accountability site. https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/keep-the-universal-medicine-cult-out-of-lismore-city-hall-an-open-letter-to-lismore-city-council/

      If he can’t handle our questions, he definitely can’t handle a parliamentary seat.

      1. Isaac Smith was criticised on Prime or NBN TV news this week for being too quiet and not engaging the media considering he’s the Lismore ALP candidate in with a chance. Is he an embarrassment for head office? God help us all if he’s elected.

  2. UM “accuse everyone one else of cyber bullying while embarking on a systematic, online pack hunt” says Ira McClure who went public last year with her dealing with UM.
    This is reflective of all Universal Medicine membership, the “Facts Team”, “The Students”, Esoteric Women’s Health and the two phoney “All Rise and Say No to Cyber Abuse” and “Real Media Real Change” UM groups just to name a few.

    Here is link to full Telegraph March 15, 2015. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/jane-hansen-how-universal-medicine-bullied-me/story-fni0cwl5-1227262426186

  3. And don’t blame me for that pose – it was the photographer’s idea. The lip curl works though.

  4. Phew!

    So much has been revealed today!

    I am in a tizzy.

    I need to assimilate.Phew!

    Thanks to all the gutsy people involved well done: Jane, Esther Lance, Ira, Professor Dwyer, Editors
    and all.

    Esther you look great as does everyone in the photos! You all take a good picture.

    I am about to have a wine – I need some prana fast.

    Just read that link on the last link posted on UM Exposed Victim hood.

  5. What a clear exposure of the real nature of UM this post and Jane’s article reveal. Even if you take just one undeniable fact (and there are many, many on both articles) that UM supporters bought a web domain name and used it purely to defame and attempt to damage Esther’s livelihood, then you have a VERY clear view of the type of people she and others are standing up to. Bullies and liars… so sad. And so sad that the majority of them are/were nice people until they got lost in Benhayon’s cult. Hopefully this and further media exposure will shine the light where it need to be shined.

  6. Oh what a lovely surprise on Jane Hansen’s article on the Sunday Telegraph feature,15/3/2015. and did she surprize everyone, with pulling out the ace of spades; renowned Baby Doc..
    Doctor Howard Chilton……???
    Author and Director of newborn services in Sydney. The Hospitals named,in where he is employed at the Sydney Hospitals, His Peers, Doctors and Midwife’s and his patient’s will have had a good giggle at this one, or feel very sorry that an intelligent man got so involved into an Esoteric Cult. Even to given talks at UM -led women’s health forums.
    So sad really?
    Defending UM in a letter to the Medical Observer, why in hell’s name is a reputable Western orientated Medical Doctor, even writing about a non-medical health professional Serge Benhayon.
    Throwing away his reputation, all because his daughter Isabella who is married to Benhayon’s son.
    I have a brother who is the President of a big multinational corporation in America and he is based in London. He and his wife have two daughter’s,the eldest girl when 23yo became a Barrister in London, the other studied at Oxford University, gaining her Master’s degree in English and Philosophy and in no way would my brother ever think of joining a Cult because of a marriage in which his son-in-law belonged to a Esoteric Health Service Cult.. (non-accredited )of course!!!
    The mind boggles, and I wonder what the lovely Jane Hansen, next Ace will be?

  7. Dr Howard Chilton is well regarded & a nice man. It’s sad that he & his daughter’s trust & choices have led them to being ensnared in a destructive, reputation destroying web.

    1. No doubt Doctor Chilton is a very nice man and very intelligent, but not too intelligent to wake up to the sham/charlatans/scams and Esoteric practices, performed by Serge Benhayon/the One /reincarnated as Leonardo Da Vinci, and his daughter reincarnated as Winston Churchill.
      Wake up calls, ring those bells. There is a Scottish saying; that if you want to know how your baby will turn out just have a look at their family? Doctor Chilton did not do his homework? And was suckered in like the rest of the Umer’s? I rest my case

    2. It’s tragic, Anon. I read a recent article where he talked a good deal of sense about the erroneous use of controlled crying for infants.

      His comment to Jane Hansen that his promotion of UM has nothing to do with evidence based medicine is probably the only honest comment to come from the lot of them.

