Serge Benhayon vs News Ltd – the sequel

Serge-never-tells-anyone-memeSerge Benhayon’s minders sensibly make sure he makes few public statements. However, last year, News Ltd’s Jane Hansen emailed him questions regarding an investigation into the charity he founded, and his propaganda team proudly published the incoherent blather he issued in response. In his diatribe on cyberbullies and stalkers he didn’t answer a single question. When Jane Hansen contacted him again early last month, he made more effort, continuing his tradition of addressing enquiries with exuberant fibs.

The report ran on March 15 and covered UM’s campaign to vilify HCCC complainant Ira McClure; bitch about Jane Hansen and other journalists, and falsely defame Lance Martin and I out of our livelihoods. In preparation for the report, UM published five or so web pages slamming Hansen and the report before it was published, and the Esoteric Sons of God took to social media with the usual clueless ad hominem spam.

A sample of UniMed cult Twitter spam


For newcomers, I’ve blogged about the cult’s campaign to label us liars and cyberbullies for questioning the cult’s inappropriate touching and grooming behaviours, as well as their attempts to rebrand their nastiest propagandists as champions of cyber abuse victims via the All Rise front organization and the College of UM cyberbullying course.

On 5 Mar 2015, at 10:35 am, Hansen, Jane wrote:

Hello Mr Benhayon

This Sunday I am writing a story regarding how Universal Medicine deals with it’s critics.

My question is whether these blogs put out by the Facts team are written on direction from you?

Do you think the techniques – the criticism, the abuse, the name calling and attacks on credibility are appropriate?

Does UM embark on social media campaigns to destroy reputations and is there a direction to key word load and share to smear people via Google?

Why does UM hire private investigatorsto censor the internet?

AS a courtesy I am letting you know that my deadline is 5pm Friday 6.3.15. (this is standard practice for all media requests)

regards Jane Hansen


Sunday Telegraph

More cult Twitter keyword loading and hashtags to nowhere

Subject: Re: Sunday Telegraph

From: Serge UniMed

Date: 6 March 2015 6:54:06am AEDT

CC: [redacted by Facts Team]

To: “Hansen, Jane”

Dear Ms Hansen

Firstly, as a matter of mutual courtesy I am also giving you until 5pm 6″‘March 2015 to reply to my email. (I will have you note that this is not my standard custom but given that you use your ‘media’ position to abuse me and my business Universal Medicine with your very personal ill informed agenda and aided by the Cyber Abuse group you are associated with, I will consider it fair on the basis that this is not the first time you have attempted this ploy whilst I am overseas).

Secondly,and do take note: it is a categorical ‘No’, I have not hired any ‘private investigator’ to censor any one person, group or any blogs. I have, however, hired an Internet Reputation Group to assist in the removal of the lies and the offending material on the Internet. My guess is that most would do likewise given the extent of the lies and the incessant need to have them believed by the beleaguered disparagers. And so,that’s a ‘No’ Ms Hansen, I have not hired any ‘private investigator’ to censor anyone just in case you missed it. 

Google, WordPress and Facebook have forwarded complaints from Phoenix Global, and the Chilling Effects website has published documentation of Phoenix Global’s complaints to Google on behalf of their client, Serge Benhayon: From one of the complaints:

We are employed, and authorised to represent Serge Benhayon in relation to all risk services including internet defamation.

Phoenix Global is a private investigations firm based on the Gold Coast that includes a service called Internet Reputation Australia. I’ve dealt with the proprietor’s son Zach Featherstone after they had my Facebook pages closed. Both Facebook and Featherstone refused to disclose the basis of their complaint. The proprietor, Mick Featherstone, recently lost his licence as a private investigator in relation to his arrest for fraud and kidnapping offences and an alleged attempt to pervert the cause of justice. The Featherstones are linked to a betting software scam, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and their clients include convicted fraudsters and a convicted child rapist.

And here is another clear ‘no’ for you: it is a categorical ‘No’ to the question on whether the blogs you refer to are written or directed by me. I trust that you are able to print at least this much truth. That said Ms Hansen; you do know they are not ‘written on direction’ by me as it is clearly stated on the website under your ire. A simple research will demonstrate that fact.

