Universal Medicine’s bullying – Daily Telegraph report

News Ltd journalist, Jane Hansen
News Ltd journalist, Jane Hansen

International alternative medicine and commercial religious, organization Universal Medicine is in the press again. According to scores of dedicated webpages on UM’s 28+ websites, myself and other complainants who’ve publicly questioned their secretive unethical behaviour are criminals, liars, trolls, cyber bullies and mentally ill. Instead of answers to questions, journalists like News Ltd’s Jane Hansen receive accusations of bias and ad hominem attacks. So why won’t UM and its Glorious leader, Serge Benhayon, answer the questions? And does anyone outside the cult believe a handful of private individuals could bully a multi million dollar conglomerate, their hundreds of religious investors and their legal team? What’s all the fuss about and who’s bullying who?

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Esoteric payback – Universal Medicine’s attack on my livelihood

No irony they used a photo from a News Ltd report on my experience of Benhayon’s sleazy ovarian reading

Two years of sustained harassment from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s propaganda Brides has not succeeded in halting my exposure of their harmful activities. Late 2014 they established yet another website with the express aim of destroying my livelihood. It’s the usual extreme and unbalanced dishonesty and distortions, branding my public questions about unethical behaviour as ‘cyber-bullying’ and ‘trolling’, but with the addition of invented nonsense attacking my professional practice.

UPDATES: 2015 News Ltd report – ‘Universal Medicine bullied me’

2016 UM cult candidates for Ballina and Byron Shire Councils outed in the Echo for trying to bully me out of Byron Bay.

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Universal Medicine’s sexual abuse apologism hits a crescendo

Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray
Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray

Complementary health conglomerate and religion, Universal Medicine, has launched what could be its greatest fiasco with an hysterical public promotion of the molestation they call ‘healing’. UM’s Esoteric lynch mob, led by propaganda drill sergeant, Alison Greig, label our concerns about the organization’s predatory behaviours and our questions about the welfare of the most vulnerable members as ‘sexualizing’ and ‘dangerous to children’. The UM *Facts* battalion then justifies inappropriate touching with anatomical confusion, New Age quackery and testimonial from Serge Benhayon’s young female houseguests.

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Daily Telegraph on the peril of Universal Medicine cult doctors

UniMed cult doctors portray their religious belief in Serge Benhayon’s occult nonsense as medical opinions, promote quackery, and financially and psychologically exploit patients by recruiting to his New Age scam. Today’s Daily Telegraph report on a patient harmed by one of the doctors also raises serious questions over their competence, and their participation in Benhayon’s glorification of death.

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Keep the Universal Medicine cult out of schools – updated August 23

TrueMovementlogoUniversal Medicine’s recruiters have been active in the education system for a while, but in the last week we’ve seen the cult publicize its push into schools, targeting children with ‘True Movement’ exercise classes and recruiting teachers through the ‘Teachers are Gold’ project. The revelations have caused outrage among our readers, so I’ve put together some resources anyone can send to schools and other stakeholders to make sure schools are not used for the cult’s mass predatory grooming.

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Teachers are Gold – the Universal Medicine cult infiltrates schools

TeachersGoldlogoUniversal Medicine is extending it’s mass predatory grooming into schools with the help of cult psychologists, education consultants and exalted underachiever, Michael Benhayon. Teachers are Gold is a new initiative targeting school teachers, student teachers and other educators to recruit to Serge Benhayon’s commercial religion. Typical of cult fronts, publicity provides no disclosure of fees, charges or funding, and no hint of the Benhayons’ religious anti-intellectual and anti-education teachings, or the practices and beliefs that put children at risk.

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Cult parallels – Christian Assemblies International and Universal Medicine

CAI-gatescoumgateThis week Australian current affairs program, 4 Corners ran a shocking report on abusive Pentecostalist sect, Christian Assemblies International. CAI has numerous similarities to New Age cult, Universal Medicine – including secrecy, exorcistic practices, sexual abuse and tax exempt charity fronts.

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Questions for the Universal Medicine cult doctors


Med&SBMedicine and Serge Benhayon site header

The malignant Universal Medicine cult has grown significantly since medical professionals joined its ranks as recruiters. Cult leader, Serge Benhayon, has zero qualifications, yet endorse his inappropriate touching, idiotic pseudoscience and magical thinking. It’s a breach of their professional codes of conduct, and their duty to first do no harm, and to protect the vulnerable from exploitation. Seeing they are publicly promoting Universal Medicine, we think they should publicly answer our questions.

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