      But he’s refusing to address his conflict of interest in misleadingly promoting UM and Benhayon as having any kind of integrity. That’s unforgivable. It’s dangerous, it’s irresponsible and it’s arrogant. And potentially reputation destroying. Making ad hominem insults of us doesn’t help.

      Also, I’ve heard primary school age children are being put on that Esoteric diet – not allowed dairy products, grains, legumes, eggs and only a restricted selection of fruit and vegetables. That’s child abuse. It will cause malnutrition related developmental disorders in those children and Dr Chilton is culpable for endorsing that rubbish.

      He deserves every bit of stick he gets.

      1. It seems like many UM’ers, he lacks knowledge of, & insight into SB’s teachings, their serious implications & conflict of interest issues. Does not add up …


    The Way It Is: A Treatise On Energetic Truth by Serge Benhayon
    Richard rated a book 1 of 5 stars

    “Is this a book? I found this on a friends shelf while staying at their house. I was interested because I am completing a PHD in Philosophy. The title intrigued me, as it is assertive, some may say dogmatic. It reminded me of those mis-titled Jehovah Witness books, the Truth!

    I won’t go into the specific of the book because it is pointless, baseless circular reasoned pap based on Theosophy- which perhaps in the minds of a lay person ranks as a valid philosophy or science- but it widely reputed to be derivative second rate metaphysics of a fringe group claiming moral authority by way of connection to lineage of ancient knowledge(s) loosely collected together as a so called perennial philosophy; the chief exponents being persons of dubious character and hardly revered as contributing to the debate to which they claimed authority.

    The author, for want of a better word, sets about setting up some classic rhetorical arguments and fallacies, and resounding ad hominem arguments ( by attacking the readers critical thoughts and its process as a priori to understanding his ‘treatise’) He lunges from this to prejudicial language, biased statistics (illness, disasters for example) , and worst of all the logical sin of ‘begging the question’ at length- that is, assuming the premise of the argument claims to prove the conclusion.

    It is a collection of old idea’s presented somehow as facts, which all aim to support the idea that the author is connected to this so called truth in some divine way. A classic ‘I know better’ argument if ever there was one. Worst of all, you are not left edified or elucidated. Simply confounded at the incoherency which is thinly disguised by a claim that the writings can only be understood by utilizing undeveloped parts of the super mind which the author possesses and you, the reader, must desire.

    It is evident that the earlier reviewers are somehow members of the Authors group and have given the “book” a rating of 5- or as one breathlessly implores- a gazillion stars- Talk of confirmation Bias; Here is it is buckets. The work deserves zero or less but that ranking is not possible here. My guess is more zealots will ensure it has one of the best ranking on good reads. And I am also certain, based on the false premise of this work of fiction that the same aforementioned readers will consider me lost in my intellect, but it is a brighter place than the underworld of hazy ideas this Author inhabits.

    Readers, avoid at all cost and save that precious time for something more productive…like picking the dirt out of your big toes!”

    1. Excellent, incisive, & humorous book review (which might inspire Dr Chilton to start using his intellect again). Perhaps UM books are deliberately over wordy and convuluted to “impress” the reader into believing SB has superior intelligence and mystical insight. UM sites white wash and omit these disturbing teachings. How do UM followers reconcile the two? (Perhaps they just pretend to read the books).

    1. Interesting to note in the Benhayon’s letter to the bank, even back then he was accusing people of bullying. Seems to be his defense tactic against everything, just accuse those calling you to account of being bullys and hope some of the mud sticks.

      1. Yes it seems that the Benhayon’s have accused the CBA of “bullying” for sending mail to an alleged incorrect address.

        Serge has always played the victim, no matter how ridiculous, at all turns in his life. A sick character indeed.

      2. It started long before that. Serge has been duping people off and busting up couples since school. I know. Happened to people close to me. Not surprised to find this is his career now. He always was smarter than everyone else. And everyone else was to blame. Now he’s smarter than everyone in the world. So he says. He’s not coming to the reunion is he?

    1. Thank you, that’s very sweet of you.

      Those kind of submissions are the long game – trying to change legislation in order to make Benhayon and his ilk accountable.