We’ve been here before. The UM fictitious *Facts* and defamation site is said to be a student initiative. The domain is registered to Serge Benhayon.

UM Facts Site registration to Serge Benhayon

Although Serge Benhayon denies he directs his ‘Facts Team’ on what to write, the Sunday Telegraph’s email sent directly to his address on Thursday March 5 was posted on “The Facts” site shortly after with six more blogs including “Jane Hansen Revenge Trail” and “Jane Hansen and Junk Food Journalism” complete with over 600 comments on my lack of integrity and professionalism. Daily Telegraph

Other bits and bobs strewn across the internet on dodgy press release sites etc. are sourced directly to Benhayon’s business address at Goonellabah.

UMFACTS-address(‘Susie, 14, UK,’ is another juvenile repeatedly exploited to promote Benhayon’s sleazy business – the daughter of Janet and Simon Williams – Lighthouse UK proprietors, and company directors of Universal Medicine UK Ltd.)

Back to Sergio.

With those clarifying facts out of the way, I can move to further address your discrimination and intimidation, a factor backed by real facts, yes facts, you cannot escape Ms Hansen. On the subject of your strategic accusations,on which no doubt you will base your story, you need to look no further than the hate campaign conducted by Esther Rockett and her source Lance Martin who, through their trolling and cyberabuse activities, you have chosen to align yourself. Given that that you know them well Ms Hansen, you have access to their sites to research your story and can also see very clearly that, whatever your personal grievances might be, you should not print lies.

On the subject of lies Ms Hansen, Ira McClure did not spend a single cent on any service provided by Universal Medicine or myself. lt’s very simple isn’t it — not a cent means not a cent. As for your article that states Ira McClure spent $35,000, well, other than a plain lie you chose to run with, I cannot recall any mathematical equation that can turn zero cents into thirty five thousand dollars. But that lie is just the mere tip of it, is it not Ms Hansen?

Once more from the top.

Mrs McClure was treated by lung specialist, Dr Samuel Kim at the UniMed clinic in Goonellabah and in hospitals. Her complaint about Dr Kim has been under investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission and AHPRA since early 2013. He is alleged to have misdiagnosed Mrs McClure and subjected her to unnecessary diagnostic procedures, two years of unnecessary chemotherapy and to have erroneously placed her on a lung transplant list. Hospitals and Medicare issue receipts. He also referred her to a clutch of Esoteric healers.

Most alarmingly, Dr Kim wrote in clinical notes that he wanted to send Mrs McClure to Sirius, which, according to Benhayon’s occult teachings, is where souls go after death to reunite with God. Serge Benhayon was recorded at a public lecture where Dr Kim was present stating Sam Kim had assisted patients to die. Fortunately, Mrs McClure, changed specialists and has been treated successfully for the benign condition of bronchiectasis – which does not require chemotherapy.

Dr Kim works at the Universal Medicine clinic Goonellabah and publicly promotes Universal Medicine on numerous UM sites and on social media.


He may not be an employee or business partner in Universal Medicine Pty Ltd, however he has a professional and business relationship with Universal Medicine, is a religious follower of the Way of the Livingness, and is a public representative and promoter of the business. Many patients who’ve attended the UM clinic in Goonellabah thought it was a medical centre due to the registered health professionals tenanted there, working in referral arrangements with Esoteric scam healers. The business name Universal Medicine misleads patients into thinking it is a medical practice.

Dr Samuel Kim refers patients for non evidence based occult Esoteric healing modalities, including to members of the Benhayon family and Neil Ringe for scam Chakra-puncture. He’s written up a sham anecdotal research study on the modality.

Mr Benhayon said to his knowledge Ira McClure had never received any Universal Medicine treatments, yet The Sunday Telegraph has viewed her receipts from the practitioner she saw. Daily Telegraph


If he put the same energy into correctly diagnosing and treating his medical patients as he does into spruiking for SergeCorp he wouldn’t be under investigation by the HCCC.