    2. Esther has done a fantastic job as a one woman show against a tsunami of cyber bullies. It’s bemusing to read comments from the members dissing her when she is a thousand times more articulate and rational that than all the members put together. Particularly the incoherent attack dog Alison Grieg and CEO of the year Neil “taking a” Gamble on Serge telling the truth. To pick on but two fools.

      Unfortunately, it appears the system is set up to support cults and bullshit. Serge is pretty stupid so I am confident it’s just dumb luck, and not a master plan. Like him getting away with running dummy companies, sneaking off from debts, convincing people he knows everything in the universe, that everyone else is a liar, he’s a paragon of integrity and “he wasn’t even there”

      It’s been a master lesson trying to unpick Serge’s utter crap. We’ve learned fantasy beats truth, even when you have it in black and white. People are easily con-vinced. Regulators don’t give a shit. And if you did it long enough ago, there is an automatic statute of limitation because no one cares.

      And we’ve learned people can be hate-mongers on a cosmic scale and still walk around with a smug self-satisfied glazed eye look of self-righteousness.

      If someone deserves a medal it’s Esther. But they don’t hand out medals for telling the truth.

      They hand out medals (and cash) to people who can keep a straight face.

      1. Medal to Esther without a doubt. I am sure though that Esther would prefer some or alot Governmental action instead. How come UM and SERGE can call you all liars? You brave whistle blowers and get away with it? Are we a third world country?

  9. Esther’s incisive analyses & tenacity to expose all at such personal cost amazes. Sadly most UMer’s faithfully accept the UM line, so don’t bother to read her blogs, let alone evaluate valid major concerns raised. UMer’s mushy good feelings dictate, blinding them to all else.

    1. Yep, dodgey as, and I notice UM upped the ante to have my Twitter account shut down when I directly asked Paula Fletcher her relationship with Phoenix Global.

    2. From the Chilling Effects notice in 2011: “I Mick Featherstone have never participated in any action/s that could be considered corrupt. I have not been charged, arrested, or convicted of any dishonesty offence. I would not be involved with any offences of this nature.”

      So now he has been charged with offenses and some heinous ones at that, will Google be reversing this censorship?

    3. Yeah, it’s Zac at work again for his dad. Interestingly, the same approach has not necessarily worked for the people the cult are attacking. There’s something else they are doing to get Google to act as they are getting pages down with legitimate, verifiable information and news reports.

      Bald faced lies?

  10. Maybe there’s a honest civil rights lawyer out there looking to take on some pro bono work? Examining this, and many other issues that have been discussed on these pages could be a very interesting persuit.

    1. I’m not sure free speech advocates have realised the implications of a private investigation firm embroiled to their eyeballs in fraud censoring the internet on the payroll of a dangerous cult. It would help if more people spoke up about this public manipulation and bullying. When one person flags it – as I have – it barely registers. People need to make noise about this, and thank God Jane Hansen does.

      1. Thank God, Jane Hansen, Esther & all others shining a light on the UM dark underbelly. They enable informed decisions: whether to become / remain involved, or to steer the group into a psychologically, socially & spiritually healthy place.

  11. All ills are a result of ill doings in past lives give me a fucking break
    Can you prove it no can anyone disprove it no. Well just because you made it up doesn’t make it true
    He can solve any mystery in the universe well tell us this Leonardo why is it that dairy takes 9 months to clear have you any evidence? Where is your control sample or does the evidence based concept of statistics completely not apply on planet serge ?
    Not being able to disprove something you say does not excuse you from having to prove it. Believing something doesn’t make it true.

  12. Critique and selected quotes. Writings about Benhayon and Chilton.

    “Why I work on Universal Medicine Facts by Isabella Benhayon”. March 2015.

    (On what some may consider a pattern of possible early grooming of girls?)
    “When I first met (Curtis and Serge Benhayon) I was only 10 years old… Curtis… a man who from day one I adored so much marrying him was really the only option.”
    “In my early twenties, I began a relationship with Serge’s son Curtis Benhayon.”

    (On Chilton’s long relationship with Serge Benhayon?)
    When 10 years old… “my parents had become close friends with Serge and Deborah Benhayon and often traveled up the coast from where we lived to attend some of Serge’s early workshops and sessions.”