On the subject of your last article, and I repeat myself here, I predicted the outcome with regard to Lance Martin’s little fury releasing itself by abusing yet again another government agency, this time, the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing(OLGR). You see Ms Hansen, I have chosen to deal with the likes of Lance Martin and his mouthpiece Esther Rockett by welcoming with openness and full transparency all the false accusations, and hence the vexatious complaints, that the pair have been presenting to various Government departments. How much money does a baseless hate campaign cost the Australian Government? Now, Ms Jane Hansen, there’s a story, the story of wasting taxpayer’s money and crucial time and resources on nothing but false accusations.

Like the 150 complaints cult investors submitted to the ACCC about me – 4,500 pages of materials – that didn’t go beyond the assessment stage? And the five reviews the cult psychologists demanded when the complaint they made about me to AHPRA was found to be lacking in substance?

On the very good and planned side of the ledger, on our part of course, is the fact that we have amassed a great volume of facts and outcomes with regard to the lies being hurled at me, my business, and those who choose to use our services. As to the facts, on our side, I will remind you that we were not even requested or required by the OLGR to submit a response to Lance Martin’s attempt to pull another of his imagined trump cards. The NSW OLGR simply saw through the mendacities.

Unbeknown to us, the NSW OLGR wasn’t able to investigate complaints related to the public benefit test as it’s outside their remit.

Did you, Ms Hansen, do the right thing by the Australian people and print the outcome of the story you concocted? No. And that level of disregard for your readers will eventually find its right outcome also. And here is another question for you Ms Hansen: are you as a journalist in collusion with liars, Trolls and CyberAbusers?

May I remind you that I have extensive factual evidence when I say — ‘liars, Trolls and Cyber Abusers’, and I am very aware of the sources of your ‘articles’, if they can be called that. In this regard, and under the same question, I would like to ask you to explain, indefined detail, what you signify is ‘the criticism, the abuse, the name calling and attacks on credibility’ when taking into account the often vile and demeaning blogs perpetuated and encouraged by Esther Rockett and Lance Martin?

We could start with the scores of webpages published by the cult and tens of thousands of vilifying comments from Esoteric students calling us criminals, liars and mentally ill, or cult members with no qualifications or experience of my practice attempting to discredit my professionals skills. Cult members hassling my childhood neighbours to find out if I have any history of mental illness, and entering my work premises with the intent to entrap me with false complaints. Accusations of domestic abuse from people who characterize questions as abuse. A couple of individuals characterized as stalking, bullying and trolling a multimillion dollar commercial conglomerate, hundreds of investors, their legal team, their legal fund and their security firm, for researching and asking questions on a range of misconduct, and submitting official complaints.

I could go on, Ms Hansen, such as asking you for evidence of Lance Martin’s claim that he and his then wife now ex wife spent $70,000 at Universal Medicine, an amount that was never spent and thus Martin cannot prove it, but I won’t in this communiqué.

Serge knows how much the ex spent because his inner heart knows more than any scientist. He also knows UM prefers cash and doesn’t issue receipts. But our readers who have loved ones in the cult know of the constant outpouring of funds for repeat attendances at workshops, courses and events, and countless healings. Not to mention the money for nothing products and the donations.

And so, may I conclude by stating that exposing credibility is the right of every human being when lies are being written about one’s business, about them as a person along with many others who are targeted and, in this particular case, when the journalist who is supporting these lies refuses to correct them even when provided with the fact that the complaint YOU based your story on was baseless.

The regulators don’t regard the complaint as baseless, which is why they required Serge to sign an undertaking agreeing he would not profit from the College of Universal Medicine charity. It was a near identical finding to that of the UK Charity Commission on his Way of the Livingness sham religion, which was denied charity status.

Anyone who has read the complaint – available at this link (big download, long read at 50+ pages) – has shared our concerns about exploitation, rorting, molestation and other antisocial teachings, practices and behaviours. Except for the ACNC, where there has been exodus of investigative staff since its establishment. I ask for the assistance of readers and the general public in pressuring the federal government to meaningfully enforce the public benefit test for charities.