    (On her own poor upbringing? Compared to Serge?)
    “During my years growing up – I was lost, uncommitted to life, and unsure of myself, as most of what I had experienced in life had been ‘normal’ but always falling short of what I felt inside to be true.” Serge “is a man that defies what the adults of my life growing up just used to write off as ‘human nature’.” UM showed her “the importance of self-love, self-care”.

    (On her ongoing living arrangements in the household of Serge?)
    “Therefore, since becoming a part of the Benhayon family, and living with Serge Benhayon on a daily basis, I have been given the opportunity and honour of seeing the true man and true livingness behind the business that is Universal Medicine.”


    1. Well spotted. That’s a revealing account of cult grooming and recruitment.

      Serge scored two trophies there – a photogenic child recruited into a cult by her high profile parents and thereby robbed of any normal adolescent development. Plus the professional endorsement of a famous paediatrician who has the emotional intelligence of a flea.

      I guess they didn’t mention the age at which she was sent to stay at Chez Sergio unaccompanied?

      Either way, Serge starts working on her through her adolescence with his spherical routine, telling her she’s lost, unsure of herself and inauthentic. The same schtick he’s used to get his other faithful to sign over their money, their personal autonomy and their daughters. Truth and self love turn out to be submission to his divine will.

      There was nothing normal in Isabella’s upbringing, because if her parents weren’t so off the planet, they would have protected her from that manipulating bastard. They should have made sure Serge had no access to her in her vulnerable developmental years, to fill her head with confusion, and eventually condition her into the same clone like enslavement as the rest of his captive family.

      Look at her now. She’s an earner among his healing troupe, and another commandant in his propaganda division. Groomed and trained from the age of 10.

    2. Cult lawyer, Paula Fletcher’s daughter was ensnared in the same way – they admit she went to live with the Benhayons in her mid teens.

      1. And even if Chilton, Fletcher or similar wanted to ‘whistleblow’ or ‘want-out’ of UM they couldn’t, because their daughter’s are ensnared from them. Seems Miranda’s mother suffered for disapproving of her daughter’s long-sleepovers (grooming?).

    3. No, Isabella didn’t say at what age she started sleeping unacompanied at Serge’s. Some more quotes from Isabella Chilton/Benhayon.

      (Isabella considers Serge a “miracle” curer, [just like in the scriptures]?)
      Serge “has changed hundreds of people’s lives right in front of my eyes – from unhealthy, depressed, lost – to vital, joyful and open, I have seen people change in a way that most doctors would (and have) describe as a miracle.”

      (Isabella is a fighter and will do whatever it takes to further UM wellness agenda?)
      “wellness, health and vitality, should be by right, offered to all as a choice. It is therefore imperative that any obstacle that is purposely placed in the way of people having that choice and freedom to choose – be debased and removed” (eg criticism).

      1. What’s with all the married kids still having to live with Serge?
        Serge and they have enough money for them to all have separate mansions!
        Control control control!!!!

  13. I wonder who is on the short list for Natalie’s future spouse?
    That’s a hard one for Serge!
    She is deputy and high up on the cult rung
    Would Serge have allowed her to have long term sleepovers with another family in her early teens, of course not.
    Full control is everything
    Reminds me of Tom Cruise having auditions for his next wife in Scientology
    If not for the innocent people caught up in this it would be one long continual laughfest

  14. Who in their “right mind” would hand over their young girls to anyone for any length of time.
    I guard outside a public toilet if my daughter is inside, let alone wave them off to camp cute ‘ n’ cuddly and the Benhayon “no returns” adoption agency.

  15. I guess if brainwashed mothers can poison their children to death, due to their devotion to their living god on earth, handing them over for grooming and ownership of their bodies and minds is a sad and shocking reality.
    When and if the children eventually snap out of it and realize their lives have been scripted by a dangerous conman with the blessing of the only ones who can protect them fully, their parents, there may be no forgiveness.

  16. So BabyDoc Dr Chilton may be good at post-natal advice. But once girls reach the age of 10 his moral compass dissolves. As he cannot identify possible grooming behaviour (or otherwise?).

    Wake up to yourself Dr Chilton. Seems to be a pattern with Benhayon men that they find their (future?) intimate partners when the girls are 10 or 13 years old. Didn’t ring any alarm bells with you Dr Chilton?????

    Any journalists want to raise this anomaly with Dr Chilton next time he’s interviewed?

    1. And the cult members are still out there recruiting. For instance the ambiguously purposed ‘girl to woman festival’. Still no alarm bells Chilton???

      Those brainwashed cult members will do anything to satisfy those initiate circumcised men at the top of UM. Desperate to keep a fresh supply of girls coming into the fold.

      Your a fool and a danger to society Dr Chilton.

  17. Targeting young, vulnerable (pretty) females seems to be a pattern. (When I met SB, he certainly seemed more interested in my teenage daughter than me).

    With so many past and current undeniable facts emerging, where is UM’s so called truth and “integrity”? (What planet or medication are they on?)

    SB’s children and the young brides haven’t experienced true maturity, freedom or self determination, due to subtle psychological and spiritual manipulation / control. They have been raised or enticed into a cosmic delusion and are now so deeply enmeshed / in denial / invested, that it would be almost impossible to escape.

    “Love”, emotional bonding, good feelings, unwillingness to face truth (and perhaps pride, financial enticement, fear) blinds …

    An interesting question for the children and spouses (or their parents) to ask themselves is: what would happen / how would they be treated if they chose to leave?

    (Sadly UM can’t see that real love is encouraging them to face truth, no matter how uncomfortable, if not for their sakes, for their children and future generations).

  18. Page 12 today’s Sydney Morning Herald
    Film Exposing Scientology – The prison of Belief
    Former members reveal horror stories after escaping.
    The church unleashed a series of ads attacking the film and says it is “bigoted propaganda and built on falsehoods invented by liars”
    Cult leaders don’t like their images tarnished do they!
    Tax exempt because its a church/religion
    There are 2 ways to stop cult religions
    1. Govt looking into financial legislation to stop the money flow
    2. A top rung member to turn against the cult and reveal all for legal prosecution
    HBO hired 160 lawyers when the network aired the 2 hour doco.
    The Church of Scientology is worth billions of dollars, but even that cannot stop the truth from coming out, there will always be searchers for truth.
    UM look out

  19. All of the above are such revealing thought provoking comments.
    Thank you

    1. Ditto. Great comments and very disturbing material on Isabella and her foolish parents.

      Particularly this from motheroftheyearnot:

      When and if the children eventually snap out of it and realize their lives have been scripted by a dangerous conman with the blessing of the only ones who can protect them fully, their parents, there may be no forgiveness.

      This is absolutely correct. I’ve been in contact with a number of adult victims of child abuse via the Royal Commission, and this is the pain many of them are left with. That the people who were supposed to protect them failed.

      There will be a generation of UM cult survivors who will be asking why parents and other supposedly responsible adults did nothing to protect them. They will ask why it was that complete strangers, Ira, Lance, Esther and a bunch of journalists did more to try and protect them than their families or friends.

      Some of you need to think about whether you can live with that, and why you aren’t putting your names to complaints or going on the record to get something done about these predators, and how you’ll explain that to your kids.

  20. The cult have a habit of using young girls to give testimonials for Serge and the group. Most of them have been exposed to Serge and UM from childhood onwards, and have seen and lived with their parents under its influence. Would you normally listen to what a teenager or young adult has to say on any subject once you’ve had some life experience? What is their highly subjective opinion on it worth anyway?

    The fact that the group trot them out demonstrates they have been infantilized as much as these girls have been.

    There’s clearly a pattern with Serge starting in the 1990’s with tennis sleepovers. It is not normal behaviour and is clearly indicative of a ‘grooming’ pattern. Good grooming goes unnoticed. It’s happened to these girls and it’s happened to the members, including the various compromised medial ‘professionals’.

    I’ll add, it is clear to me that Serge was commencing this shtick with my family as well. He’d starting making what I considered inappropriate remarks about our child. Interestingly, it offended me while my then wife defended them as “not meaning anything”. Clearly he was trying to desensitize us. It had already started to work on one of us.

    This is what he does, and he does it very well. He is a very accomplished confidence man. Just think about what he has got away with, and what he has the members believing.

  21. Hopefully SB’s children & their brides will be allowed to move out, grow up & live independent lives.Then they may be psychologically & socially free enough to make safe, sane decisions.Then their support for UM might sound more credible. Will SB let go his grip?

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