Remember, Ira McClure did not spend a cent with Universal Medicine, you printed that story and YOU supported and took to print the fabricated stories of Lance Martin and Matthew Sutherland about their ex partners, without the slightest bare minimum of decency extended to the women concerned as to their version of events.

Their grubby version was already papered all over the cult’s propaganda sites, packaged as ‘truth’, ‘love’ and the *facts*. Corrections prohibited.

I have heard some say that ‘truth has a funny way of showing itself”, I say, truth has a very meticulous path that it follows as it inevitably surfaces for all to clearly see.

In truth,

Serge Benhayon  UM Facts Site

Sergio set a deadline for Jane’s response, but only published a couple of lines. Still, that’s more than they’ve ever published of my responses and corrections.

‘And regarding the cyber abuse you talk about, will I’ve had a fair taste of it since I wrote a valid story regarding the complaint to OLGA. 

So I have had a fair taste of what detractors have endured for questioning Universal Medicine. This is a valid story’


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21 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon vs News Ltd – the sequel

  1. Dr Samuel Kim is a disgrace to the medical profession. Regardless of the allegations against him he should be held personally responsible for the social media mobbing and vilification of HCCC complainant Ira McClure.

    The brains trust over at the defamatory *facts* site have made noises to the effect that he is under a gag order and therefore can’t comment on the case.

    He doesn’t have to. He could put a stop to this disgusting attack on a patient in obvious poor health without making any disclosures on the case or her medical history. Not only would it be the responsible thing to do to CALL OFF THE HOUNDS – these people should never have been hounding that patient in the first place. He should have made sure of it.

    Shame on you Dr Kim, and the cult’s other health professionals for allowing this.

  2. Oh, and I’ve included a link to our OLGR complaint. The cult made a GIPA (FOI) request for a copy and if they are able to read it, I think it should also be made available to the public. It’s here:

  3. I agree totally inadequate diagnoses, and very expensive unnecessary treatments? and even Ira’s premature death. Therefore facing your own mortality, ( how hellish would that be, for anyone?) if Ira continued with this so called lung physician ? And the esoteric treatments? That was offered. Of course it is all about money, power and prestige over naïve, ill and vulnerable people.

    All because Ira was referred unknowingly by her GP to a Universal Medicine Esoteric Cult?, in which Ira because of the name in the first instance felt that she was attending a Western based Medical Clinic?, an easy mistake to make especially when you have no ideas about Cults in the first place, and even having one on your own doorstep. That you only see happening in cities whilst watching TV not a country town? like Goonellabah.

    It beggar’s disbelieve, that a Cult can practise in an Esoteric useless treatments? With no accountability or credentials? to anyone.(getting away with murder so to speak.)
    I really wonder about the numbers of sick and vulnerable people who have been hoodwinked into unprofessional and ignorant treatments, and are too frightened to speak up, and foregoing a visit to their GP/Specialist, when the person comes out of their denial, and which in essence might save their life/lives? One can only hope.

    And the amount of time and energy that Health Care Activists like Esther Rocket and many others who are willing to put pen to paper and fight for the rights of the silent sick and vulnerable people of our Community. I say bless you all.

  4. The overarching issue is that the ACNC, along with other regulators have either no capacity or willingness to act. CoUM is not the only sham charity in existence. It’s probably a very small one compared to others. If the ACNC acted against CoUM it would set a precedent. Correct though that may be, I don’t think there is an appetite with the regulator or the commissioner to set the world on fire. That’s not how these things work.

    This is how UM continues to get away with its activities. They say they are exonerated, while in fact we have had many conversations with individuals within these organizations who can see exactly what UM and Serge are, and wish they could act.

    This of course has fueled Serge, who has got away with all sorts of things over the course of his life, and feels rather bullet proof. The long game is to petition the commission to review their public benefit test. The short term answer is to watch the group carefully and pincer any activity that may assist their growth. Luckily, Serge is prone to bending or ignoring the rules so there is a good chance of catching them at something on any given day.

    Contrary to Serge’s petty and childish view that I have a “little fury” I’d like to assure him as one of the custodians of the truth-of-who-Serge-really-is-and-what-he’s-done, I am not going anywhere. I don’t do fury Serge, I do facts. And as I keep saying, you and I know both know what they are.

    You’re time will come.

    1. Give them enough rope Lance!!!

      Am sure you’ve seen UMs glowing online reference for Zach F. Maybe they can give a glowing reference for Zoei as well.

      Maybe the time will come soon Lance. But harassing you ongoing doesn’t seem to make you want to retire from the task.

      1. I haven’t seen it though I am aware from others comments, because I don’t bother myself with their sites. But it’s not surprising. It’s that cock-eyed self serving view of the world that has them defaming myself, Esther and others in self-righteous indignation.

        We’re not sure what Zac has or hasn’t done of course, but it is clear he is connected with possible fraud and that the manner in which he has gone about removing search results is at bare minimum disingenuous. Ironically, Esther and I have not been involved in any such behaviour, or investigated by the police or anyone else. That’s clear evidence that the members view of people is coloured by what the need to believe. Even more poor ex wife has indulged in a reworking of history in complete contradiction of facts -and her own words- to fit the narrative. And she believes it now too I suspect. That’s telling.

        I think his time will come when we are least expecting it. Someone will complain, one of the family members will finally get jack of it, something will give.

        And they’ve not given me or Esther a reason to back down. It’s fundamentally clear that defaming us and trying to destroy our livelihoods will remove any motivation to do otherwise. That’s why I was surprised at the depth of their stupidity in doing so, though given their prior behaviour it should not have come as one.

        My guess is they thought we’d be bullied into submission, but they’ve clearly misread our characters.

        Maybe they were too busy telling themselves and various regulators we had a “dark-triad personality complex”. You know, grandiose (inventing stories, claiming super powers), narcissistic (photos of ourselves flexing our muscles, having people worship us, claiming a glorious past that didn’t exist) and psychopathic (breaking up families with impunity and trashing anyone that disagrees with us) – Yep, that describes us to a tee.

        It’s not nice have a bunch of thick headed bullies defaming you, and people you have loved and cared about doing the same, but it helps salve the blows when you know what you are saying is the unequivocal bald fact of the matter.

        And I’d like to add, having the community as a whole backing us up helps a lot, even if regulators won’t do their job.

        We’ll keep going and see what happens in time.

  5. Dr Sam Kim @ LinkedIn.

    So this man is a registered Lung Physician then. It is really hard to believe. Sorry.

    Also it is very concerning that this Dr Sam Kim has such contacts, there is so much opportunity for him to spread the Church and Way of Serge.

    A very worrying example is this, and what does he teach these students?
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Queensland Medical School
    June 2013 – Present (1 year 11 months)Brisbane area, Australia
    Continuing education and training of medical students and advanced trainee in Internal Medicine

    Note also the statement under summary – Serge’s words???Go figure.
    “The greater you are (in all of you), the more equal-ness you bring to others” (Benhayon, S).

    So for over 7 years he has been domiciled at UM headquarters. Concerning.

    I do hope that the HCCC do something to halt this.

    Sam Kim
    Medical Director, Visiting Chest Physician & Graduate Research Student
    Brisbane Area, Australia Hospital & Health Care

    Integrative Pulmonary Care & Medical P/L, Antimicrobial Stewardship Advisory Group, Expert Witness, Respiratory Medicine

    Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

    “The greater you are (in all of you), the more equal-ness you bring to others” (Benhayon, S).

    Principal Study Investigator
    Integrative Pulmonary Care & Medical P/L
    November 2014 – Present (6 months)St Andrew’s Place, Spring Hill

    Prospective clinical data collection and longitudinal cohort analysis on endobronchial interventions and the impact on cardiopulmonary physiology, neuroendocrine function and compensatory neurocognitive homeostasis.

    Advisory Board Representative, Respiratory Medicine
    Antimicrobial Stewardship Advisory Group
    September 2014 – Present (8 months)Brisbane, Queensland
    Expert Witness, Respiratory Medicine
    Expert Witness, Respiratory Medicine

    September 2014 – Present (8 months)Medico-legal Society of Queensland
    Ongoing vocational training and specialisation in balanced and ethical assessment of medico legal negligence, occupational impairment and medico legal compensation issues in Medicine and Public Health.

    Senior Lecturer
    University of Queensland Medical School
    June 2013 – Present (1 year 11 months)Brisbane area, Australia
    Continuing education and training of medical students and advanced trainee in Internal Medicine
    Visiting Chest Physician
    Blue Hills Lung Centre P/L
    April 2008 – Present (7 years 1 month)goonellabah, nsw
    Provision of tertiary level pulmonary care services to regional centre with emphasis on Integration of Medicine and Healing of Highest Integrity and Truth
    Medical Director
    Integrative Pulmonary Care & Medical P/L
    October 2005 – Present (9 years 7 months)Spring Hill, Brisbane QLD
    Integration of Scientific Medicine and Healing of Highest Integrity and Truth.

    Graduate Research Student, August 2014 (commenced) – July 2016, course and theses work in impact of subclinical dysfunction in sleep and disharmonious circadian rhythms on cognitive, emotional and physiological function in adults and children with cardiorespiratory diseases.

    Applied translation research in connective tissue treatment for perioperative management following major cardiac and respiratory intervention including minimally-invasive bronchoscopic lung volume reduction, bronchial thermoplasty and surgically indicated lung resections.

    Public health policy development for public health education supported by integration of microeconomic modelling, integrated human resource management and collaborative network in Medicine and Healing.

    1. I always wanted my specialists and surgeons under the brainwashed influence of conman quacks! Publicly making statements such as;

      “The greater you are (in all of you), the more equal-ness you bring to others” (Benhayon, S).

      “Serge Benhayon – The Author – Serge Benhayon Truly an author of stupendous stature for the wisdom of our world”

      “Having seen and felt the impact of chakra-puncture, Medicine have much to learn of the Science of Energy with Soul.”

      I’m sure the AMA (Australian medical association) supports such way-out non-evident based theories. Give the AMA a call or email and ask them what they think of Dr Kim’s public support of Benhayon’s invented theories of esoteric healing.

      1. AMA says report it to AHPRA/HCCC. HCCC asked me for names and addresses of people he’s killed. That is not a joke.

        It’s also what Professor Dwyer was referring to when he expressed disgust to the NSW Parliamentary Committee on the NSW Medical Council’s response to complaints about the doctors that they ‘are entitled to their opinions’ – as if the Code of Conduct for medical practitioners and the sections on undue influence and conflicts of interest don’t exist.

        Believe me, I’ve been around the block with this. I don’t just blog – I’ve made the complaints and pushed. The idea was to spare more patients from the peril of the cult health professionals.

        The regulators suck.

        A civil case could be made however by anyone harmed by UM that they were misled by the doctors’ endorsements and the doctors like that jackass and the other six are exerting undue influence in providing medical endorsement for abusive occult hogwash. Seriously, people, think about taking civil action – class action would be easier. Pool your resources. We know of a good firm. The best.

        Don’t count on me to start it – I can’t. My position as critic, activist and satirist is unique, and will require different legal arguments to other victims. The rest of you could go after their money – big time.

        The fact they have a barrister on board who lacks the balls to take legal action says everything. They know they can’t and won’t win.

  6. Dr Kim’s wife joins in the attack.
    Whatever happened to Professional standards for medical people?

    Jasna Kim says:
    APRIL 3, 2015 AT 11:46 AM
    Thank you Raymond Karam, it is great to see your perspective on this whole situation, and see the lies from the perspective of someone who has seen on a regular basis corruption and other ills in the world. I can feel the earthy, real integrity with which you grew up. It is true this is really an attack on community, on humanity by people trying to stop someone who is here to bring to the world a deeper truth, love, integrity, and many ways to heal their ills (yes, the extreme opposite to the lies they are saying about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine). This is very sick indeed. They should be held accountable, and this site is doing that by exposing them and by taking away their cowardly cloaks of anonymity. Although even that they twist and try to make themselves look like victims. Thank you for your part in disabling the lies, for bringing about truth with the truth in your heart.. with deep appreciation.

  7. So Sergio has a registered charity but what does it REALLY do?

    Of course he would NOT be involved in World Autism awareness Day would he?
    Even though He has a whole section of one of his numerous sites dedicated to ‘what’s on in the world.’ Not one mention of this worthwhile cause.

    It was so good to see the area where this awful man Serge Benhayon is located at least they are concerned about Autism Awareness.

    Colours for autism | Autism Spectrum
    Did you know that 2 April is World Autism Awareness Day? Aspect is … This spectacular light show will be visible from the town of Byron Bay and the hinterland.

    Why would he not even mention this? Because Serge teachers that “Autism and Down Syndrome are karma for past life sins.” How dare he!
    Benhayon reportedly writes that Leonardo da Vinci is a “Claimed Son of God”. On race he claims that skin color evolution was a conscious choice and that Asians chose yellow skin, “yellow signifies the intellect” and “The pursuit of a lighter complexion arose when Black (sic) became erroneously identified with the Darkness (sic).” On disability he claims that Autism and Down Syndrome are karma for past life sins.

    That doctors dare to support this Serge Benhayon is beyond belief.SHAME ON THEM.
    Even more perplexing is that these doctors get away with it.

    Why? and How? Dr Kim and Howard Chilton can you do this?

  8. Yep, there’s more details on the ‘UM blame the autistic person’ belief system on this or attached blogs. Quite disturbing and even more so when medical zombie Dr’s also believe this disability lunatic theory crap.

    Wonder if Serge also gets a sexual fantasy kick when he pressures women with disabilities to reveal past sexual experiences? He certainly ‘gets off’ on conning other women and girls to tell him their inner sexual secrets.

    Wonder what he does with all that pent-up suppressed sexual fantasy? It doesn’t help that Dr Kim and Chilton encourage Uncle Pervy Serge.

  9. Really disgusting and ignorant claim made by Jasna Kim wife of the dark entity and health practices of so called Doctor Samuel Kim…… Thoracic Physician ??? we know where they come from,??? The planet SIRIUS as well as Doctor Chilton, a well known Neonatologist/Paediatrician in Sydney, who lays claim in an Australian Medical Magazine, backing Serge Benhayon involvement in the actions and principle’s of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon integrity??? Works two ways;
    1. Endorses the actions of Esoteric treatments ( ultimate load of shite,?) Doctor Chilton like Doctor Kim must also spend extra hours furthering there study, sitting on the toilet??? Whilst studying Esoteric treatments???
    2. As a well known Doctor/so called Specialist, Doctor Chilton influencing other Doctors/Specialist’s with” low self esteem “to aguaint other Doctors into the principles of Universal Medicine.
    There is plenty of those called professional’s who practise Western Medicine, and I hate to say it: on the other hand stand firmly in the belief of what the One and Messiah and Messenger of Leonardo Da Vinci says. Of all people, ?? and Serge’s daughter reincarnation of all people Winston Churchill who lays claim to drinking a bottle of champagne for breakfast, and drinking a whole bottle of Scottish Whiskey for lunch, one wonders what he drinks for dinner…. if Winston was capable…. but then there is the point of TOLERANCE? And always chomping on a big fat Brazilian Cigar? (this is all true)
    How cookie can people be?? I am left speechless …..

  10. Does anyone know in what way UM addresses government policy and about what? We do not want them being involved in government as well. This is what is stated on one of their many sites.

    “Universal Medicine also engages widely in community initiated projects addressing issues such as cyber bullying, government policy, social health and wellbeing.”
    – See more at:

    Serge has had a weekend at the HALL OF AGELESS WISDOM
    37 Converys Lane, off Bruxner Highway, Wollongbar NSW

    Teaching his puppets –
    “The Livingness Series presents the religious way, aspects and principles of the Ageless Wisdom. Though this has always been the precept of all that Universal Medicine (UM) has presented, this series will continue to further establish the teachings that UM has stood for and, was founded by since late 1999.”

    Religion? Alternative Medicine? Charity? Money money money.

    My query is I thought Serge was not a part of that building and the COUM and yet I see that he is using it alot for Universal Medicine. Something fishy.He has worked a swift one here – yet again.

    Those puppets have the audacity to say that the Journalist and Esther and Lance are not telling the truth! They dare to question the amount people claim to have spent and wasted on Universal Medicine well just look at this, the cost to listen to Serge Benhayon $1,320.00! Really! Ripped off.

    April 14th, 2015 through April 18th, 2015
    The Stadium
    Lake Ainsworth Sport & Recreation Centre
    Lennox Head, 2478

    Including accommodation and all meals $ 1,620.00
    No accommodation but meals included $ 1,470.00
    No accommodation and no meals $ 1,320.00

    Serge Benahayon the “CON” troller.

    1. It doesn’t mean anything. Serge’s entire sham “healing/religion/business” enterprise is built on false dilemma’s. Whether it’s over sexualised/suckled breasts, contagious cancer, multi symptomatic diseases (?) rising world cancer rates, or other “ills” that supposedly are at plague proportions and destroying civilization, Serge is there to cure it.

      It’s easy to cure something you made up too. You just make up a cure. You cannot go wrong. Who can prove you wrong!

      Serge is way ahead of everything too. He’s got scientifically proven techniques that science is yet to prove. Because they are utterly arrogant… Really, that’s what he’s said.

      All that stuff on those pages is pure blather. It will ensnare a few stupid people, but the vast majority will at least sniff that there is something off in the language and the claims. Serge has tricked a few government departments with the help of some of his faithful, but they are much more aware of universal medicine and Serge nowadays. They just say that stuff to make themselves sound more important than they are.

  11. Serge Benhayon will have his day, no doubt about that,it’s just a matter of timing? A member of his family, will spill the beans on Universal Medicine, when Serge performs the wrong action? And he/she will speak of revenge? Easy to do, a phone call to Jane Hanson or a talk with Tracy Grimshaw will do the trick? Keep up all your good work all you Activists , as GOOD always wins over EVIL?

  12. How does Sam Kim get away with this? This is Australia and NSW!

    Sam Kim @pulmonarycare1 · Apr 5
    Expression Workshop with Serge @sergebenhayon definitely recommended, far surpassing the depth of what is available out there currently.

  13. No family member will spill the beans look at all the money they get from um you think they would bite the hand that feeds them?
    A wedge needs to be driven between them
    If only one of his family members has the unfortunate experiences of getting cancer
    This would prove what?
    Cancer is a disease that cannot be prevented by a way of living, hold on that would nullify all of his teachings ?!?

    1. Interesting comment. A wedge is already there somewhat. The family is united by money and Sergio’s authority/scare mongering – repercussions if they speak or act out. He keeps them divided as a mini cult within a cult – limiting language & expression; contact with outsiders, access to outside information. And he’s made an obvious favourite of Natalie.

      He has an out if any of his faith-full get cancer – easy, they weren’t fully committed to the work – no matter how committed. Or he’ll blame the Dark Lodge (me and Lance) or something for putting a hex on them.

  14. Exactly not committed enough and apparently only he can decide what enough means thereby ensuring his bullshit has no basis cannot be questioned a very very secure position to be in.
    I don’t think he knows simple fact that cancer is an uncontrolled cell growth in a particular area.
    On another rant isn’t it interesting that he pupports to be Leonardo divinchi, why hasn’t he shown a flair for art, after all isn’t there more money in that?
    And the world setup to stop us feeling we are being communicated to.
    If this is so why are there conflicting versions of this communication
    ? And why is the world cult with competing ‘tribes’ trying to achieve some of the same things ?
    Like I dunno ensuring functioning societies.
    How do we know you aren’t bastardising the words you are being fed after all you must be translating it as ancient wisdom implies it is from before the time of modern English.
    You apply interpretation to it based on your world views which are flawed beyond any reasonable interpretation. Such as I paraphrase here it’s not the rapists fault he raped it’s the person being raped it’s their fault for something they did in a past life? Or is it the soul or spirit I don’t know your words are so fucking confusing who knows the diff?

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